Flower Fairy Godmother Game Help

So! I’m writing a game in which you play a Flower Fairy! You’re on your very first mission as a Fairy Godmother, and you’ve been tasked to go to a ball that’s being thrown by a Prince who’s looking for a bride. Typical fairytale stuff.

There’s a few secrets to discover, wishes to be granted, Happy Ever Afters to be made. The story’s going great!

I’m having stat related issues though, in so much as I’ve no idea where to start on what stats you should have. Minimal simplistic stats is my own preference. I loved Choice of the Dragon’s system.

Firstly, your fairy type will be chosen from a list. This mostly determines your colour scheme, your outfit, and possibly a different minor cosmetic ability and flavour text, if the latter doesn’t prove too much hard work for me. Yeah, who’m I kidding, different flavour text for each fairy type is something I desperately want to do.

Fairy types are currently the following, and may be apt to be trimmed down.

Rose - Red/Pink - Perfume
Dandelion - Yellow - Lion
Nettle - Green - Prickly
Bluebell - Blue - Bells!
Nightshade - Purple - Poison
Snowdrop - White - Cold
STINKBLOSSOM - ??? - STINK! - The Godfather might veto Stinkblossom. The Godfather is no fun at all.

Anyway! Now I’m left with stats. I am absolutely awful at deciding on stats and then integrating them. The game probably will be tracking how much everyone likes you.

The game’s mostly you talking to and interacting with people at the ball and trying to prove yourself a worthy Fairy Godmother, generally being quite silly and not really understanding human customs.

ANYWAYS!!! I need stats. I do not have stats. Before I can continue on with writing the game and writing your dialogue and choices I NEED STATS!!! because I need to keep those stats in mind while writing and make the choices influence said stats.

I’m thinking perhaps four personality based stats. They may or may not be opposed stats. But I’m just coming up with things like

Sugar vs Spice
Silly vs Serious or Smart
Snarky vs Sympathetic
Sweet vs Sour

Tooo many ssses. :stuck_out_tongue: I do like everything being kinda themed though.

I don’t want to go with Good vs Evil. I don’t want anything that’s obviously Right vs Wrong.

I’m thinking you can go for just a sweet helpful playthrough where you’re nice to everyone, try and help everyone. Or one where you’re extremely silly. Or one where you’re selfish and out for the best for yourself, and maybe a bit more calculating about things. It’s probably a bad idea to have a completely snarky and unhelpful one. BUT! I kinda like that idea too, of being a prickly fairy.

Actually I like the idea of bringing plant traits into the personality stat so stuff like Prickly being your personality as well as your power. BUT!!! Well I’m still undecided.

Also you’ve got a magic wand and some magic abilities. But I don’t want to gate the power of your magic abilities, because casting spells is fun. Although maybe I should track how much you rely on your magic but not sure what the alternative to using magic would be. Just doing it practically I’d guess.

Why’s it so difficult to think up a simple and streamlined stat system?

Can anyone help with suggestions?


I’m thinking that this stat should be Sugar and Spice, and the Perfectly Wonderful vs Only Here 4 urself stat should be something like… Peachy vs Prickly?

Flighty vs Grounded?


I love this idea! Nettle fairy, huzzah!

Magic: Magical vs Mundane?

Sharp-tongued vs. Sympathetic? I think it’d be fun to play a really sarcastic, rude fairy who is also helpful! (Like Barrie’s original Tink–the pots and pans fairy!)

Serious vs Slapdash? For those fairies who want to help, but aren’t quite paying proper attention to the details!

Also what about an anthropology sort of stat? How well you understand humans–like, what if you thought a ‘ball dress’ was a dress that looks like a Christmas globe? Or one made out of rubber balls all tacked together? Something like Insular vs Worldly (only nicer words).

I think this idea sounds like so much fun. I always wanted to play a fairy godparent in the princess tales when I was little (heaven forbid I play a prince or princess, no thanks!).


Help HELP TO MANY SUGARY FLOWER POWER OVERLOAD!!! :sos: :ambulance: Really I am dying only thinking in that horrible scary storyline :sob: I would die at first page. But fairy is my friend so I will try to help… COULD I BE A POISON FAIRY WHO PROTECTS THE PEOPLE AGAINST CHEATER LOVERS… you cheated with your husband so smelly bomb for you when you try to bang other boy or girl


Yes, definitely. You can be a snarky ruthless asshole who still wants to help, FG has mentioned before.

Brambly vs Benign?


I couldnt read all messages I was scared for the flowers stats… SCARY. I would love a mischief stat and vengeance vs piety.


You’ll get to be a poison fairy, don’t fret, Mara. :slight_smile:


@Bagelthief Oh I like those!

Heh I’d go Peachy vs Prickly Pear but the Godfather doesn’t believe in cactuses. :cactus:

I particularly like Flighty vs Grounded though! That one’s so good! I suppose it would make sense for on this mission you could look to improving yourself and be a bit less Flighty.


Yes! Like Tinkerbell!

