To the Whistling Winds (WIP) [UPDATED 09/18/2020]

Hi everyone! My name is Bubs, and I’m a semi-lurker, avid reader of all of the wonderful games on this forum. I’m an illustrator by trade, but writing has always been a hobby of mine, and learning to code has been great as well. I’ve started writing my own story recently, and I’m really excited to share it with you guys!

To the Whistling Winds
(aka: TTWW)
Genres: Magical realism, mystery, supernatural elements, modern fantasy. Romance, if you so choose.

  • Play as gay, straight, bi, or aro.
  • MC can identify as male, female, or nonbinary.
  • 6 ROs, none are genderlocked.
  • Customization fun! (Name, appearance, fashion sense, personality, etc.)

Demo last updated 09/18/20 PST (Check word count below for more info.)


You’re a pretty normal young adult living in the 21st century: you have exceeding amounts of student loan debt, a housemate, and a job that pays just above minimum wage. You didn’t exactly dream of being a tour guide for the historical Chester Theme Park, but you’ve grown used to your every day life.

You thought you knew the park better than anyone, but as the friendly surface begins to crack and unexplainable events begin happening, you’ll need help dealing with the vengeful Fae, who seem to have a bone to pick with you in particular. Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately—there seem to be a Covey of fae seekers that might be inclined to help you…

There are slight horror elements that comes with it being a supernatural mystery, but there are no graphic depictions of violence or gore.

I thought it would be an interesting idea to bring the classic fae lore into a modern day setting. I love games that combine fantasy with everyday life, and I also want to incorporate a healthy touch of mystery, since it’s my absolute favorite genre. Theme parks are also a very interesting concept to me, and a setting I’m super excited to explore.

Word Count

Chapter 4 is around 25k in length. Current total word count is around 66k+.

Update contains:

  • Chapter 4 - 25391 words
  • Personality stats overhaul
  • Bug fixes, spacing errors, grammar stuff
  • “Rumors around Chester” page now functional and updates as you play.

(Illustration by me!)

Brief, spoiler-free descriptions of the RO’s! More background will be added after Chapter 3 is uploaded.

Alejandro Flores: Male, mid 20s. An aspiring actor with a friendly disposition and a dangerously charismatic smile.

Clémence Choi: Female, early 20s. A brusque, prickly young woman who has a talent for making people act against their own interests.

Teddy York: Male, mid 20s. A compassionate medical student who’s always slightly stressed out from being the “mom friend.”

Bridget Sweeney: Female, mid 20s. A mild-mannered craftswoman who grew up hearing about faeries from her grandparents.

Ernest Brand: Male, mid 20s. A quiet, pensive traveler who’s currently a long way from home.

Mars Campana: Female, late 20. An authoritative, but good-intentioned woman you meet in the park.

  • How old is the MC?
    The MC is a relatively recent college grad, and I wrote them to be around their early-to-mid 20s. Everything else about the MC can be decided by you!

  • How much of Chester Park is inspired by Disneyland?
    A fair bit, I’ll admit! But I want it to be more than just a pastiche of Disneyland. I love the parks and all the creative energy that goes into maintaining them, so this will definitely not be a game where I go “things people like = bad.” The MC can decide how they feel about the environment where they work by themselves.

  • Okay, so what are your other park inspirations?
    I’m from Northern California, so a lot of inspiration for Chester Theme Park was drawn from Gilroy Gardens and Great America. Tivoli Gardens in Denmark was also a great jumping board, and some bits and pieces were poached from various other parks.

  • What’s important to you as an author?
    I don’t expect my incredibly specific niche of interests to appeal to everyone, but I hope that my genuine enthusiasm and effort can be evident in my work! Having a COG game that both flows well as a story and also gives the player enough choices is important to me. More than anything, I don’t want to exclude any players depending on the gender or sexuality of their MC. While some minor details might be different, I don’t want to make platonic relationships less rewarding than romantic ones if an MC is aro, and as a female author, it’s important to me that a female or nonbinary MC feels just as thought-out as a male one. If that makes sense.

  • Is this going to be a series?
    I’m 99% sure it’s not going to be a series.

  • I love you?
    I love you too.

TTWW Discord Channel

What I’m looking for in terms of feedback:

  • Spelling errors, bug fixes, grammar improvement.
  • If you feel as if there’s an option that’s missing, please let me know!
  • Feedback on my writing style
  • Pacing
  • Anything else you feel like bringing up!

