Intrest check in possible game

Okay so I’ve been a fan of this site for a number of years and have been inspired time and again by the stories here. I’ve actu wanted to start work on a hand of my own for a while which I have for a wide variety of reasons. Over the course of the years I’ve developed many worlds and story settings solely within the confines of my head which I have wanted to put elsewhere for a while now. I feel like I’m getting ahead of myself and it’s very likely em this game I’m talking about May never come to exist but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately so I figure I might as well see if anyone would even be interested in this idea of mine. Anyway enough of my rambling on to the actual idea and setting of the story as to understand it you’ll all likely need some basic background.

Basically it would take place after the apocalypse technically after 6 as the world has been ravaged by 6 great godlike evils essentially erasing all world history before the first apocalypse. The world has somehow surrvived through the years. Each evil was beaten back by a single hero each of which went on to form an order dedicated to stopping that particular evil. During the time of the game there has been about 7000 years after the 6th Ending and people are starting to feel safe though unbenowto them they are on the verge of a 7th Ending. In the game you would be a monk within the Order of the Awoken. The 6th order dedicated to fighting a being known only as the Dark Mistress a sort of dream being that exists in a plane known as the Endless Scape which lies directly between the real world and the world of dreams. After each Ending the remnants of man made new discoveries and weapons to fight the great evils after the 1st it was the arrival of magic. After the 6th it was the ability to traverse the Endless Scape. An ability which the Awoken Monks use to try and eradicate the Mistress forever

Throughout the game you would be dealing with corruption within your order political intrigue and espionage and the looming threat of a 7th and final Ending.

Thoughts? I’m interested If anyone is even intrested in something like this before I go through the effort of even attempting it.


This sound very promising, would be intersted in game like this.

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My advice would be to go for it, regardless of whether there is a high demand for the story you are willing to create. I for one would love to see it in the flesh, and I am sure there are many others around the site whom would enjoy it.

If you want more people to offer advice on what you have in mind before you start writing, why not open up a WIP thread with as much information and detail on the game as you can offer? I can’t count the amount of threads named “interest check” floating around that people are going to breeze over and not going to look at.

I would be keen to know more about the Monks and Mistress, as well as the finer details about the events of the first 6 endings, if you could elaborate further on what you have planned?

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Hm that’s a good idea about making a WIP thread still not sure if I’m gonna go through with making this as I haven’t finalized all the plot points and Learning all the coding and all the finer details about actually making the game seems a tad overwhelming so I’m still thinking about all that but thank you for your advice!

And I’m afraid I can’t divulge much about the Mistress as she’ll be the most plot centric of the 6. What I can say is that she’s the weakest in terms of pure destructive power but she is the most clever of the 6. But that’s about all I can say at the moment.

And as for the 6 endings I haven’t fully planned out all 6 in as much detail as Id like. However I have fully planned out the ending caused by the Mistress herself. Which was basically placing all people who were dreaming at the time into a deep coma from which only one person emerged this person is actually the one who managed to defeat her as they ended up confronting her on the Endless Scape something she didn’t exp at all. It claimed thousands of lives as there was no real way to treat or care for them at this point in history. Hundreds more died from exhaustion as they refused to sleep from sheer paranoia.

Love lurking here’n entering different worlds. Can’t wait to visit yours.