Galactic Systems WIP (Tentative Title)

Hello! This is my first ever game and I am only in the design process of the story and types of decisions but I have enough to present the rough idea for the game.

Years into the future, humanity has reached the stars. We have prospered with nearly limitless boundaries to hold us back. At first humans kept their countries as individual superpowers, but as wars over what planets were closer to Earth as well as those with the most resources became more and more prevalent; humanity needed a leader to unite them. One such man united the warring people of the galaxy into the Regency of Sovereign Systems after the bloodiest war humanity has ever experienced. Thus the Absolute Reign of the Monarchy began and unprecedented peace and prosperity followed after the Galactic Reconstruction.

Until we met them…

The aliens shocked us to our very core. We were the only intelligent life in the galaxy. Or so we thought. All those years of humanity’s infighting made us strong and ready. The Hieralts were roughly on par with humanity; any war would have been bloody beyond belief especially with the last Great War so fresh in our memory. We reached out our hand for peace. We received a punch instead. War erupted again. No side won. No side gained. Both lost so much that a peace was sought for the survival of each race. That was humanity’s new huge step and a crucial reason why the Regency held together. That war was 150 years ago.

Since then the politics of the planets near the Domain of the Hieralts grew increasingly upset due to piracy on both sides. The Regency at the time was unable to keep the Fringe supplied for the raids. The territorial governor was lacking strength to deal with the threat and was eliminated by a powerful local general. Seeing that there was no help from the RSS, the general assumed command and broke command chain to defend and repeal invaders. People joined up with him because he got the job done. Almost overnight, the United Provincial Territories was formed. That was 23 years ago.

Now its your life in the Regency. Will you save it? To save it would you ally with your treacherous human brothers or the mysterious aliens? Find love, adventure, and intrigue in this futuristic story where your choices matter and many are not cut and dry.

I would appreciate any feedback and if my summary is too long or not enough, by all means ask away! I hope you all look forward to this!!

Wow alot of detail!

Am really looking forward to it everything seems good carnt wait

You’ve written a well detailed summary for us so from me I’m already wanting to know more! What are the names of these mysterious aliens? The year of the setting?

So exciting. We don’t have enough Space Games.

The aliens are called the Hieralts. Right now I guess the quickest way to describe them would be like a cross of the Elites from Halo and the Zerg from Starcraft. I am trying to make a universe that doesn’t rely on tropes to tell a story with very meaningful choices many of those choices being within morally gray areas. I want this to be as unique as I can make it. Also the setting is tentatively 2300-ish.

Hi there HelixTitan, just to let you know you won’t be able to use Choice of in your title unless you’re an official game.

So if you want the title of the thread changed let me know.

Morally grey sci-fi sounds interesting.

Hmm a regency. There would be possibility of choose some origins a bastard that up after the murder of official heirs… a pure blood heir but possibility of chose nobility family type house flag and colors and good or bad.
There would be some sort of nobility from many planet senatorial chamber? like Landstraad in Dune saga or Senate in the Empire ? A intricate senate full of nobility from multiply solar systems is so amazing. That’s why i loved Dune saga so much . I love would be a Harkonen heir …

If you need some help or ideas is a genre i loved so i could give advices.

nice, im looking forward to the demo & the final game

At FairyGodfeather, can you remove the “Choice of” in the title then?

At MaraJade, I will message(? I don’t know how to quite to yet or if you even can) if you want to help out in anyway. All opinions are a benefit if you ask me since this is going to be a long story if I can manage. :slight_smile: And as of right now, my idea for the Regency is simply a royal family. The
HOWEVER, the main classes in the game are commando, officer, and diplomat. So a diplomat might know the royal family and have totally different interactions than a commando in the military. The hope is for strong reputability to see more perspectives to the same situations.

But this is my first game so it will probably be overwhelming so any advice is appreciated!

@helix could I help you as we’ll

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Ahhh @Prototype Thanks for that!
@JLBH and @FairyGodfeather if you want to suggest ideas or what not by all means post. If you allow me to use them of course!

No prob

Aye aye cAptain

If there are any question, comments, etc message me or post in here. I will be off creating the demo hopefully won’t be too long

@HelixTitan, what kind of sci-fi are we looking at here? Is this a hard or soft setting? I’m also curious as to the vision you have for the role of the player here. Are they some kind of soldier or politician, or just your average joe who struck big?

@Perfect_Storm The idea is that the story is funneled through key locations. All citizens of the Regency have to spend some time in the army. Like a year. From there based on the player’s choices of background and actions within the Military Academy decides A) where they end up in the military if chosen B) what they do outside of the military.

And the story would have strong replay ability because it would have multiple scenarios within the military that all play out differently and multiple outside the military. I hope that helps you understand that :-bd

The strength of sci-fi will probably be a nice mix between soft and hard as I will have some explanations as why some things work tech wise and sometimes it will be “brushed over.” Think like Mass Effect level of sci-fi.