COMING THURSDAY: "The Dragon and the Djinn" New Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO





Testing this game was so much fun. A couple years ago I read the 1001 Nights - all three massive volumes! - and playing this game felt a lot like being back in that world, with feasts and palaces and shadowy alcoves and everyday life flavored with magic. I even recognized some Arabic words that had become familiar to me! At the same time, it’s a delightfully original fantasy world that resembles the world we know enough to feel familiar, but isn’t afraid to explore that world on its own terms. The story is compelling, the characters are great, and your choices really matter. There’s a lot of branching - even scenes that appear in every playthrough may take on an entirely different feel based on your previous choices - so you can easily play several times without anything even beginning to feel stale. There are some exciting action scenes, but also a social world to explore, political intrigue to navigate, a mystery to solve, complex issues to sort through before taking a stand, ambitions to pursue, and some great possibilities for friendship and/or romance. There’s something here for every kind of player, and I hope this game will be as popular as it deserves.


I’m so exited for this!! . I’m Egyptian so this feels very familiar yet totally new in the best possible ways!!


Even in the first few pages, I can tell it’s going to be a treat. Congratulations to the author!


Just finished reading the demo and I can’t wait for the whole book to become available so I can continue reading! I was sucked in pretty much immediately and the narrative continued to keep my attention throughout the first four chapters which is a very good sign. I positively adore what I’ve seen of the worlbuilding so far and am looking forward to learning more about this world and its characters soon. I got tremendous joy just out of the demo alone so I have high hopes.

This looks amazing. Can’t wait to read it!

I very much enjoyed the demo. Will be on my buy list.

I as an arabian guy and a big fan of Alladin and the arabian nights i am awaiting this with the biggest expectation i check every half hour to see if it has uploaded or not
thank you author for writing this book and i hope you have a good health


Is it released already? I’m getting an error when I click the Google Play link on the demo page.

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Same well tecmicly it just loads infinitly

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It’s not released yet.