Wrath of an Empire (Updated 5/28/2023)

That’s a really good idea…brb lol

Lol no of course not…


I know, I only have Great ideas! Unleash Raven Romance!

Caw Caw Caw Caw :rofl:


GREAT game!!


Damn, wasn’t sure what I was expecting when I opened the demo, but whatever it was, this greatly exceeded my expectations!
I really liked the intensity and the rush of adrenaline as if I was really there; can’t wait to see what happens next :smiley:


@E_RedMarkI hope you enjoyed it! :wink:

@Barbie86 Aww thank you for the kind words! <3 Im so happy you like it…

@RenataC How I wanted to end the scene was on my mind a lot leading up to this! You liked both Ro’s? :wink:

@Mistyleaf123 im so glad the scene got you so intensely! Any favorite ro’s?


Is there a way to pick Wren cuae they’re greyed out for me?

Greyed out? Where at? Cause I have been able to select her in the playthroughs I have done.

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I like this one. I am keeping my eyes on this! :star_struck:

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All? xD
I can and will play multiple times with each (male) RO haha


I know right?! :laughing: I’ll be making 3 MCs to romance all three ROs. Also, can’t wait to finally meet the DILF, though… :smirk: :flushed:


The Dilf/Milf will make an appearance either at the end of chapter 1 or in chapter 2, messing around with how their intro scenes will fit into everything. <3


Sneak peaks and progress reports inbound over the next few days! <3


Here is a little peak at whats to come, I will blur it for those that don’t want to know anything from Wrens RO route… :wink: The below example is with a m Wren RO


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At author’s request.

In preparation for an inbound major update to this project I will be shoring up some minor things in the demo including some fun little changes and a small 10k update that should be all done by the end of this week. The update will include some more choices placed right after the previous end to the demo, It will also have a time jump and some small ro interactions I hope you will like. This is all in preparation for us launching into the main story which is your character serving as an advisor to local militia forces as well as launching small missions of your own to investigate the strange happenings towards the outer areas of the front lines…

Your character will be able to fit into a few personalities that will stand out quite a bit. (These personalities will be set just before the adult mc is sent on this mission. Play everything from a stoic commander to a hedonistic scoundrel who just wants to find the nearest brothel and bar on this planet…

In fact speaking of that here is a couple sneak peaks…


Very nice and i am eagerly awaiting the upcoming update :smiley:


My saves from your other game show up when I’m playing this one

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Really? Huh, let me try and fix that, thats so weird.

I’ve heard of this issue before, but I have no clue what causes it or if there is a fix

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