COMING THURSDAY: Heart's Choice, "Changeling Charade"—Author Interview and DEMO

Author Interview:



I am looking forward to this.


shifting the focus from killing to kissing

:joy: always a good choice lol. Waiting for it


Best of luck to the author! This looks very lovely and atmospheric :fairy:

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I already thought this game sounded fun, but I’m even more excited after reading that interview! (I may have just switched over to Amazon briefly to order both of Ruth Vincent’s novels.) I’m especially intrigued by what she has to say about her future projects - they both sound amazing.

This is so unfair. WHY IS IT ONLY TUESDAY?


When will you release a Heart’s Choice book where you can be a male romancing females?

Hearts Choice will and always will be heavily gender-lock. :sweat_smile:

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Anyways I’m so looking for it! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Short answer: Heart of Battle, Brimstone Manor, Jazz Age, and (I think) Dawnfall all do this.

Long answer: If you search on the forum, you will find that’s a much-discussed subject and you can read it at your leisure. This title happens to have a female MC.

Longer answer: please keep discussion on this thread focused on Changeling Charade.


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Noo! I just finished the demo and how can I wait 24 more hours to continue??

The characters are all so interesting and I’m already a changeling with a plan!

The writing is captivating and I really REALLY want to purchase the rest right now to fight to legalize magic and maybe also find out a little more about my music tutor. :wink:


Looking forward to this one!

Didn’t think it was for me since it was gendered locked. But after playing I already love it.

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Love the setting of this from the description. Excited to try it out.

The premise of the “coming-of-middle-age” novel" sounds really interesting. Would love to see something like it as a COG title, even though, I guess, it might not appeal so much to a younger audience.

I will definitely keep an eye on this game’s release thread. The tutor romance initiation seemed a little abrupt for my taste (after only one short conversation and directly during the first lesson?), so I’d like to see other players’ opinions and impressions first before I decide on anything.

Can’t wait to play this! Waiting for the releasw

It’s already available on Heart’s Choice and Steam. :laughing:

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Thanks for letting me know!

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Does anyone know how to Trigger the poli with Valentin and the Earl???