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:sweat_smile: I always check my stats after every choice in some weird compulsion. Did you choose any particular dangerous options or anything?


OH! Yes, I did! If nothing else, I challenged Jocasta to a duel… (And then subsequently sort of messed the duel up :rofl:) I also chose to fight the angry Weyr in the Wood. There may have been a choice with Malachite that caused my danger to rise as well, though I’m not sure exactly.

Hope this helps a little! :slight_smile:


I’m guessing it probably didn’t go very well.

Thanks for those, my sensible enough MC didn’t do those. Guess that gives me another excuse to replay :tada:


Actually it turned out OK!! I was SUPER surprised. :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: It did (obviously) make my Weyrs relationship drop in the end though, which seems sensible. Still don’t know how I managed to get out of it unharmed. Maybe it was due to my high Sport or Boldness stat or something? I have a feeling if I’d played differently up to that point, I would have been a dead man.


Even though my MC stated that the MC hated being in Prosper and intended to leave afterwards, after saving the innocents in the town the game makes my MC stay in Prosper. Also even though I never courted Alcindor, my MC keeps getting stuck in an engagement with Alcindor. I’m not sure if these are bugs or intended features. To avoid the engagement, my MC once even tried fleeing Prosper and still got stuck in an engagement with Alcindor. I really don’t think that willingness to defend the Marked or any innocents in Prosper should be grounds for forcing my MC into an engagement.

My ending stats were the following:


Charisma: 63%

Intelligence: 70%

Boldness: 62%Delicacy: 38%

Empathy: 69%

Subterfuge: 58%Principles: 42%

Health: 91%

Accomplished: 52%

Sport: 52%


Respectable: 57%Scandalous: 43%

Influence: 89%

Dangerous: 70%

Woodbound: 50%

Wyrdsense: 67%

Philanthropy: 64%


Weyrs: 49%

Daemons: 59%

Hippolyta: 84%

Col. Ayax: 70%

Lady Eugenie: 62%

Wren: 83%

Danae: 49%

Alcindor Wakeforth: 55%

Jocasta: 34%

You have 11 spina.

I noticed the following typo.

“I whould like a word of advice, if you don’t mind,” you say. “Concerning my proposal, that is.” More interested faces than disinterested ones turn towards you, hanging on your words. “I do not know how best to put it to the mayor, although I must do so before too long. How best should I do this?”

It should be would.


If you send bug reports to weyrwood@choiceofgames.com, that’s best. Thanks!


I’m enjoying the book very much, but there was something i realized. Around the point of the house party i realized I was at -1 spina, yet nothing had happened to my character. I cant tell if this is a bug or not, but i’m currently sitting at -13 spina after paying for the house party, without anything having happened. Backtracking right now to figure out why i’m at -1.