First Project: Enclave - 2152

Hi guys. Just started to work on a ChoiceScript project that for now is being dubbed: Enclave - 2152. (Twenty-one - Fifty-two)

**Basic Story:**In the Year 2100 a race of Artificial Intelligences known as the Overseers have managed to conquer over 60% of the galaxy, including all systems controlled by the Human race. However this was not an invasion as such, but rather a forced peace to ensure that any sentient races would not threaten others. All things such as expansion and colonization of new worlds must be petitioned to the Overseers which will either approve or deny these rights depending on the needs of other races.

But while this was the most ‘logical’ way to do creatures are not always logical and so those who opposed the Overseers began to form a resistance group known as the Children of Sol were stationed in the ruins of the old humans’ system of origin and created it into a fortress system, performing guerilla hit and run attacks on vital Overseer locations.

The player’s story immediately takes place after an attack on what is known as a 'Data-Mind’ (A Data hub in which acts as a large control box for many of the automated units under Overseer control). They wake up in a Overseer medical ward and are able to choice their Race (Human, Cyborg or full Synthetic Construct), Faction (Utopians, those who have sided with the Overseers to bring a balance and fairness to the galaxy. The Children of Sol. Or Neutral ) And finally Class (Soldier, Pilot, Engineer, Hacker, Lancer, Infiltrator and Trader.) After which they are free to then help the factions (or themselves) through a vast world, in which friends will become enemies and enemies will become allies.

That’s the basics so far. If you have questions, suggestion (i.e dos and don’ts) I would love to hear them.


Sounds interesting so far.

Sounds great, have you started making it cause I would probably play it
So few games let you play on the side of the AI

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If you haven’t already, you should check out The Ur-Quan Masters to see an excellent execution of a similar premise. It is a freeware remake of the PC classic, Star Control II, and it is easy to find a downloadable copy.

It is a long game, but worth playing if you want this to be a full-length, publishable project. It may be the game people are most likely to think of when they hear about your game.

I have started writing it on pen & paper (as well as word) as I get use to Choicescript.
Yes, and I’m for one who always wants to be on the side of A.Is (i.e Geth) ^^

Sounds like a really cool idea I’m definitely interested

Thanks for the suggestion. I just hope to try to get a sense of orignality on not overly copy any major work accidently.

this sounds like a game that I would definitely play.

I have a question.
Can these robots feel emotion?
(Love ,hate,jealousy,pride)
Can they understand the feels of when you drop your new laptop/phone.

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In short yes. However there are different levels within the robot’s main control struture and such a thing takes a lot of processing power to get ‘real’ emotion. The Data-Minds, which you find out later actually house several hundred brains (which were ‘donated’) in order to full understand things like love and hate, and is also one of the reasons in which the Robots don’t simply wipe every living thing out.

Ya knoww I read this description.
And while my mind says this is a good idea.
My morals and feelings hate order (it feels kind of limiting) so even though I think they have a good idea and what they are doing is good.
I’m still gonna destroy them.

Lucky for you there are a few ways you will be able to do this. For example you can corrupt a Data-Mind, forcing to use all combat units to attack population centres, which in turn will make even more humans fight against them.

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So basically kill hundreds and maybe thousands of people to advance my own selfish agenda.
Might as well be a second me!

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Sounds like an interesting idea and I can’t wait till you post something playable.

What would the neutral do would he be trying to survive or what? Otherwise this game idea is pretty cool

Well neutral can swing both ways. The A.Is don’t force individual humans to live in a certain spot for their entire lives, but rather govern humanity as a whole. The robots also understand that a lot of humans are motivated by things such as money they understand that traders will go to the highest bidder, in which they attempt to be if you someone such as an arms dealer. Even if you are trading with people hostile to them, they will not mess with you. It is only when you become a direct threat will they defend themselves or agress you.

Will a robot MC get a choice on whether they want to feel emotions or not?

Yes, there will be a few options, some will be 100% Robot 0% emotion responces and others will be more human-like.

I knew I knew this sounded a little too much like ME. Although I love the idea and the work also interesting name for a prime. Also technically the term is AI they aren’t stuck in one body but have a network of mechanical constructs that serve as bodies if your basing it off the Geth from ME which means if their constructs are destroyed the can just Tavel to a different construct I.E. A hub civilian/military or Prime military only or they can just tap into a new construct.

Really the only way to kill them is to enter their world via mind link and destroy their data drives.