Spacefaring CoG


Hi guys, I’m beginning production of a CoG based in deep space on a space ship holiday cruiser, which for one reason or another is separated from the rest of the known galaxy. Surrounded by a small security team, a series of snobs and upper-class idiots as well as the ruffians belonging to the ships crew, you quickly rise above all the others and help to guide the sci-fi Titanic style space ship home, through unexplored galaxies, unidentified alien races and undiscovered space phenomena. Just wanted to get your opinions on the concept before getting too into making it :smiley:
I’ve more or less just started the 1st draft and am in the process of writing up concepts, so I’m in too early a development stage to give you a potential release date idea, sorry!


This sounds like a smashing premise. Looking forward to it.


Oooh, Sci-Fi, my favorite! Watch out for going in between galaxies though. The tech level required to do that within any practical timespan is insanely high. Bear in mind that even (IMO) the ultimate example of a super-super-high-tech society, The Culture, considers intergalactic travel something special. If you aren’t going for that level of advancement or higher, I think it’d make more sense to stick with star systems rather than galaxies.

Apart from that minor quibble, I think you should go for it!


@Canisa thnx for that, ill have to be quite careful with galaxies lol, it is mostly to be set in solar systems though, so never fear! Just occasional galaxy jumping at most, and thatd be by other more advanced civilizations in space or space phenomena, well, thats the plan anyway lmao :smiley:


So will there be lots of romancing?


If you’re looking for a reason that they become separated, why not use a wormhole? Bonus points for having the crew ignore an early warning that there may be dangerous spatial abnormalities on their course.

Looking forward to your game.


“We’re heading towards a wormhole!”

“How big is it?”


“Stay on course.”

“What are you saying, Captain? We should be steering away!”

“Nonsense! The Titania is built to be indestructible! Stay on course!”


That made me laugh, ScarletGeisha.


I hope that dialogue turns up in the actual game!


@ScarletGeisha, i see no reason why romancing shouldnt be involved, that could in fact be a good source of potential practical/personal dilemma :slight_smile: that dialogue was hilarious btw :smiley:
@peglegpenguin, good idea, ill bear it in mind :smiley:


About Space Travel (Note: most of this is only useful if you want to do something relatively realistic)

How realistic you can make space travel depends on how you do it. Straight Faster Than Light (FTL) is (theoretically) impossible, and even if it was, it would require enormous amounts of energy (in reality, the amount of energy necessary for something to reach the speed of light is literally infinite). For fast interstellar travel, you need to either sidestep the problem of the vastness of space, or reduce the amount of energy to push something past the speed of light.

For the second, the most realistic (relative to the fact that FTL travel is probably impossible) way to for something to transform itself into tachyons (theoretical particles which only move at FTL speeds). Note that in a truly realistic setting, this is probably not the best way, at tachyons would actually travel backwards in time, breaking causality. It would also mean that ships would need to alter their mass to an imaginary amount (imaginary as in the square of it’s mass would be a negative number). Although this is probably be useful for getting lost in space, as the ship would move at incredible speeds, and nanoseconds of times would mean huge leaps in space.

For the first, the best way is probably somehow moving into some kind of ‘hyperspace’. An alternate reality which space is either not directly correlated to the real universes’s space, or space is four-dimensional, and the ship travels along the forth dimension on a shorter path than it would in our three dimensional universe.

For an example of a completely technobabble, but ‘real sounding’ (mostly out of its complexity) method of FTL travel, I’ll share my own (going to be used in Aeon Sage). I’m using a simple idea of taking natural occurring wormholes on the planck scale, and altering how they form (non-described, except for the requirement of a stable transuranic element, probably unbihexium-310 if I feel the need to throw one out there), so that they swallow up entire ships and end up pointing in the direction the ship wants to go. ‘Jumping’ is limited in that it needs to occur away from any major source of gravity (and therefore away from planets). That last bit is useful only for the story, with the purpose of trapping people in space for long periods of time.

Now something to consider when making ‘real’ FTL methods of space travel, that you might not otherwise think of: Why not do it on planet? For example, in AS, it is literally impossible, as gravity interferes with attempts to ‘jump’. It might also be too dangerous, say by destroying/taking anything in close proximity.

