COMING WEDNESDAY: "Teahouse of the Gods," New Author Interview, Trailer, and DEMO


Author Interview:



This looks so much fun, congratulations and good luck for release day!


It’s not often you get to read something that feels truly unique. This game … it’s not quite like anything else I’ve seen. The way it combines ancient and modern, practical and fantastical, deep thoughts and playful humor … and yet it all feels strangely natural. The way it immerses the reader into what will be, for most, a foreign culture, and it’s just as uncomfortable as you’d expect - and just as richly rewarding. A whole cast of characters who will entice, repulse, amuse, and frighten you, sometimes all at the same time. The author takes on space and time, science and mythology, with rare assuredness and a kind of awestruck irreverence.

It’s well worth playing several times. The first time I read it, it was a bit of a challenge to get into it because it was so different and unexpected, but the story was interesting enough to keep me moving forward. Once I’d spent some time getting to know Mount Qingcheng and its people and its lore, it became a positive delight to revisit the story, to savor its quirky beauty and travel down different pathways full of new discoveries.


I did not expect to like this as much as i did!!!
It’s really unique and fun and i literally lost myself in it.
Can’t wait for Wednesday and congrats to the author :heart::heart:


Looking forward to it!


it’s on Steam too :smiley: and I’m looking so much forward to play this one <3
congratulation author <3


Congratulations on releasing! And that is another good cover for Cog’s catalogue. Love the dreamy, painterly feel to it.


This is going to be a rough one for me. I don’t like tea! Why oh why couldn’t it have been the Massively overly caffeinated sugar house of the gods?

Luckily I do like staining my soul so it is all good!


@HannahPS @Moon_Blink @lilachu @Queen_Zelda Thank you, digital friend! I hope you have lots of thoughts, feelings, and fun with my game~

@AletheiaKnights You described exactly what I hope readers would find in the game. Thank you again for helping me make a better story~

@Vertigo I’m very happy that CoG worked with this artist—Weiwei Xu’s style is a great fit for the story I wanted to tell.

@Vyndral Fear not! You will also have the opportunity to imbibe caffeine in a plurality of forms including boba, coffee, and mind-bending alternate-universe(?) Frappuccino® Blended Beverages. Drink deeply and be evil~


You’re welcome, and thank you for being such a great author to work with. I love it when authors let me know what they’re looking for, and it’s always nice to be told afterwards that I helped make a better story. Thank you for listening to all my suggestions and criticism and taking them to heart in the spirit in which they were given. I’m proud of every game I’ve tested, but it’s a special honor to have been part of this strange, wonderful creation of yours.

I hope we’ll be seeing you around here again with a new project before too long - but whether or not that happens, please drop in and let us know when that traditional novel you’re working on is ready for pre-order. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to playing this on release!

I did notice 1 minuscule text error when playing through the demo, the tone seems to be displayed weirdly/incorrectly despite it looking fine in the code. I tried refreshing my browser a few times but it kept persisting.


And is this supposed to be “notes”? Not “nots”?

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Please send bug reports to support AT choiceofgames DOT com. Thanks!


Will play it one of this days without a doubt!

But damn Mr Voice always gets me in these trailers like there is no better sellsman for one of your novels, just listening to the short presentation and my hands go for my wallet.

Gotta praise the trailers once again, well done.


Woot! No stopping me now! Operation soul stain is go! Gogogo!