Unique and interesting concept.

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Interesting, i hope it’ll be a good read! :wink:

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This game looks intreseting. I love intrigue, chivalry and the random addition of dinosaurs :sauropod::t_rex:. I laughed when I read that the queens name is Isobel. My MC from Choice of Romance is named Isobel (one of the default options) and by the end of my playthrough she did end up being the queen. So does that mean I’m romancing my own character?:thinking: I sure hope not, that would be awkward.:sweat_smile:


I can ride an Allosaurus, my life is finally complete!

…the nit picky dino expert wants to point out the fact that Velociraptors were far small than they were in Jurassic Park so you would find them hard to ride, but ho hum. I’m gonna pretend it says Deinonychus instead, snooty old me… :smirk:




Do we have a list of all the various dinosaurs you can ride? My personal preference is some kind of stegosaurus or ankylosaurus with tail weapon and built in barding.

Just checked the demo- Allosaurus, Carnotaurus, Triceratops, Styracosaurus, Velociraptor, and Pacycephalosaurus. I like the last of the choices on tap (soft spot for boneheads) but wish we had more. Oh well.


and @derekmetaltron This is why folks should join our betas! I believe one of the first piece of testing feedback we heard was “you should be able to have Brutus as your personal dino for the game.” And the author implemented it. So if we’d had “you should have X dino option or Y dino option” we would have taken a serious look at implementing it. Actually, someone in beta requested velociraptors! Oh well.


It’s fine, I get Velociraptors are more recognized than Deinonychus thanks to Jurassic Park, and it’s a fantasy world so it’s all good.

(I’d have probably just said a T-Rex mount and break the entire game, lol)


Loved the demo! :smile:

And my economics are finally back on track, so I can actually justify buying the game when it’s out!


At $2.99 opening week sale price, it’s a good deal!


Apropos of nothing, one of the things that I’ve been excited about this year is how different the games we’ve put out in 2018 are from each other. DinoKnights is pretty sui generis: fantasy/adventure/magic mixed with a Dinotopia feel, Magics is epic, Blood Money was really interesting new territory, and Werewolves is werewolves, just going by the last few that have come out. And ahead on the slate we’re releasing a Broadsides adjacent game, and a sci-fi heist, a dark game with great worldbuilding, Baroque…it’s a very cool mix.


Funnyly my class is going to pori on thursday so it will be fun to play this on the way hopefully



Enjoy! All the best.

Coincidentally, just rewatched Jurassic World and now I’m going to name my velociraptor Blue. :eyes::ok_hand:t2:


If its avable when i wake up

Looking forward for its release , i would say the free chapters had done a marvelous job in presenting a plot line that capture the imagination of many ( Well…at least it capture mine ) , in which multiple possible plots and relationship had been display in order to persuade readers into continue reading it …

I like the Royal plot-line which involve the princess and the Queen’s sister , i can imagine there will be many internal struggle/politics in the future which encourage readers to choose a side , there is also the Mage faction and MC’s Ranger partner who may be thrown into the action Hence, it really capture my imagination with such multiple plots as well as many possible love interest with distinguish personality … so far the least likable possible RO for me is the ranger partner , because she is too passive but i hope she prove me wrong in future :slight_smile:

I love this. This is so close to the character I’m making for my D&D game right now. This will be an awesome opportunity to kinda fill out that fantasy. I love any game where you have a animal companion that’s non-regular. Dragons, dinosaurs, feycreatures. Very excited to see this.

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Well… for me , i love the potential political drama in the story … i had read some forgotten realms novels and setting , where political / ideology struggle took center stage , especially with the faction of Harpers, Knights of Myth Drannor and the power vacuum after the Avatar Trilogy , that’s why Baldur’s Gate series were consider a classic :slight_smile:

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