Upcoming Choice of Games Releases — 2022


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Révolution Diabolique : Released Feb 24th, WIP thread . By @Chris_Conley. As a young demon-summoner in Revolutionary France, how will you use your infernal powers?
Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires : Released Mar 24th. By @natalia.theodoridou, author of Rent-a-Vice and An Odyssey: Echoes of War . In this elegy of blood, everyone in Athens owes your boss a favor, making you untouchable! Who will you use, who will you help, and who will you prey on?
The Siege of Treboulain: Released Apr 14th. WIP Thread by @JedHerne. As the monarch of Treboulain, how will you guide your city-state when the Skegg army arrives?
Nikola Tesla: War of the Currents : Released May 12th. WIP Thread , by @dklindzic. Help the eccentric inventor navigate the intrigue of the emerging electrical industry! Can you outsmart Thomas Edison and electrify the world?
Social Services of the Doomed : Released Jun 23rd. By @fade. In a city overrun with trolls, demons, witches, vampires, werewolves, and other supernatural beings, someone has to handle the paperwork! You’re a social worker whose job is to mediate disputes and lay the occasional smack-down on uppity entities when they break the rules or endanger the human populace.
The Dragon and the Djinn : Released Jul 28th. By Athar Fikry. A dragon threatens the city as the new emir struggles to hold onto his throne. Navigate palace intrigue, fly on a magic carpet, and slay - or befriend? - the dragon, all with the help of a djinn who can make your every wish come true - but be careful what you wish for!
Paranormal Preparatory School: Released August 11th. At a school for the undead, the barriers between the mortal realm and hell are disintegrating. Can you work with your fellow students to save the world?
Noblesse Oblige: Released Aug 25. By @HannahPS, a gothic romance in the Crème de la Crème universe.
Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives — What Stares Back: Releasing Sep 22nd. Adds Malkavian and Lasombra as playable clans; new dimensions to the plot; new ROs.
Siege of Treboulain: Cheats & Hints: Releasing Oct 13th! An Achievement guide, hint guide, and cheat mode.
A Crown of Sorcery and Steel : Copyedit, releasing Oct 27th? WIP Thread, by @JoshMLabelle. Swing a sword, delve dungeons, and explore an ancient fantasy realm. Lead a resistance of orcs, elves, dwarves, and humans to defeat the dark queen.
Teahouse at the Edge of the World: Beta, releasing Nov 23rd. [WIP Thread], by @nacarat (A Teahouse At The World's Edge (WIP Archive) - Game Published)
Professor of Magical Studies : Beta, releasing Dec 8th. WIP Thread, by @Sargent. Research magic that probably won’t destroy the world! Teach impressionable students, ideally without killing them! Survive faculty meetings! Evict the alien living in your brain! Oh, and stop an otherworldly threat from ending everything. No biggie.
Choice of the Viking: Beta, releasing Dec 15th.