Out now! "Changeling Charade"—Masquerade as a noble with fairy magic!

No, I’ve stayed with Larkin, and we got Supernatural representative \ minister Rowan who I lost elections to, but he asked me to be his right hand. I’ve stayed noble, and Larkin got famous because I let her sing in my stead at the gathering.

But now you got me curious about different endings.

Is there a way to get the Acts repealed by completing the Potion Plot quest?

This game is rich and unique. It allows you to see things from both a high-class human and a mythical creature. Not many IFs can actually pull this one off, and it’s nice having a subplot concerning a group of revolutionary supernaturals who want to eliminate the gap between humans and supernaturals. Which reminds me of something similar, only this time between humans and robots.

“You must recover all the energy immediately, Megaman” (Dr Light, Mega Man 8) has now become “You must recover all the potions immediately, Constance”.

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I wonder… can a changeling impersonate anyone, or must the target and the changeling be the same gender?