Incendium (WIP Interest Check)


Okay so this game is something I have been tinkering with for months now. Beast Within was initially just a practice run to see if this level of customization was enough to handle or not, and I have learnt allot from that project along the way.

Anyways, this is more of an interest Check before I start posting anything drastic, because I have two months of nothingness ahead and want to see if this would be worth wasting it. So, yeah…I’ll be doing this project anyway but if your interested I will crack down on it hard now.

The story is linked to the idea of perspective shifting within a game, but is tailored so that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to experience it at all. It also has set, playable characters with their own stories that intertwined along with each other, whilst allowing the player to completely vamp up their own in a more adventurous way than Beast Within does. And whilst I’m at it I’m porting the unseen Open World System from Beast into this one swell but you probably don’t care for that anyway. See why this is something I want to have an interest Check for? XD

Onto the story itself! I’ll admit, dependant on which one you choose (Hint), you’ll discover dark, tragic tales. I’m planning for this to be serious, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be any humorous characters at all! The main background focuses on an old divide in the world between the leading factions. One of the factions leaders, Vancia, grows tired of the constant fighting and sets his eyes on creating his own, peaceful world; a Paradise just for him.

The creator of worlds however, The great beast Devolex, envied Vancia, as he believed himself to be the one and true creator of worlds. Cunningly, he punished the Lord with a gift. Not a curse, but a wondrous gift: Magic. But this wasn’t any magic that was conceived upon the lands. The power varied, and for Vancia his power was the one to which spread the magic to others. Soon, his faction had gained various, dangerous powers.

Overrun by greed and power, the faction tore itself apart and raged war across the lands. But for Vancia however, he only had one goal: To continue his creation of Paradise. Whilst blood was shed, magic and none, Vancia had forged a city known as the city of Time. (Totally wasn’t supposed to be my CScomp Entry before I pulled out xD)

Enraged by the magical city that had the power to bend time at its will, Devolex destroyed the city, sending it into a paradox of its own doing. He then came from the skies and stopped the war that raged the planet, offering the people a prophecy. One which would lead to their ultimate punishment. Those with magic fled, fearing they would harm those without it, and remained hidden for thousands of years.

Until the 17th century in Austria-Hungary, when the first community of these people were publicly announced. They were known as the Varaz, Hungarian for magic (Varazslat). The next major appearances happened that same decade in Ireland, where it was said that the normal people were to be named Gnath, the Irish Gaelic for normal. Then on, around the globe, new instances of Varaz were discovered.

They were treated as equal for a long time, until the world finally began to crumble. The apocalypse, the end of the world, was upon us, and the Varaz were the ones to blame.

The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the Varaz are being hunted down and exterminated by Gnath, and Varaz, known as Hunters. You take the role of various Varaz, Gnath and Hunters in this fight for survival in a dying world, where a search for a forgotten paradise may be the only ticket out. And you can create your own character, just if your like: I don’t like these 20 characters that come default!

Anyways, I really don’t want to drabble on forever as I don’t know if anyone is even interested, but if you are let me know and ill go into detail about the planned characters I’ve already fleshed out!


So you are hunting mages?


Something minor - the Austria-Hungarian duel monarchy did not exist in the 17th century - that was created out of the Austro-Hungarian Compromise of 1867. Though they rule over the Kingdom of Hungary, the Habsburg titles were given separately. For example, Ferdinand II is called Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia, and King of Hungary - never King of Austria-Hungary.


@ChimeraLord I would refrain from calling them mages, as these are not spell casting wizards of any sorts. Example of some powers: Drain colour from objects and people, tear things apart with the mind, link two objects together (e.g touch a door and a pencil, if the pencil is snapped in half so is the door), shapeshifting, seeing the future through hallucinations, just more specific powers that I suppose could be described as more supernatural.

@hahaha01357 I was putting down Hungary at first, until a last minute decision thought it would probably by Austria-Hungary. I’m glad it isn’t because I am sick of hearing A-H in history lessons xD

EDIT: I class a comment as an interest so you’ll be seeing an extensive demo soon.


Hmmm so I hunt the speacial people…can the MC not be one?


@ChimeraLord Oh I should really clarify you are not a compulsory hunter no. You choose Hunter or Hunted, maybe become a Hunter later on. Or you could be the neutral one, who really doesn’t give a dam.

The first post, after reading it, really doesn’t explain much. I’m working on the prologue so I’ll throw that up when it’s done



Your story seems remotely interesting, but I’d like a prologue to sweeten the deal. (Not that this means to hurry up, no-no)


@RagEgnite Yeah, I’m working on one now. Just trying to figure out which story to include, or just tasters of them all instead


Could I create a girl called Mara that uses poison to kill the mages for a profit? My role play senses are activated, it sounds like an interesting story to play. But I hate switching characters there could be a way to avoid that? It breaks my immersion and make all role play attempts futile


Yes I have avoidable everything in this one xD @poison_mara You can create your own character and avoid the character switching yes. It isn’t a ‘reach certain point then switch’ type, but more of a ‘play through this character, and everything you do will change what happens when you play through as a different character’ type. It makes sense in the prologue, so hopefully that will clear everything up.

Sorry if the first post is a bit of a mess, it was late when I wrote it…


The only switch of characters that has kept me engaged in the last decade is Walking dead due Clem is a badass cute character I learn to love in the first game. But I really have problems to connect npcs due I’m a cynical person, not to softie so if I start switch I just don’t care a thing the character due I don’t feel it like mine anymore and then is when I stop playing. So I would play all time as Mara.


Makes perfect sense, which is why I didn’t want to make the game compulsory in terms of perspective shifting. The way it works is there are 20 set characters, and currently 2 custom slots per single save file. If you were to play as Mara, which you can throughout the entirety of the game, then if you so desired to try out other characters (as each one has a separate storyline) then whilst playing them you may encounter your custom character as an NPC that acts accordingly to how you played them. This works for all of the 20 pre made characters as well as custom ones, so eventually you will have a world which you created…

Make sense? It will when your playing it xD


Sound really complicated lol. :-?


Coding wise yes, playing wise it should be easy and accessible. I’ve been planning the code part of this since I started Beast…which was basically a test run I suppose.


They are not to be called mages @poison_mara :-"


And so I can try to kill my original character? Though he’d ome shot kill me no doubt bc I made him so op B-)


you could have just edited your first one there to correct yourself lol (in case you don’t know, you can edit a comment within the first 30min that you posted it. The edit button should be by the time stamp.)


@ChimeraLord I didn’t even notice she said it xD And yes, theoretically you can. But the OP awareness is something you should be wary about, exactly

@that1german Me? I went to sleep after posting the first post so the timer had run out by the time I had actually read it xD


@BlazedStorm no I meant chimeralord above. He/she posted bout correcting a post by making another post. I could be hallucinating though. I was in the middle of work when I saw it :confused:


@that1german He may have changed it I suppose

I’ll have a ‘prologue’ up soon, offering an introduction to every character and allowing you to test the character creation out. It’s just dragging on a bit because I never planned how to start the damn thing -.-