(WIP) The Wroth Ode

Welcome to The Wroth Ode!

A historical low fantasy interactive fiction game set during the Viking Age.

DISCLAMER: This story is based on historical events, people and places. Some locations, people, etc, are fiction, while others aren’t.


You were born to a mother who went mad and a father who grew to hate you. A quiet night turned to chaos as your mother cried out and attempted to kill you, possessed by something no one knows.

You father becomes Jarl many years later and sends you off to uncover the mysteries surrounding a settlements sudden quietness in England, but as you discover hidden mysteries, you find yourself trapped between two worlds.

All the meanwhile, the voices get louder every moment you spend trying to figure it out, eating you alive.

S̵̛̻̼̻̝̺̠̞̟͙̈́h̴͖͉͎̥͓̺̣̽͜ë̶̡̤̠̪͖̖́̎̽̄̀̏̂̚’̵̨͖̱͘s̵̢̨͔͇̟̳̙̹̙̜̊̀͂͗̑͗ ̵͙̜͙̮̘͎̘̝̭̆͂̓h̴͇͋̓e̷̛͈̮̼̿̌̅͗͠r̸̪̃͒͘͝ě̸̂͌̈̓͂́͝ͅ.̷̨̛̩̦̩̟͌͒́̿̒͜͠


  • Play as a male or female.
  • You will not have the choice to play as another race, only Caucasian.
  • Romance four characters with one (not so) secret option.
  • Shape your viking’s personality and see how other’s react when you switch it up.
  • Choose which god you will follow; Mímir, Magni, Hermóðr or …?
  • Discover the mystery surrounding your mothers madness and the sudden massacre of your people.
  • Will you let it overtake you?

Romance Options:

She is cold and relentless in her efforts to snub you, but her skills in fighting never go unnoticed. Always alone, she is forced to accompany you to England. A look in her eyes always makes you wonder if she truly hates you.
Enemies to lovers, [REDACTED], tsundere.

He’s a soft giant, always trying to befriend you, but you hate him. The ‘son’ your father always wanted. He never said it outright, but you can tell in the way he treats him. He shows him love you would never receive now and so, you hate him and always will.
Enemies to lovers (one-sided), puppy love, forced proximity.

A childhood friend from your past. He was soft and gentle, a small child that could never hurt a fly, but now he’s changed. He’s a [REDACTED] and he has forgotten your past together. When he looks at you it’s filled with the desire to [REDACTED], not with the fondness he once held in his eyes.
Childhood friends to ??? to lovers, amnesia.

A strange merry woman you met in England. She says she’s a bard, playing her lute any chance she gets, but you know she hides something when she tells you she can help lead you to the answer for your villages silence.
Strangers to lovers, [REDACTED], sunshine love.

☆??? - ??? [M]
Forbidden love, huge red flag, dark secret.

Demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/firstlast/the-wroth-ode/mygame/
Tumblr: https://www.tumblr.com/thewrothode-if

Total: 29,460.
Prologue: 18,202.
Chapter 1: 11,258.


It’s a good start! I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

However I am getting “unknown” as my name when picking Hilda.

Got that fixed up! Thank you! :grin:

Love the start of this story. Definitely going to keep my eyes on it.


You have my attention. :eyes::pinched_fingers:


I’m glad there’s another WIP with Scandinavian theme.


Interesting so far. Can’t wait to see more.

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Come close i want to tell you something, came come … don’t be afraid… I WANT MOOORRREEEE!!!
Seriously now i like it very much


@Shadowpendragon, @Cingulum_diaboli, @Zest, @Witcherou

Thank you all for your early support! I’m so happy there are people enjoying my game! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@feurio, (don’t pick him, promise me you won’t!!)


For a second there I thought my man Raud was about to dissapear with the statues. I wonder what’ll happen to the poor guy.


A lot will happen to him. You just have to be ready to help him through it. :pensive:


Sounds interesting

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An interesting start, I look forward to seeing where you take this.

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I love the somber tone in this early chapter, make me anticipate great big things in next update

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I really liked what you have so far. Will keep an eye on your WIP.

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