Weyrwood — Advance in Society and defy your daemon overlords!

We’re proud to announce that Weyrwood, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the Choice of Games Omnibus app. It’s 40% off until December 6th!

Advance in Society and bargain with creatures in the Wood in a Regency fantasy of manners, daring, and magic. Will you join your daemon overlords in destroying your hometown or will you defy them?

Weyrwood is a 174,000 word interactive fantasy novel by Isabella Shaw, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

You are a fledgling member of the shabby-genteel, you’ve returned from your education to disentangle your inheritance from your small town’s oblique magical property laws. Attend assemblies, call upon friends and neighbors, withstand scandal and intrigue, and court prospective suitors as if your life depended on it—for it does. Maintaining your status as a member of the Gentry and living among the Willed depends upon keeping your spina, a magical currency. Otherwise, you will serve as a tithe to the daemons and join the Fallen, their Will-less thralls.

Yet you cannot remain only concerned with your own affairs. Someone is tampering with the magical contract that binds Prosper, the Wood, and the daemons to the tenuous arrangement that you now enjoy.

Can you survive long enough to claim your inheritance and return to the City—or to remain in Prosper and enjoy the abundant blessings that wealth, freedom, and influence can grant you?

• Play as female, male, or non-binary; gay, straight, bi, or asexual.
• Uncover the daemon plot and protect your town, or side with the daemons to destroy it.
• Win a high-stakes game of cards.
• Ally with the daemons or with the weyrs.
• Gain wyrdsense to perform sorcery.
• Fight a courtly duel.
• Court an eligible marriage prospect and take a lover.
• Gain influence at balls, assemblies, and social events.
• Avoid—or embrace—scandal.
• Bargain with the magical weyrs of the forest to preserve your Will.
• Advance to become a Pillar of Society.

What would you sacrifice to keep from Falling?

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I managed to grab this quite early, which makes a nice change, and I can confidently say that this was very good. I really enjoyed the fantasy and social mix, which was just perfect. Danae is 100% best RO and the range of options was awesome. I would definitely rank it in my top three favourite choice of games, if not the top. I strongly recommend this :grin:


Have only been playing for a little while, but I’m already entranced by the incredible writing and world-building and oh my GOODNESS, but that Alcindor is a delight! <3


Weyrwood possess the essence of a Gothic genre story where it tantalizes us with fear, both as its subject and its effect, in addition with a mesmerising romantic drama/trauma that involve extraordinary characters who dabble in supernatural haunting a Damsel of unimaginable beauty who is sadden by a fate to be used as bargaining chip by her fathet, a nobleman who is obsessed with mystical power but posess a heart of gold, and a loyal powerful childhood friend who reserve the main character a place in her heart

It has a strange resemblance aura as Sleepy Hollow where the story revolve around a town with horror, suspense, fantasy and romance…

What intrigue me most is the character interaction that consist of smart conversation with multiple characters , such as the offer and invitation from the Daemon Lord … the offer of living happily ever after with a love intetest of our choice is tempting especially if we are thinking about our childhood friend who is already married

Speaking of the childhood friend , the story provide a brief but memorable details about her relationship with the MC since small the trope of how your childhood friend always inviting troubles… but you just can’t help to keep falling for her is a classic theme which i enjoy …"She’s there in the dark, She’s there in my heart, She waits in the winds and She’s gotta play a part " is the best line most suitable for Hyppolyta … and among all characters She is the ONLY one who tries to help you and say goodbye if you had been sentence to jail by a false accusation

However, what unique about Weyrwood is that we could achieve a true happy ending in the end by proposing a marriage to our love interest , and live happiily ever after with everyone’s blessing…including Hyppolyta , that really give a satisfied and joyous feeling for my opinion :slight_smile:

There are multiple options and solutions that will result in a different endings, i think everyone should find an ending which satisfy individual’s taste in the end…


And highly selfish as she’s made it very clear that she loves her husband despite the unorthodox nature of their relationship. A player who goes this route is in no way attentive to her happiness. It’s certainly an interesting option to play out however, and very different from what’s usually available in IF games. The Hippolyta relationship gives this game a unique facet.

That sounds like a bug. The code is there for anyone the MC is courting to visit if their relationship is > 60 aside from a non-eloping Danae. Did you ever pick a ‘I do not want to romance anyone’ choice? That might have prevented Alcindor and/or eloping Danae from visiting, but would not have prevented Wren if you have something going with him, just as it doesn’t prevent Hippa.