I like those ideas too.

I don’t think I want an anthropology stat since a lot of the text is based on silly misunderstandings you might have, like why there’s not any balls in the ballroom.


Poor Mara! You don’t want to be a Fairy!?

There will definitely be the ability to punish people! Your expertise in poisons will come in useful too. Poison is one of the fairy types. Poison is important!

While you are a Flower Fairy flowers are poisonous, they can sting and have thorns and give people hay-fever. And you do not have a human’s code of ethics. You’re a Fairy, their ethics and rules and things are all alien to you.

The theme of this game is POISONOUS INTENT! after all. I can’t leave out the poison.

I do like the idea of mischief as well.

Some Video Inspiration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak1dPU8uXiE

It would be fun!! Mara froliking happily in the night OH, A WILD CHEATER HAS APPEARED TRYING BANG HER SON BALLET TEACHER… Poison stink bomb for her time to poo over your dress… You are married. Divorce before bang random people in the street.


How about Peppery?

adjective (2): (of a person) irritable and sharp-tongued.


You had me at this… <3

But my 2 pence for any stat system, what makes the game go forward and that will involve the player? Shoo ins are: charisma, intellect and brawn, but if you are going with paired set use their polar opposites Now since we have fairies…<3 I tend to think of cute ninja pranksters…so charisma speed and intelligence., and the more physical kind too…(who’d have thunked that a wee lil fair could do that?)


Yeah I’m going to have to have the Godfather veto Stinkblossom, otherwise the game’s going to be nothing but fart jokes! And that’s not my sense of humour, alas!


Those are the sort of stats I’m trying to avoid. Charisma, Intellect, Brawn, they’re so boring, and not too fairy like. I do use them in other games where they’re more apt, but here they don’t fit.

It’s a social game. The majority of the game involves either speaking to people, or eavesdropping on their conversations. You’ve to work out a few secrets. You can cast some spells. There’s a few mysteries to be solved. And you’ve to work out what sort of Happy Ever After you’re going to arrange.

But! I do like the idea of cute little ninja prankster!


I have a childhood drama with fairies because a nun was obsessed with them so with foir years we wched tinkerbell Campanilla in Spanish each day during a year. Fairy christian tales etc… I couldnt watch a fairy stuff without desire kill humanity or suicide all tht sparkle false happiness So mental possesion and havoc poison also anti viagra


Lily of the valley is a potent aphrodisiac.

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We won’t be having any of that aphrodisiac stuff! No!

No making people fall in lust love is one of the rules! There’ll be plenty of that going on without the protagonist’s intervention.

You will need to rely upon your own wit and charm.

Plus the Fairy Godmother has a Flower Fairy’s understanding of all things love related, whereupon Birds and Bees really are birds and bees, and if you want a baby, you plant a barleycorn, look in the cabbage patch, build one out of snow, make a puppet out of wood, or find a friendly stork that’s willing to deliver you one.


Wit: the ability to charm the knickers off a nun XD, opposing stat…droll…as if… XD

Cunning Linguist (No you cheeky person! This is an age appropriate game!) opposing stat : mono syllabic…one word answers only from the MC lol…

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There will be no innuendo in this game! The Fairy Godmother is sweet and pure and innocent! Or prickly mischievous and made of poison!

Any and all innuendo will go right over their head.

(It’s not planning to be a children’s game, mind you. There are some adult themes and poisonous intentions. It’s just the protagonist themselves is not human.)


Buu thats no fun that exactly as those lame torture stories that nun obligated me watch over and over . What i should do then lol hear human lame tantrums… I want cause Havoc not make their lives better!!


It is your job to create Happy Ever Afters! You decide what counts as Happy Ever After though. If you decide that Happy Ever After involves you marrying the Prince or Princess yourself, and thus getting to rule the Kingdom so be it!

If they disagree, you can just yell at them, stomp your feet, and wave your wand and threaten them until they comply. You may be rather silly and flutter-brained but you’re also the most powerful being in the whole room. (The Dragon would disagree mind you, he thinks he’s the most powerful.)

Want to ally yourself with the dragon, and help him achieve his own very special happy ending, and who cares what happens to everyone else, sure! Want to team up with the Sorceress take over the Kingdom and subjugate all the people!? Want to help the Princess overthrow her brother’s position as Heir and let her take control? Want to sabotage the Prince’s plans to find a bride at the ball?

Or at least that’s the idea currently.

There’s a whole lot of very selfish, self-serving, endings. But they’re Happy Ever After!

You, a non-human, are deciding what is best for these silly humans! You are helping them, regardless of whether they want help or not! In fact at least one of them will be begging you not to help them! But what do they know?

Hmm maybe a stat related to if you decide to take the traditional fairytale route, or instead decide to go your own way.


wow! so I have to say that I am very interested in this idea of yours!! so I really hope that you finish it!! I think that your stats with all the SSSseessss are just fine. lol. I do like the idea of gaining points of people liking you or not. How long are you thinking that this game will be??