Armistice (WIP/Concept)

I’d like to preface this with saying I normally wouldn’t like to post something without making a demo for it. However, I think it is good to bounce ideas off of the community so I can craft a better story. Secondly I might not have a ton of time to work on this because of college starting up again. I may not have much time to work on this until summer, but I would like to hopefully craft a demo before then. I have an idea for a series I’d like to create but before that I want to make a different one so I get used to using choice script.

The setting for this story I had in mind would be something along the lines as Mass Effect meets Monster Musume. So instead of monsters you have aliens. The overarching story has to do, as you may have guessed a truce or armistice between Earth and the newly discovered aliens. It’s something like Earth inadvertently entering a preexisting war and starting for them a first contact war.

Now where your MC would come in. You are the son or daughter of The Admiral responsible for the turning point in the war which created the opportunity for this truce to take place. Tensions are still very high as of a few weeks ago Earth and the aliens were at war with each other. So instead of relying on ambassadors due to mistrust of each other it has been agreed that the sons and/or daughters of prominent individuals will cohabitate to see if they can be trustworthy enough to pursue peace. While acting as valuable hostages they will also be able to see how those who are not professionals in politics handle living with those who were, until recently the enemy.

So where the hostage part comes into play. You are now living on what is to be considered neutral territory, A recently established space station built into a mined out husk of an asteroid. (kind of like Omega) I’m thinking the size is somewhere along that of a medium to large city. You and the others participating will be bared from leaving for the next year. Like house arrest or umm… city arrest, station arrest?. You will meet the others over the course of the next few weeks as they arrive.

As for the rest of the population, it will consist of various other aliens most of which took no part in the war. I’m thinking the station was a joint effort by them and considered neutral ground because of this.

You will be living in a fairly large estate for the time being, built in mind for the needs of everyone who will be taking part in this little social experiment.

Will everyone be able to coexist or is war inevitable?

More to follow.


Nb option? Hot krogan RO? When? Where? Gay?


I love mass effect all of them but what our crime

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Sounds like a good idea. As long as we can fall in love with son/daughter of a prominent alien admiral (who is against the armistice). Something like a turian (sorry I’m just a garrus fangirl).

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Definitely interested in this idea can’t wait to play the demo

@Laguz probably still working details out.

@Harley_Robin_Evans There would be no crime. Its a safegaurd measure to keep them from leaving as it would defeat the purpose of the purposed social experiment. Think of it as another way to keep tabs on those involved in this.

@VeeGees Probably. I’m still figuring out what I want the alien races to be. I too love Garrus, he was my bff. I’m still salty I couldn’t romance Samara. She was my favorite.

@Zeus Thanks, I’m hoping I can get a demo soon. I still have details to work out. I think I will Update the thread with my ideas for the alien races as well as what humanity is at this point.


I enjoyed playing mass effect games series but
mass effect 3 ending pissed off alot of people and me

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Yeah me too. Here’s to hoping the next one is better. I think the second one was probably the best.

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Very interesting…

I think this is a great plot and presentation.

If I can make a suggestion - Have each race have their own “section” of the station with a huge “neutral” center … sort of like how in medieval cities there were different “quarters” that were given over to different groups. Jerusalem is a city that you can use as a model…

You can also have a neutral race or races perform the policing or guard duties - sort of like the UN does for us in the real world…

I look forward to seeing your demo.

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That’s what kind of what I had in mind. The station will accommodate them too. As for the neutral race I’m thinking that they would be the first you meet and they too will be participating in this. So you will arrive with them already living in the estate. I’m actually writing the races up now. I will post humans and this race when I’m done.

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Three races I can think of as neutral could either be the Hanar (because they’re mostly pacifists), the Asari due to their openess in terms of culture of politics and the Quarian because they don’t really have a planet to call their own and just wander around on their ships (which means they don’t have a territory to fight over)… though the fact they’re treated by the other races as second-rate citizens may prove an issue.

I’m making my own races. Some will be inspired by Mass Effect, but they will be original.

Ah coolio, looking forward to see what you come up with! :slight_smile:

I’m writing some lore for humans right now and I will post it when I’m finished. I may as well get them out of the way first lol. Then I can write lore for the alien races. I think going about it this way will give me a better foundation to write the story.