I didn’t choose don’t want romance anyone… in fact i had previously gain high relationship with Danae and Alcina, but it only happened once since after that i ensure i won’t be frame by Jacosta again :slight_smile:

I agree that the relationship with Hippolyta is unique for a HG/CoG game… it would be more interesting to see whether such scandalous relationship will influence the future of MC if they are staying or if MC is married too … however i don’t think Hyppolyta will hurt MC’s family if MC just wish to maintain a normal frienship …

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Odd. Well for some inexplicable reason non-eloping Danae has no code to visit you, but otherwise you really should have visits from them. Here are the relevent code snippets:

*if (Hippolyta > 60) or (lover_hippolyta) 
      Hippa jail visit stuff
*if ((courtingwren) and (wren > 60)) or (lover_wren)
      Wren jail visit stuff
      *goto expelledscene
      *goto jaillove 
*if courtingoptions 
      *goto jaillove 
      *goto expelledscene 

*label jaillove
*if marrychoice = "Wren"
      *goto expelledscene
*if (courting_Alcindor) and (alcindor >=60),
      Alcindor jail visit stuff
      *goto expelledscene
*if danaeeloping 
      Danae jail visit stuff
      *goto expelledscene
	*goto expelledscene 

If you marry Alcindor, Hippa gives you her blessing. If you marry Wren, Hippa threatens that he better treat you right. If you marry Danae there is inexplicably nothing at all. It isn’t even clear if she attends the wedding with the MC’s other friends. I strongly suspect that this was simply an oversight on the part of the author. And there is never any mention of the existing intimate relationship if it exists in any of these cases, nor is there even an opportunity for the MC to bring it up, which is kind of odd.


Hmmm… Danae is kind of a Damsel , She only display her courageous self before the dawn of the final battle , where we could visit and interact with her to see her change… else if jocosca manage to frame us at the earlier of this chapter, i suppose we don’t have a chance to further encourage Danae… she had just being free from a force marriage, and now her saviour had been jailed … hence it is logic to assume this incident dampen her will and spirit , she won’t want to be caught visiting MC and be force into marriage again

I faintly remember Hyppolyta came attend for my wedding with Danae… but i need to replay that route :slight_smile:

if you remain single, i think Hyppo will send a friendly letter to you :slight_smile:

Had you try to bargain with Daemon Lord and have Hippo stay with you? Will MC have a happy life with her then i suspect Hyppo will hate us since she is fiercely loyal to Prosper :slight_smile:

Playing through with Wren as RO now and am delighted by him, except for a strange encounter in Chapter 8.Relationship at 78%, successfully snuck into the library but was caught eavesdropping on the librarian and the warden. The next thing I know the philosophers and Wren are there and Wren is acting cold and suspecting me of being the attempted thief of the charter. And it came so suddenly and out of nowhere that it really startled me because there didn’t seem to be a moment’s hesitation on his part to suspect and accuse me, even with our high relationship stats. I was able to successfully charm the Philosophers into continuing to work with me, but there was no subsequent conversation with Wren that resolved the initial suspicion that he had for me… this scene quickly goes into a romantic scene, but it took me a minute to shake off the abrupt change in his demeanor and get back to a headspace where we were flirting and interested in each other. I was pretty distressed, but have been playing onward. Was this the same for others?

No matter what I do, Danae always runs away after the opera when I’m romancing her.

How do I marry her?

You need to either elope with her or convince her father to cancel her existing engagement. If you refuse or fail to help her then she will run away. There are several ways to convince her father to cancel the engagement, from getting either Wren or Jocasta to help, to pressuring him yourself. They’re all dependent on a different stat.


Strange… I just finished the game with 71% dangerous, but the Rogue Achievement didn’t pop. (Sent in a bug report for it.)

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Funny. I got her to agree to elope with me, yet at the opera I still got the letter that she ran away. :confused:

What was her approval score?

I think there is a bug. I eloped with someone and we got married but then after the summons there is a scene where I ask them to marry me :thinking: even though we are already married?


I got that too! I thought that was super odd to already be married to her then ask her to be married again.

81% I was super in to her and she just ran out on me. :frowning:

@Cosmo-is-beink-melon How did you get to increase your dangerous stat?

Unfortunately I have no idea!! :frowning: I didn’t pay as much attention to how my choices were changing my stats as I should have…

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Hi! Thanks for catching this. Please send this info to the Support email address, and please include as many details as possible about the path you followed to get to the error. The more details we have, the better able we’ll be to track down where the bug is.

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