Wrath of an Empire (Updated 5/28/2023)

Wrath of an Empire

Your home world is in ruins, a carcass being torn at by two galactic empires. Years after fleeing the planet you now return as a soldier, a leader. Explore a planet in ruins as you fight to take back your home, or risk watching it collapse all over again as one of the most dangerous enemies the galaxy has ever faced is unleashed onto the battlefield.

  • Content warning: This game contains, violence, depiction of war and innocent casualties, strong language, drug references, major/minor character death

Wrath of an Empire is sci-fi fantasy Interactive Fiction set in the middle of a galactic war between two factions of mankind.


You are a soldier of the commonwealth, trained since birth to fight the Empire that dares defile the homeland of all citizens, Earth. Now they want to take your new home, all these light years away. lead a group of soldiers and civilians as you attempt to get them to safety while two armies clash around you. Romance a fiery bomb maker, a cool and tempered officer or a seasoned commander as you all try and survive the futuristic battlefield. Will you help the civilians around you survive or use them as fodder for the wolves now all around you?

  • Play as male, female or non-binary.
  • Play as Gay, Straight or Bisexual as you explore several unique romance options.
  • Fight to retake your home, guiding a group of soldiers and refugees as the galactic war once again comes to claim your homeworld.
  • Explore your home world, its landscapes still standing tall, will they provide you with safety? A tactical advantage? Or will the secrets hidden in the snow drag you and your companions to an early grave?
  • Survive encounters with deadly chemical weapons, wild animals and a futuristic horror now unleashed onto the battlefield.
Romance Options
  • Avery [M/F] “The Childhood Friend”
    By your side from childhood and now into adulthood Avery is a constant in your life. Boisterous and overbearing at times Avery has decided to match those traits by specializing in explosives. Loyal to a fault Avery will always make the choice that’s better for their friends rather then themselves. Before facing the horrors of the battlefield will true feelings perhaps be admitted?
    Appearance: 6’3 athletic build, blazing red hair with sharp blue eyes. They have a noticeable powder burn on their left cheek.

  • Wren [M/F] “The Devotee/The Advisor”
    Thrust together by chance Wren is what anyone would want in a right hand officer, calm, collected and extremely organized. Wren comes off as cold to most people, but perhaps you can crack beneath their mask to peek at what lies beneath?
    Appearance: 5’8 thin build with short raven black hair and dark brown eyes. Always dressed in uniform with not a single wrinkle to be found.

  • Yi [M/F] “The Veteran”
    Yi likes to believe the best place to get to know someone is the battlefield, where lies drag ones to their graves and truth is found in final moments. Always armed with a large smile and a glimmer in their eyes this commander is a father/mother to their men, having survived countless battles they suddenly find themselves cooperating with a far younger commander who has them second guessing some things…
    Appearance: 6’0 Heavier build with black and white hair and two bright hazel eyes, (accompanied by a well trimmed beard if male)

Demo Link (Prologue)
Tie in Story “The Operative”


Is this set in the same universe as Operative?


Yes it is. :slight_smile:


I assume we’re playing as the UK-China Bloc, right?


Another one? Aren’t you supposed to be recuperating from being sick…?

You ever played the game called ‘Tyranny’ by Obsidian?


So when i scream “Mom” i get dad instead? Is that intentional or not?


No matter what your dad is the one who will walk in.


I was thinking the same.

“I’ll rest a little from this game… Making another game” :rofl:



Ha Ha, don’t tell me you started a new game so you can add a Raven?

The flapping of wings as a raven flew up and perched on my shoulder.

Woohoo! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

That Raven need to be playersexual! lol Edgard? Thats the name of a butler! :rofl:


It’s short but good.
I’ve gotta ask, are the lack definitive stats(like strength, stealth, dexterity, agility) in operatives gonna be the same here?

This project will be heavier in stats then the Operative.


Its damn good…I want moare! :sweat_smile:


@E_RedMark Shhhh I am resting. :sleeping:
@RenataC lol yup! I will love to hear what you think!


I liked the opening a whole I can’t wait to see what more you got cooking up for this

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Katana as option seems a little confusing, the traditional Chinese weapons, despite being very ancient were very diverse and with specific uses for each occasion and purpose, but more importantly the Katana is a Japanese symbol. I wonder how much fitting (mostly according to the world building) it would be for the Chinese block to be using a Katana, especially because there is also the UK having historically another set of swords. So I simply wanted to mention that the claymore, the jian (one of the most ancient type of Chinese sword) and qiang (spear) might be interesting alternatives to the katana for an assassin from the Chinese-UK block.


@Tsumi don’t touch the Katana! I love the Katana :rofl:


This might be more an issue with my writing. The beginning is meant to be from the UEG/Imperial side rather then the Commonwealth to setup what possible future foe you might deal with. Though I love the Jian and I am in fact adding it into the story just because of you. <3


Woke up this morning to see a new WIP from one of my top 5 authors :heart: Had the intention to make myself a coffee before reading…that cup is STILL sat empty, I just couldn’t resist instantly reading it and didn’t stop until the end :rofl: I knew it’d be good but holy crap it was brilliant :relaxed: I adore Avery’s personality in every sense especially when he stepped in to protect my MC when she was getting bullied (I love the protective type don’t judge me :wink:) Wren I like because who doesn’t like the strong silent type especially when they’re also a badass?! The only spelling error I noticed was when choosing the clothing option, it says ‘cloths’ instead of ‘clothes’ but that’s literally it :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you so much author for the fantastic work as always and make sure you’re taking care of yourself :kissing_heart:


Just finished and… wow, I don’t know really what to say, because what I just read was fucking awesome. The last scene is still giving me a Nice adrenaline pump, I literally couldn’t stay still while reading it.

And Avery and Wren are both so much adorable, each one in their own way. It’s going to be so hard to choose between them. I’m going to put my MC in danger for these two all the way, because I’m playing a reckless MC trying to save her friends, and loving it!

Also pet raven named Edgar :face_holding_back_tears: :black_heart:


Let me help…

Steal Avery :grin:

There, you can keep Wren!