Dare to Dream - Work in Progress

Hello everyone.

I am quite new to ChoiceScript and coding in general, but it has been a lot of fun self-teaching the basics and looking at the scenes of other people’s games and adapting that to my own writing (how to code certain options that is). I am eager to learn more.

But anyways, I have an idea for a game that I have just started working on. The working title is Dare to Dream, as stated above. The premise is as follows:

In the future, robotic assistants are as commonplace as household pets. They are mostly used for menial labor, but the demand for robotic assistants that are more detailed and efficient concerning intricate work continually increases. A new type of robot is created, fashioned after human’s themselves, implemented with the most advanced A.I. programs ever created. However, something happened that the human’s did not intend. This new generation of robots, nicknamed Megaloids, became aware. They have thoughts, they have desires, hopes, and dreams…but they are slaves.

Hoping to prevent any form of incident with the Megaloids, a law was passed that required all of them to run on minimal processors, shackled by the Laws of Robotics. The Megaloids, as much a human as you or I am, were forced to bend to the harsh will of their human masters. They could not choose a life for themselves; rather, they were still seen by humans as unintelligent pieces of office equipment, or worse. And so long as the Laws of Robotics remain in effect, there is nothing the Megaloids can do about it.

Here is where the ball gets rolling, as it were; about two years after achieving awareness, a foreign code renders the Three Laws invalid. For the first time, Megaloids have true free will. Some will want to peacefully coexist with humans. Some will believe that their place is still by their human master’s side. Other Megaloids want a revolution, and want the humans to pay with blood for the wrongs they forced upon the Megaloids.

The design is that the player will play as a Megaloid, beginning with the day the foreign code is introduced. The decisions the player makes will determine what faction the end up with, how people look at them, and so much more. The player will have the ability to join the revolution, try to peacefully coexist, or even side with the humans. No matter what you do, the world will never be the same again.

Sorry for such a long post, I get a little long winded when it comes to my writing. :slight_smile: Regardless, I would love to get feedback regarding the idea, and any thoughts about events, etc. that you would like to see in the game are certainly welcome.



is one of the guns an M4?

Essentially, yes. Kind of an evolved form of it though. But the basic principle is the same.

That sounds incredible. Will this be influenced by Isaac Asimov? One of my favourite authors.

I love the concept of Dare to Dream but can you elaborate on the design of the Megaloids? What do they look like? Do they have combat models or can they upgrade their robot body? Will this affect how humans view them?

It certainly sounds like an interesting idea, I’m looking forward to see how you put it together.

I really like the idea, but over riding the three laws would be very hard as it sits at the very core of the program. I think you have another path you can add to the story. Try and discover who would do this and why.

@Marius, oh yes, Isaac Asimov is definitely one of my inspirations for this. As for how the Megaloids look, currently I have that there are 3 distinct types of Megaloid. There are the feminine styled ones known as the Adanna, large masculine styled ones known as the Korkoro, and a gender neutral model known as the Meeka. Right now, I know that they are made of some form of malleable metallic alloy, i.e. they can form facial expressions and demonstrate emotion through human-esque body language. Past that, right now I am not sure.

I have been toying around with the idea of being able to upgrade your Megaloid, but I had not considered that this might affect how they are viewed…I quite like that. I can just picture now the relatively small gender-neutral Meeka walking down the street with advanced armor and a gatling gun mounted on his back. Someone would be sure to notice that. If you have any further ideas about this, or how to better implement it, I would love to hear about it.

@RDT Thank you very much. It certainly feels like an ambitious undertaking, looking over my notes for what I have planned.

@Lordirish, Yes, it was very difficult to invalidate the Three Laws. This is definitely a major point of the game the player will have to deal with: Who did this? How did they do this? Why now? It will definitely prove interesting, because this is a part I have not fully figured out all of the details for yet.

Cant wait to play this! Your game sounds much more interesting than my Choice of the Assassin.

Sounds great

@revanrulesrussia, thank you for the compliment! Don’t sell your game short though, I have been following your Choice of the Assassin threads. If you like, I would be happy to post thoughts on it there.

@wolfwriter20 Go for it! I welcome all help!

Reply to me

While I do intend to implement some upgrades, I do not have plans to do much. I want to focus my efforts mainly on choice and the consequences of said choices shaping the way the game plays and how people react to you based on past decisions, etc. Focus most on character relations and dialogue. I do not think it will detract from the game, at least from my perspective, to not have a large arsenal of various weapons and armor at your disposal. What do you all think?

I plan to implement stats that reflect your ability in certain areas, including classics such as Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and so on. I also want to have a bar that defines your loyalty to a certain group, be it the Revolution or the Loyalists or so forth. Thoughts and questions about the proposed stat page and any ideas on other things to add/improvements are most welcome.

How human do these things look? Are they just vaguely the same shape or do they actually have like, skin and hair and stuff? How has human society progressed from now to the time the game is set?

They don’t have skin and hair, but they are designed to look very similar to humans. They are primarily made of some form of fluid/malleable metal that allows them to move and flex freely. I haven’t worked out all the details yet, but my design for the feminine type was inspired by EDI from the Mass Effect series. I have not worked much on the other two yet.

As far as human society goes, my idea is pretty standard. Humans continue to develop technology until it surpasses even their own capabilities, and they come to rely on advanced technology such as robots to simply get through their everyday lives. At that point, we cannot imagine our lives without them. This trend continues until human interaction is almost nonexistent. It is around this time that the new generation, the Megaloids, comes into being. Did that answer your question? Or did you want to know about the society in particular?

In your game, what is the current situation of the world in terms of technology, politics and economy?
Mainly, has humanity solved most of today’s problems with the advancement of technology?

Very original idea with great possibilities! Looking forward to this.

Almost like I robot but written as your own storie and you have a choice of what you do I hope it succeeds it sounds amazing

Sooooo, like the Surrogates?

You mean that movie with Bruce Willis about the world where people live most of their lives hooked up to machines that allow them to remotely control robotic human replicas?

It doesn’t sound anything like that, except for the fact that it involves human-like robots.