Now, on the the last bit (this is getting to be a bit of a long post). Getting lost in space. The only way to get lost in space is to travel HUGE distances. Why? Because of pulsars. Pulsars are neutron stars which emit radiation on an extremely consistent basis, ‘pulsing’, as it were, in extremely regular patterns. These patters are so regular that, if you can locate three known pulsars in space, you should be able to triangulate your location with an extremely high degree of accuracy. So how to get lost in space? Move so far that you can’t even see the same stars in the sky anymore.

Oh yea, it appears that we are both doing space themed games (although I’ll be using space as more of a stage than an actual device of the plot), so I guess that would make us rivals in some ways… (iwilldestroyyou) I wish you the best of luck :smiley:


Additional methods of FTL travel can be used with the aid of gravity manipulation technology, including Alcubierre drives, warp drives and mass effect drives.

As for calling element 126 ‘Unbihexium’ when it is actually being used for practical purposes, I’d have thought it would get a new name as the elements comprising the Island of Stability are only theoretical as of yet and as such have not been named ‘properly’. If they were to be physically observed, I would assume they would get more ear-friendly names.


Other ideas:

Put the ship in a pocket of space that moves. Kind of like a wormhole, but less easily abused to get you anywhere instantly. Of course, unlike wormholes, moving pockets of space that make you closer to things is irrefutable nonsense, but who cares.

As for the pulsar problem, maybe the trip through the wormhole broke navigational equipment that’s supposed to automatically tracks pulsars. Even if you fix it, I assume you need the lost-when-the-equipment-broke copy of what the pulsars looked like nearer to home to navigate back. I have no idea if that is true, though.

Or you can resolve everything by just doing what they did in Futurama: have scientists increase the speed of light.


This sounds like lots of fun, a miniature society on a spaceship. Looking forward to it.


@Canisa Assuming no other physical laws are broken, gravity manipulation would actually not allow FTL speeds. It would allow reactionless movement (movement which does not require any reaction mass, such as a Dean drive), and therefore near-c speeds, but any application of force (in this case gravity) imparts a finite amount of energy, and acceleration to light speed requires an infinite amount of energy.

Also you’re right about Unbihexium, although I don’t intend to mention it in Aeon Sage, so that probably won’t come up (I originally made the setting for an Pen and Paper RPG, so it includes a lot of information that I won’t actually ever use in a story).

@peglegpenguin What you described is actually an Alcubierre drive, a (relatively) real solution to FTL travel (although it does have functional difficulties, the idea of ‘folded’ space is not one of them (at least in some theories on the structure of the universe), although generating and collapsing the folds is :p).

And yea, there’s always the ‘it broke’ excuse as to why something isn’t being used, but often times that sounds, well, like an excuse (unless the fact that the ship is falling down around your ears is a plot point).

Speaking of which, back @Cyrus: Something else to pay attention to: Time dilation. Anything which approaches c is subject to, well, you know where that’s going. Just something to keep in mind. Note the difference between something travelling at that speed ‘locally’, and traveling at that speed in comparison to some other object.


Wow, thats a lot of info guys, ill undoubtedly throw some into the game, makes it seem more real i guess, but ill use as many work arounds as i can to avoid over bearing the reader with jargan they likely wont be abe to follow about such a key part of the story :slight_smile:

Thanks for everyones encouragement an obvious enthusiasm though :smiley:

Would you guys prefer to play through the process of getting lost, or start playing already lost, but with amnesia, and have flashbacks? (Bearing in mind that theres a sub plot mystery you have to figure out) :smiley:


I would personally like to start out getting lost, although being already lost would be more reflective of the player’s mindset which is probably “What the bullshit is going on here?”

For my next sentence, I shall speak in a upper class British accent.

And I object to the phrase “making it more real” when there is nothing real to begin with! You want believability, not reality!


@ScarletGeisha thnx for the feedback, and believables what i meant lol, jolly good, fnar fnar etc :stuck_out_tongue: Lol, just not too believable, dont want to over confuse people with huge amounts of unfathomable jargan lol :smiley:


I pretty much agree with ScarletGeisha - I’d rather that the player starts out in a sort of “calm before the storm”, where they can choose to meet from a pool of characters they’ll see again under much different circumstances. Also good opportunity for describing the ship’s sudden and unexpected metamorphosis from luxurious to wrecked (chandeliers and stuff on the ground perhaps?).


I’d rather start out with the ship being ‘found’ then have it become lost later, since that gives you a calm period to establish characterisation without having to break the pace of the story to describe someone’s shoes. Additionally, the whole amnesia thing is just a little bit over-done.