Out now! "Changeling Charade"—Masquerade as a noble with fairy magic!

We’re proud to announce that Changeling Charade, the latest in our “Heart’s Choice” line of multiple-choice interactive romance novels, is now available for iOS and Android in the “Heart’s Choice” app. You can also download it on Steam, or enjoy it on our website.

It’s 38% off until February 16th!

Masquerade as a noble with fairy magic! What will you risk for your family? For fairy revolution? For true love?

Changeling Charade is a 450,000-word interactive supernatural romance novel by Ruth Vincent, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Magic is illegal in the city of New Victoria. That means that Supernaturals–werewolves, djinn, fairies, and more–have started an underground trade in potions and spells. As an impoverished fairy, you’ve joined that trade in hopes of earning a better life for yourself and your family: you’ve become a changeling, transforming yourself to resemble the human noblewoman Lady Constance Weatherby.

Living in Lady Constance’s lavish townhouse, you can wear the finest fashions, attend masked balls, make friends among the nobility, learn the arts from a skilled tutor, even gain an audience with the Queen herself!

But there is more to New Victoria’s high society than meets the eye, and you are not the only one hiding a magical secret. Which noble house conceals a werewolf? Which one has suspicious ties to the shady Potion Market? Not only that, but there are fairy revolutionaries fighting to reverse the laws that forbid magic, and spies among the nobility working for the same cause. Will you join them? Or will you stay in the comfortable human life that you have made for yourself?

And where will you find love? With the distinguished earl that Lady Constance’s overbearing mother hopes to match with her daughter? The fashionable noble with a pet fox and a mischievous smile to match? The penniless tutor, artistic and sincere? Or even the idealistic fairy revolutionary who leads the charge to restore magic?

  • Play as a woman; gay, straight, bi; poly or monogamous.
  • Romance a melancholy earl, a mischievous noble, an artistic tutor, or a bold fairy revolutionary.
  • Uncover the supernatural secrets of New Victoria’s human nobility
  • Dance at masked balls, attend pastoral picnics, refine your artistic accomplishments - or laugh and drink at a fairy pub.
  • Find acceptance for your true fairy self - or discover new comfort living as a human
  • Meet the Queen—or work to overthrow her, or even take her place on the throne!
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I am enjoying this game very much. Thanks for writing it, Ruth. :revolving_hearts:


Huge congratulations on the launch to the author, I’m not sure if Ruth is on the forum, but if you’re reading, I hope you do something nice to celebrate!


Congratulations to Ruth! :heart_on_fire:


Going off of one playthrough, so still much more to dive into, but wow…yea, this is a really, really good story (and this is me being a guy, note, so the fem-lock is fine with me.)

Now granted, this isn’t the first to tackle the realm of fey- over on the Choice side of things, we have Faerie’s Bargain( a stellar game in its own right). But this is the first one that deals with the Changeling aspect of the Fair Folk and, while normally is in a negative context, this game actually pulls off making it a positive thing, giving it a good head start.

The characters, as well, are really well defined- Valentine with their fox and their apparent carelessness belying a caring heart, Farrington with his more traditional nobility hiding something more, Rowan and their revolutionary fervor while still showing them as a human rather than just a symbol…and of course, Larkin (who I chose), who feels a bit like Miss Honey but with more bohemian feel bubbling under the surface. Not to mention that even the minor characters have their due- the countess who is stiff as a board but anchors it with motherly love, your sisters who are as adorable as buttons, and even the Queen has her humanizing moments.

And the world they inhabit is great to experience- the triple class conflict is quite something to pull off and each facet of it rounds out the things you experience in the game even more.

The plot also went to places that I didn’t expect, and it was a pleasant surprise to see how I ended up.

And, well, the romance is stellar as expected, able to get hot and heavy and sweet and sensual in equal measure.

This isn’t a comprehensive review, of course, and I still have three more suitors to shoot for, but maaaaaan, this is one of the great ones for Heart’s Choice and worth experiencing a bit even if the fem-lock is not your cup of tea.


I’ve played twice already, and am happy to say this game is everything I could have hoped for when I heard “fairies” and “Victoriana!” A good balance, in both my playthroughs, of romance/social life and political plot. And definitely a lot of replay value – my MCs ended up in very different places.


I’m playing it now and is there a specific way to get the Valentina and Farrington poly relationship? I don’t wanna mess it up lol

I’ve read this book, it’s amazing and the plot is interesting. Can’t wait for your next work. Congratulations on the release!

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I just finished my first playthrough and I have to say I’m in love. I enjoyed everything about this book, from the worldbuilding to the romance. I went with Larkin for my first read but I really want to replay for everyone else because all the ROs are excellent here. I’m curious about the different side plots as well. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface and that’s incredibly exciting for me. I adore books with replayability value and I can tell this is one of them. Major kudos to the writer for creating this gem. Now I’m off to restart and see what more I can uncover.


Congrats to Ruth for the launch! I’m definitely intrigued.

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How do you impersonate the Queen?


Just finished my first playthrough with a poly ending. I loved every second of playing it. It was probably my favorite CoH game and one of my top choice of games produced by CoG as a whole. Now I’m off to try and see if I can get a different ending.


What are the possible poly combinations? I get the hint for Valentine + Farrington, but is it possible to romance, say, Larkin + Rowan? Anyone knows which are single routes only?

Only Farmington and Valentine are poly.


Loved this one! Val is great, but so is Larkin. Wish I coulda ended up with both of them instead of lame-o Farrington as the poly option, but I understand how much more work that would have been, and the role of authorial vision.

I never really got Rowan, I guess because they were opposed to direct action, but need to force myself to pursue something with them on a run. I just don’t wanna disappoint both Val and Larkin. :frowning:


The game is definitely one of the best in terms of romance. But I’m wondering (spoilers) if there are different endings here? I chose Larkin and we escaped to the frontier an the end. Is it the same for everyone?

It’s definitely not a given. I ended up escaping to the frontier with Valentine in my second playthrough, but in my first I got the Acts repealed and stayed in New Victoria with Rowan. I think how you handle the coup matters a lot for how the ending goes.

Well, there was no coup-related content on my Larkin path (mention only). But it looks like the endings are not tied to certain characters.

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How do you get the supernatural law repealed

you need to become a queen