Please let me know what you think about my game so far; compliments and critique are both invaluable! If you have lore, game-universe, or character questions, please drop an ask in the game’s Tumblr!

Most importantly, I hope you enjoy it. :slight_smile:

(And of course, thank you to Rose and Dumby for test-playing it! <3)



Oh my god it’s here!

First of all, I’d like to say that I love the characters, especially Clemence, Ernest, and Teddy. They are my Top 3 — The Holy Trinity of my heart. Second of all, I love faeries, and I love your writing. Not to mention your exquisite artwork of the characters. Truly magnificent. The talent, the skill, it’s just… so much flavor. Good luck on this project! I’ll support you ‘til the end of time :heart:


Ah, only a chapter in and I’m already in love with your story!

The ways you introduced character customization were well implemented without breaking immersion, and the thought put into each choice really stood out!

Not to mention your character drawings look amazing! Keep up the great work! :star_struck:


Aaaaa magical realism! I’m really glad to know the full synopsis now. I can’t wait to date Alejandro and fend off the fae.


I haven’t read all of it considering I’m tired as all hell and your story piqued my curiosity but before I was about to head to bed. Regardless, it was worth the sleep deprivation I might feel tomorrow. I wish you luck with your work and hope you enjoy writing it as people do reading.
I shall lend ten claps before my consciousness slips


You finally did it! I can’t wait to read more! Congrats Bubs!!! Team Ernest all the way!!!


This was spectacular.I absolutely loved it.


What about gray eyes? Is not “unique”

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Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m flattered that you like my characters (and art!) so much, and I hope you continue to enjoy then as I progress in my story! I can’t tell you enough much I appreciate your support and feedback.:heart:

I’m so glad to hear your feedback on the flow of my story, and I’m really happy you liked it (and my drawing!)

Hehe, yes, where would we be without a synopsis? I will do my best to get you to both Alejandro and the fae.

This is such a high compliment, thank you! I hope you got some rest. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for your support! Hehe, I have a feeling you’re not alone in Team Ernest…

Thank you so much for letting me know! I’m really glad you liked my story.

Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll add grey eyes in the next update.


Great wip author but I gotta ask why not let us save our room mate from their evil boyfriend? You know show the what love really is.


I had a great time reading through this WIP! I thought the flavor text and setup were well done, and I’m excited to read what you come up with when you really start diving into the magical parts!

Also your RO illustrations are gorgeous! Love the racial diversity. :heart: I’m really happy to have met Alejandro already – he seems like such a sweetheart! :kissing_heart:


I’m glad you like my WIP! To be honest, in my mind, Julia has never been attracted to the MC or vice versa. You will be able to meddle in her love life later in the game, but there are currently no plans for a Julia route. I’m open to suggestions, though!

I’m so happy you liked my setup, and I hope you’re as excited as I am to dig into some fae lore! It’s about to get messy. And I’m very flattered you like my illustrations!

Alejandro’s a babe - I’m sure he liked meeting you too. :wink:


Modern fae mystery? I’m here to get the live action Artemis Fowl out of my mind, this’ll be good.


Oh man, I never read Artemis Fowl, but I heard a lot about the new movie. My condolences. Hope you enjoyed my demo! :slight_smile:


Great start. You definitely left me intrigued and I can’t wait for an update. I think you have a good balance between text and choices, I never once felt that there was a tedious amount of reading before I could interact with the story. You also included a nice variety of customisation options. Best of luck with your progress :blush:


Thanks! Your feedback on my choice/story balance helps a lot, and I’m glad that my customization options were useful.

I hope to update soon!


Hi! I really loved playing your demo! The way you introduced the customization and the vast amount of ways we can interact with characters is great! It’s always refreshing to be able to interact several ways to see the reactions of the characters. This might be coming later but it would be good to possible expand in the characters background. Also I think it would be interesting to be able to choose what job the MC was originally looking for even if it’s a type in vs a choice list. Anyway can’t wait for chapter 2!!! :grin:


Hi! Super happy to hear your feedback on my customization options! Since it’s my first time working on a game, knowing that they struck a good balance is really helpful to hear.

I’ll definitely update the character bios as more chapters are uploaded. I know they’re pretty vague right now, but I promise you’ll learn more about them soon.

Job choice is a pretty interesting idea! Would you prefer a type-in option, or a list of choices to pick from? I’m interested in your feedback.


You forgot to add space.

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oh, this is really good! i really like the way you portrayed the park, and the amount of variety when it comes to the mc’s reactions was really nice. i’m going to have to replay the demo a lot, i think- i love it so far!

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