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Demo + Published Game
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Old, WIP description:
The job offers a six-figure salary, pensions, and competitive benefits. Its description? You’ll run a teahouse on Mount Qingcheng in Sichuan, China.

The job description didn’t mention reincarnation, gods, spirits, or the end of the universe. Job descriptions rarely cover that sort of thing. So, you can safely assume there will be no revelations about your past life, inter-dimensional tension, or otherwise world-rending conflict. You’ll only be responsible for attending to a diverse, multi-cultural variety of Teahouse guests. Who are not magical pandas. Presumably.

Accept the Job to:

  • Build business and spiritual abilities
  • Meddle in supernatural shenanigans
  • Meet characters from international and Chinese mythology
  • Experience the awkwardness of integrating into a new culture from the comfort of your gaming device
  • Develop relationships with 3 different characters, including:
    • A man, the fox god part-timing as a TikTok historian
    • A person, the mountain’s resident billionaire meme-lord
    • A woman, the End of the Universe (and your ex.)

About this game:
Tumblr blog here: nacaratgames.tumblr.com, beware spoilers

  • Make environmental issues feel timely and relevant
  • Modernize the portrayal of China in Western fiction
  • Write a story that can be told no other way, that makes full use of its digital ecosystem

Old WIP link: [10 chapters playable here. Last updated 5/14/22]


Welcome to the community @nacarat !


I will follow up with my full review after properly exploring the demo, but I have to ask.



Oh, and an additional request…! If you’re including religious reservations regarding foods, could you add an option to bypass beef, but no other meats, as some Hindus do? It’s not terribly important to me that my MC has the same dietary restrictions as I do, but then again, it would be cool to see.


Welcome welcome @nacarat ! This is one of my editorial projects and I’m very excited that we have it up as a WIP.


Google translate is a darling, but I didn’t use it for that line–the sign and english translation are from real signs in China.

I can add a “no-beef” value. Thanks for the suggestion! c:


I can tell I’m gonna love this from the intro post alone, it’s already made me laugh =D. Absolutely juiced to play this demo!


An interesting project, I can’t wait to see how it turns out. When I played the demo I noticed some bugs, such as the easygoing-proactive traits being used over the reticent-outspoken traits in the stats portion, some decisions seem to contradict character trait increases, and when getting on the moped with A’Li paragraph with text that describes pedestrians staring at the MC and A’Li is broken.


Really interesting and I’m very sold by the concept, however, there some things I want to point out:

1.I wink back and point finger guns at him increases seriousness by 5%. I’m guessing it should be the opposite, right? Anyway, I’m content to just sit back and take in everything. increases proactiveness? And I’m excited to be in a new place, talking to new people. increases Easygoing? I don’t think that’s quite correct. Now, either the actions cause increases in the wrong stat, or the text there in the stats screen is mismatched, honestly, I don’t know which.




2.There are two bars of the same thing here in the stats screen and I’m guessing its a bug.

3. This section here seems a little broken.

And yeah, that’s about it. I think besides these bugs, it was a really pleasant experience playing this. Really great.


A few things I noticed :

  • Name of the game on dashingdon is ‘Invicible Summer’ instead of ‘Invincible Summer’
  • ‘finance’ stats does not start with a capital letter.
  • Another part of the text with code in it
    {@(chinese) Some pedestrians stare as you pass, either at A'Li or at your foreign features.|Some pedestrian stare at A'Li as you pass.|Some pedestrian stare at A'Li as you pass.|Some pedestrian stare at A'Li as you pass. }
    I think the structure you want is something like this @{chinese Case 1|Case 2|Case 3| Case 4}.
    You’re also testing the chinese stats before letting the player set that value.

Wait, finger guns don’t instill a sense of earnestness in you?

@nacarat This game is beautifully designed so far. I look forward to delving deeper into it when the weekend gets here. :tea:


11/12 updates:

  1. Corrected the Chapter 2 Line 863 code syntax issues Thanks, @K_T !

  2. Changed the language of the choice options to clarify what you’re helping A’Li with. Let me know if that’s clearer, @FabricSeat .

11/10 updates:

  1. Corrected and reversed the stats page labels. This should resolve the character trait increase issues discovered by @Andy_Apple and @Here_Not_There

  2. Corrected the (chinese) code syntax issues spotted by Andy_Apple, Here_Not_There, and @Naldek, removed occurrences before the value is set.

  3. Revised the ‘finance’ capitalization and ‘Invincible Summer’ spelling. I appreciate the attention to detail here, Naldek.

  4. Added the beef-free dietary option requested by @Entracte .

  5. Fixed the chapter 2 syntax issue found by @Nexus_Knight .

The updates are live on the linked game. Thank you all for playtesting!



I found a bug


I got that too. Also, maybe this is just me, but at the part where we agree to help A’Li or refuse, I find it really unclear exactly what we’re agreeing to do.




DOTH MINE EYES DECEIVE ME??? A WIP WITH ASIAN SETTING??? Thank you I feel so represented despite the MC being an American ( ´◡‿ゝ◡`)

Love the WIP btw. Being able to manipulate qi is very neat although MC’s easy acceptance towards the supernatural is really funny to me. Mans legit can use qi to make things float not even a day after knowing about it. This option made me sit and stare at the screen like damn you can do that? Not complaining though it’s so cool lol



Curious to see how this goes. Please let me know if there is anything I can help with the cultural background and everything as a native Chinese person.


Thanks @boobear_o , I’m glad to bring more representation to CoG.

What gave the impression that MC is American? I’d like to keep their nationality ambiguous (except for the Chinese heritage options that the player can select.)

You’re right, MC is quite talented with qi manipulation despite being a newcomer. That’ll be plot-relevant later. In the meantime, I’m glad the options suggest a funny character :smiley:

I appreciate the offer, @TheMogician . One of my goals with this game is to modernize the portrayal of China in Western fiction. I welcome your thoughts on the setting and culture, as well as any modern trends or 网络语言 I might add.


Oh sorry I was a bit muddleheaded when I wrote that lol I accidentally took Qin’s background :joy:


The Chinese sprinkled in here and there already made me feel right at home haha, most of them look pretty authentic as well. I haven’t had time to read much into it but two things:

  1. Not sure how much Chinese you might put in there ultimately, but I was thinking maybe you can throw in an option to play as MC who speaks Chinese, so some of the Chinese shows up as English, for people who doesn’t read English but still wants to play as a Chinese speaker to “understand” what natives are saying. If you need help with Chinese translations/localizations, I am ready to help.
  2. “胡,” A’Li leans close to the phone. “喂?是我。Tell Yuli I’m not a kidnapper,” A’Li switches to English for your benefit. “Also, Qin’s lunch will be a bit late.”” For this part, when Chinese people call other people, most people don’t directly address the other party with their surname (like in English). A more authentic way would be to call them “老胡” (Old Hu, if they are older) or “小胡” (Little Hu, if they are younger).

Keep it up, friend!