There Are Always Choices [WIP]

Remember that cliched story your parents used to read to you when you were five? The one about the brave knights? About how they always lost to the dragon or whatever the villain was? Remember how the knight hated the princess and the knight only did it because he wanted the fame and money that came with rescuing her? Remember when that prince actually got kidnapped and was in a damsel like situation? Or when the knight was actually a female and the princess still fell in-love with her? Remember?

…well, neither do I.

So that’s why I’ve decided to write this! The unspoken bed time story. Where, you a be a female and not get taken by the dragon, instead, you can be the kidnapper of the dragons! Any thing is possible!

I’ll have the first demo up in about a week, maybe Wednesday.

…anyone interested? :slight_smile:

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Most definitely

Smells like Disney to me.

God, I want a Disney movie with a Seamus knight in it. Especially if the princess really does kiss her before realising her gender.

Also an Overlord choice-of game. That would be grand.

Have you read Princess Princess?

Write your story! I’d love to see it! It’s really interesting.

(And just so you don’t think I’m copying you, I’ve also a game in progress (well part2 of Scales&Tales) which does some fun things with Dragons, Knights and Princesses, but it’ll likely be ready to demo next year if that).

I know!!! I love Princess Princess. I’d love to see a choice game with similar themes.

I love playing with those sort of themes, the whole Dragon, Knight, Damsel dynamic. I love mixing it up and playing with everyone’s roles and I’m so looking forward to your game.

Will you just be allowing a female protagonist? Or will there be a possibility for a male one too?

*gasp* Where was this story when I was five!? Seriously. -_-

:slight_smile: Both. It’d be unfair if I make everyone play as a female and not let anyone play as a male.

@LadyPsycopath If it were rationally coherent for me to change the essential nature of Spatio-Temporality such that I may thereafter design and produce a time-travelling contraption, that I may then prevent myself from reading said balderdash and, thus, avoid the present state of nausea: I would.

Wow, Princess Princess is just… perfect.

@LadyPsychopath Please, I beg you, write this game :3

Okay~! I have already began writing!

HOORAY! Now keep writing and stop posting here. :slight_smile: I want to play a Princess rescuing Dragons from Princes. I want to meet the dragon matchmaker who ensures that their Princess clients get the full authentic kidnapping experience for a bargain price, with a Prince-Rescue guaranteed.

That Princess Princess nonsense made me ill.

Then don’t read it. :slight_smile:

@Drazen was there something specific you didn’t like about it?

That might be useful for LadyPsycopath, to know what dislike about those stories (assuming it’s certain details and not the evil concept of a self-sufficient princess). I am also curios to know how one can find it quite so distasteful - it looked harmless to me.

This interests me. I can see the possibilities that could be spun out from the “subverting the standard fairy-tale formula” concept. I can think of a few fantasy authors (Rothfuss comes to mind) who enjoy doing that sort of thing.

What about the princess who runs away from an arranged marriage, because she understands statecraft better than her old man, and knows that the resulting alliance would end up ruining her kingdom?


@Drazen Why did you even consider reading it? Surely the fact that I was the one who posted the link might have clued you in on the idea that it might not be for you. Or perhaps the very name of it, Princess Princess, might have been an indication that it wasn’t going to be to your taste. If your constitution is so delicate that a simple comic can cause you to be ill then you have my sympathies.

Sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see the demo.

…I should stop reading this and start working on it…