The Gem of Souls


Several years ago I wrote a 90k novel, which up to recenly was collecting dust. I have wanted to turn it into a cs game for a long time, but due to the style and complex nature was unsure if I could manage it without loss of some story content.

I finally have a set plan. :slight_smile: I will not have anything up demo wise until late Dec. My Ghost game will be moving ahead as well.

It is set in a fantasy world I spent the better part of 20 years building. So very rich in content and history.

You’ll be able too play a female elf or a human male. Thier paths are very different, yet they intertwine about mid point of the game. Thier paths are determined but would be a bit of a spoiler if I said why.

There is magic, swordplay, and goverment control a plenty. While the path is set there will be plenty of branching and choice. I will also be able to add a lot of content I could cot add to the original story, thanks to a technique I picked up from some of @endmaster games I can add in the missing gaps.

Depending on how well this goes I have another 130k novel I would like to comvert as well called ‘Something about Death Knights and Tinker Gnomes’.


“LordIrish the Multi-Tasker” :slight_smile: Sounds great, I love fantasy.

What is this technique you mentioned?


There is alot going on in the background that really won’t work during game play. The game can be played without it. But adding a choice every so often they can see, I guess you could call it, sub story. This sub story is not playable, its just more story to give the player a deeper immersion into the world and glem some information you would otherwise not see during game play.


Cool. I love background stories . I have to make my famous questions Could i be bad and or charming? :))


The world is a fairly dark place. The Second Great Council, think communist Russia before the fall of the wall, has a iron grip over the land. If you do not belong to a guild then your consider nothing more then a maggot to be crushed underfoot. So there will be plenty of choices to do good and bad things. But playing pure evil or good will make you stand out. This will more then likley get you reported to the black gaurd. They are very skilled at making people vanish, never to be heard from again.

Overthrowing the government will not be apart of this game, that is for another time. :slight_smile:


@lordirishdas Ooooh, sounds interesting! Immediately reminds me of George Orwell’s 1984, especially the part when you said they are ‘very skilled in making people vanish’.

Overthrowing the govt or not, I’d still be looking forward to this game!


@Random thanks :slight_smile: The overthrow of the goverment comes in a latter novel I have outlined. It is tied in with the Elves. The Elves are hated and feared and forced to live on a reservation. But there was a time when they were respected. You get a sense of what is going on there durimg the current game.


I do like it when a story has a developed backstory, so I do hope this was twenty years well spent!


I DMed a lot campaigns from this world. however, when I got married the wife disliked my weekly game night. so I gave it up and turn my energy towards writing. Lol


Looking forward to seeing a demo. I am actually DMing my next game once a week to a group of friends, and though newly married, my wife is fine with a once-a-week game schedule :slight_smile:


Mine was at first. Lol She Never forced me to stop… just nudged me to. :wink:


Oh no, this doesn’t bode well.


@JimD Lol you maybe luckier than me, my wife is a wonderful person. when it comes to fantasy or role playing she has no interest or understanding why someone would want to do these things. :slight_smile:


Oh , @lordirishdas thats what poison is needed. But yeah I’m one of few girls rp and yeah my bf hate rp. Maybe because I was surrounded guys always due I never found another girl rp , :))


They are there but hard to find @MaraJade :slight_smile:


My college RP group had four women players out of nine. (A thought which occasioned my linking to the write-up on my own thread). My wife is also not particularly a RP fan, but I don’t think I’ll poison her.


It simpler if you don’t :slight_smile:


in spain rp is badly consider so to find 3 girls playing you has to go a big game con or geek con, and guys still looking at you like a unicorn in a zoo.


I know a few here, had two in my last group. Going to GenCon every year you see tons. :slight_smile:


So I debating with myself if to add more paths to the game. There 6 members to the team. I was pondering add a path for each one. The problem ***spoil alert **** is some are going to die. Such is there fate.

So as a player would want the choice to play a doomed character?