Wow, this seems like one of the most intriguing concepts so far. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Dan’s promo videos are always great, and Cardosi’s art is :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


This is a wonderful story with multiple ROs of different background and personality , Loyal childhood friend , Sinister neigubour and Damsel in distress… A bargain with the Daemon may not be a bad idea either :wink:

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Regency… I always love Jane Austen so this might be a good title to add to my growing pile of CoG/HG title.

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The romance intetests there should interest you very much… :slight_smile:

I also think it is more like Sleepy Hallow…

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Yay! I LOVE the artwork for this. Of all the upcoming games, this is the one I’m the most excited for. Can’t wait for thursday.

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Looking forward to it! To be honest, your post on every HG or CoG game that you played makes me want to buy all of them. :joy:

Anyway, I always do love historical settings so very looking forward to it.


A little ways through the demo, I decided to look at my stats and found an “empty” relationship.

I might suggest three question marks or (hidden) so that players don’t think it’s a bug that this character, presumably, hasn’t been named yet.



Yeah that character gets named later in the demo, but I agree maybe putting question marks would make it look more intentional and less like a potential bug


Really love your style of writing, and the plot is a very refreshing new idea; can’t wait 'till Thursday!


This one is a perfect storm for me. I can’t wait to try the demo.


I enjoyed the demo a lot. The world in which it takes place is very interesting and so are the characters. I like the concept and the overall feeling of it.

The words used are quite difficult and people who don’t have English as their native language might have some trouble with it though. I know I did.

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Before I read this When says Regency. Means that stupid sexism bullshit and patriarch bullshit romance crap that forces woman to be a stupid ball of submission and blushingtogether waiting a stupid male choose to be forcing to be marry and carrying over the patriarchal system.

For me Jane Austen is the worst symbol of what is wrong with sexism and stereotypical image of what a women has to be in society. And Its popularity is exactly by patriarchy to make still present the concept of women only place in live is being married and being a sex flower vase that makes babies.

Sorry for the rant lol. But this is is a Cog so well I found weird Cog will do something like that as it is a equally company. So could I read the demo safely or I will be forced to be a Jane Austen stupid dame… I prefer go dentist before read something like that

When that is your approach, mara, even if the game nothing of that, you best stay away


No I really want to read a Regency based era something that destroys that concept.
In Spanish only crap romance cheap novels uses the term Regency and is almost all terribly literature.

If here is a good story I could destroy my problems seeing the world and Also seem have fantasy.

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It’s worth having a look at the interview, where the author discusses how she’s not doing a patriarchal society, and that inequalities in game are more about landed gentry vs commoners than about sexism or homophobia. It sounds like the author has been very thoughtful about building a world with Regency atmosphere and tone without any of the male-dominated society.

It looks like a really nicely-written game and I’m looking forward to release day!


I thought Regent is a minister who rule on behalf of the King and Queen , or if the ruler is too small to rule :slight_smile:

I think the main theme is about how the MC decide to forge a future of his/her own , whether to selfishly gain profit for themselves, genuinely want to help those in need or just run away from all the troubles …

There are numerous choices and options to handle a situation, right or wrong of such choices is up to individual perception :slight_smile:


I never read interviews because I have fear of spoilers. But I am happy if so … because the trailer is really cool! So I will probably read it day one. And maybe I will erase my fear against word Regency.

I mean like Regency is not part of my literature landscape most of stuff reaching here except Austen is not really a original material is a version made by people from other culture trying to emulate that without real knowledge or effort. So my perspective is muddied by that. So I am happy to reading something that clear my own stereotypes.

Still Austen at least the few chapters I read before stop annoyed It was very good written.


I await the game that will let me play a gin-sodden degenerate with three mistresses. The real Regency aristocrat experience :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t go for spoilers in interviews and I think the one recent time there were spoilers, I put a warning above.