COMING THURSDAY: "Freshman Magic: Spellbooks and Tangled Sheets" New Heart's Choice Author Interview and DEMO




I’ve been excited for this game since it was announced - romantic suspense + magical school = take my money please - but somehow knowing that the author had to wiggle his way out from under 250 lbs of yellow fur to work on it makes me look forward to it even more. :dog::dog::dog::dog::dog: Seriously though, I’m going to spend the next few days trying to decide which romance interest I want to pursue first! I think I have many, many hours of fun to look forward to with this one.


Absolutely thrilled for this one! How exciting!


It seems like the theme is strictly about male dating but are there more options like can you choose the gender of the cast at your convenience?

Cause the plot seems interesting but kinda need at least one female ro for me to be completely into it.

This is purely a m/m romance game.


I wonder if there will be a non-romance option with the male characters, like can the main character be like best friends or brothers from another mother with the other characters ?
I’m still going to give this book a shot cause the plot is incredibly interesting


Well, one of them is already your best friend, so presumably he continues to be your friend if you don’t pursue a romance with him.


Sweet thanks

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Honestly, being only m/m romance is ok, but forcing me to think some random guy with muscles and red hair is hot, is a bit too much, give me choice here. Good luck with your book


Always nice to take a break from real college by pretending to go to magical college for a little while.


Hmm, looks interesting but it’s locked m|m romance…


I love a magic school setting as much as the next person, and gay sexy-times even more than that, but I found the actual magic classes pretty boring to read. With the exception of moments where we could interact with a RO in some way, the long descriptions of the class activities felt more like they were bogging down the story rather than making me curious to know more or pulling me in.
I actually started to skim through the class descriptions on the second day (without immediately realizing I was doing it), which is never a good sign for me.

Also, the interactions with the ROs in the demo where just ‘okay’ for me. Noel was okay, but IDK… none of them really made me feel excited about romancing them, or intrigued to find out more – at least with what we got in the demo, and considering the demo is meant to sell you on the game, I guess this one is a miss for me (which is a shame because spicy gay IFs are pretty rare, and I generally love them).


I find the demo really hard to read because the choice of words the author use. Like for example, sepia skin. I have hard time to imagine what is sepia skin so I googled it. Google give me the knowledge of sepia skin disease. So later I found out sepia is color. Not a word that I am familiar with.
As for the clases, it a wall of text that I didn’t bother to read too much. Definitely not what I expected from romance focused game.
The romance interests not as interesting as I thought(though arguably it just a demo not full story yet). Their description not exactly helpful(cause like I said the choice of words author use doesn’t tick with me. It confuse me than clarify. English is not my first language but I don’t have this kind of problem reading other games or books before.)

Another thing I want to add is that the MC have a solid personality? Like for example you want to go to the party, there like 0 option to not actually drink alcohol at the party. I was like stopstop I don’t actually want to drink! I just want to go to the party and become a wallflower! But nope, the mc just drink. That when I feel disconnected to the MC. Plus other than names, there still 0 “character customization” for your mc. Basically it made me think ah this mc is not my mc, I m just controlling an existing character.
Player feeling disconnected to the MC is what I think this game biggest flaw. It’s like reading author’s fanfiction of their characters.

Just tell me if this comment is inappropriate. I ll delete it if it offended anyone


I wonder what time it’s going to release

Out on Steam now! :smiling_face:

Same, I’m dying from assignments right now :sob:

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It should be out today but the Heart’s Choice shop screen is completely blank, atm. Not only is it not showing any new games, all the old games have disappeared too


Restoring purchase from Steam also doesn’t seem to work.

I’m having the same problem.

We’re working on the issue with the Google Play app right now. If you’re having trouble restoring the purchase from Steam, we can help you with that if you write into

The game isn’t officially released until the email announcing it goes out on our mailing list, so it’s not guaranteed to be available on all platforms until then.