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An interesting route to go down might be a race that is GENETICALLY non-binary. There’s an episode of Enterprise I always liked that toyed with this idea, but it treated them as a repressed minority and while it makes a valid point about sticking one’s cultural oar in let’s… let’s not do that. I think especially in the event of a non-binary protagonist it might be an interesting touchstone (not a euphemism) for character interactions. And who says you even need to stop at 3, why not 5? Hell, you could go ham with it and have a race that have thousands, possibly billions of different genders (screw millions though) and their concept of romance is not so much about finding love as it is about compatibility. Although you’re kind of losing the original thread of thought there.

Regardless I think it might be kind of cool as a human protagonist to try and teach one of these macrogendered (if this is already a term I apologise unreservedly) people love. Maybe teach them this human thing we call kissi-- NO, not that. I mean yes that, but write it better.

I’m interested in this idea anyway, but @Laguz made me think that an NB person (especially one still stigmatized in their own culture) suddenly discovering a whole other world where a huge proportion, perhaps the entire population is you know “other” is an interesting thing that I might like to read. Have I talked the point to death? Very well, you may all go back to what you were doing.

Also Wrex is bae.


Already have one in mind. They are pretty awesome too if I do say so myself.

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Humans - In the year 23XX (haven’t picked year, its arbitrary anyway.) Humanity gained the ability to send its first team to explore outside their own solar system. A joint effort due to overpopulation, humanity sought to establish colonies outside on habitable planets to alleviate this problem. The source of the overpopulation problem came from humanities breakthroughs in medical science which now more than doubles the average lifespan. It is not uncommon to see people live into their 200s. Due to the fact of people living longer they would generally have more children over their life span and their children would have children and their children’s children would have children, thus leading to Earths overpopulation predicament.

While traveling outside their solar system is now a possibility, teraforming is still conceptual due to the fact of not knowing what needs to be done to make inhabitable planets livable, such as what needs to be changed in the atmosphere and how this may distablize a preexisting ecosystem if there was one, or the generation of land if there wasn’t any, the creation of plant life through the teraforming process, or how to successfully populate the planet with fauna in a completely new ecosystem. Theoretically if the terraforming went as planned the planet’s environment would be very similar to Earth and it wouldn’t be as difficult to integrate fauna into this ecosystem, but how often do things go entirely according to plan?

The assembled team consisted of around 50 people, scientists, doctors, and military personnel. This was a scouting mission into Alpha Centuri. Beacons wear launched by planets or moons which contained enough gravity to keep them in orbit. The beacons served as communication relays to keep in contact with Earth. But along the way they encountered a massive structure. It was a massive gate which was generating it’s own gravitational pull, which was keeping what looked like satellites and other communication beacons. The ship decided to launch their own and contact Earth for further direction. It was determined that before venturing beyond the gate it would be better to launch a probe through to investigate. Upon further inspection of the gate it the center resembled purple water (like stargate except purple) The probe was launched through and appeared to be just on the other side. Further analysis of the signal however showed the faintest of signals as it was coming several light years (number to be detumined) away. It was not coming from Alpha Centuri, but a new undiscovered location all together. After much deliberation it was decided that the team was to proceed through the gate. What happened next was something straight out of a scifi story (lol) What initially resembled a warp jump turned to something else entirely. As the stars began to blur a sudden sense of immense speed was felt and the feed from outside the ship as well as viewed from out side the bridge showed the stars blending together in a vast array of colors. After a few seconds it was over, they were on the other side of the gate. What they saw could have been considered breath taking had they not came through in the middle of a blockade. The launched probes signal was too weak to be able to determine the number of ships that were on the other side. But if this wasn’t enough hundreds of other ships emerged from the gates right behind Earths, and what followed would be the catalyst to what would be Earth’s First Contact War.

The blockading Armada opened fire on the ships attempting to break it. The Earth ship was taking fire from both sides. They had no choice but to attempt an emergency landing on a near by planet. Before the crash landing the Captain sent out an emergency beacon to contact Earth for a rescue and alert them to the warring Armadas. The ship crash landed and lost its remaining power and the beacon was partially damaged after its launch. Earth only obtained parts of the message, but it was clear that a rescue must be mounted. Earth sent five of it’s fleets and upon arrival the warring Armadas considered them to be yet another enemy to face. As seeing yet another massive group of ships appear during a war that has been going on in this system for (weeks maybe a little over a month) They were seen as opportunists sent to try and take them out before reinforcements could arrive. And so Earth enters a war that would last for several years.

More to come on this, but what do you think?


Will there be aliens with different body types or will they be similar to human?

Will there be any clashing religious types amongst the races?

I’m going with more humanoid type bodies for the races central to this story. As for religion I haven’t decided yet. There will be conflict as it’s part of the story. I just need to determine the cause. I have some ideas though.