COMING THURSDAY: "The Magician's Workshop," New Author Interview, TRAILER, and DEMO





Thank you! I will read this book as soon as i can.

In the demo there o
Is a problem in the stats

Yes, we’re aware and working on it! Patience is appreciated, thanks.


Try the game in an incognito window or refresh your cache. Let me know if it is working now.

2 games in 2 weeks back to back , this is a great month so far!!

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We always release 3-4 games on back to back weeks in December. The day after Christmas, we’ll be releasing An Odyssey: Echoes of War.


This is great thanks for the hardwork all cog group , appreciate it.


I am looking forward to this game. Can’t wait to enjoy it fully.


Who is available for a polyamorous relationship


I’d have to check the code, but if I’m remembering correctly, you can have a casual/nonexclusive relationship with any combination of the love interests (Piero, Fiametta, Dangereuse, Andrea, and Konrad/Giulia, who won’t both appear in the same playthrough), and can have a polyamorous triad with Piero and Fiametta.

I edited this game! Really excited to see what everyone thinks of it - the magic in this game is so much fun.


Currently playing the demo and I’m loving it so far. I am looking forward to the full release.


I wasn’t expecting too much from the demo, but I really enjoyed what I played. I’ll definitely be purchasing this upon release!

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Im definitely looking forward to this game. I was kind of dissappointed to see no hosted games released this month. But the 3 choice of games releasing this month more than made it up

Lol the demo is interesting so far, I’ll get this as soon as it gets out…

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A character appears on a page without any prior mention or introduction: “Andrea wants you to study animation.” Wait, who’s Andrea??

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I think they are the modle you meet when you get back to the shop. To tell everyone the master died

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There’s some description of Andrea on that first page where they appear, and then more later on.

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So there’s no limit on how many female characters you can potentially romance in a single playthrough?

Discrete romance?