COMING THURSDAY: Heart's Choice, "Never Date Werewolves" -- Author Interview and DEMO

Author Interview:




I absolutely ADORE this premise. Day 1 buy!


Lol weird, have to check it and find out when it comes out

Played the demo and was pleasantly surprised. The writing flows well and the supernatural elements are peppered in without bogging down the narrative - and I’m actually really enjoying the time with the kids, despite not being into the idea of having children!

I’ll gladly buy it when it comes out.


I wasn’t expecting it to be this good !!! :grinning::grinning:

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“I’ve only had wolfgang for a day and half, but if anything happen to him (her?) i would kill everyone in this room and then myself.”
(such a nice kid, can’t wait for this to finally come out!)


This looks absolutely fantastic, I love the writing style - so light and sparky! And the kids feel so real. Looking forward to release day!


Demo is really good, I love games where you get to raise kids and the pups various personalities are bemusing, I love the French town and character ascetic and Werewolf history, the two core romance characters are interesting but there’s enough scope alongside those to make it just a fun game in its own right! Will definitely give it a consideration.

…My only minor niggle is outside the MC’s job setting there wasn’t really anything I could see (so far anyway) which could have prevented this for a male MC character and/or letting both romance options be gender selective (though I appreciate that the teacher romance can be), minus some initial back story with the pups anyway. But that’s just me! :sweat_smile:


I had some doubts bc of the kids (normally I’m not really into playing a parent MC and to have six kids… that just sounded way too much when I’ve read the description), but I actually couldn’t put down the demo till I finished reading all 3 chapters, can’t wait for this game to get released. Nice job, author. I’ll surely buy this on the first day of the release.

I loved this change too. I mean I get why most games (which portray a world more or less similar to ours) are set in the USA, but it’s refreshing to see a game set in some other country.


So, I liked the humor so far :slight_smile: ! Had to laugh a few times, cheeky little wolves. I will definitely give it a play when it is released.

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i have been looking forward to this coming out for months! i am so excited for this <33


This was such a great demo!!
I loved it and i can’t wait to play the whole game :heart:

I love this game so far! I like how it doesn’t sugar coat how some people are prejudiced and the self esteem issues that are largely present now. I’m only half way through so far but I look forward to seeing how my pack of furballs end up like.

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I have yet to play the game, but since the premise reminds me somewhat of “Days of Hana”, i’ll give it a go with an open mind

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That is LITERALLY what this game is. Days of Hana in a text choice form