"A Crown of Sorcery and Steel"—Overthrow the queen's clockwork iron army!

Gonna try it out right now will hopefully share my impressions here at some point,never tried the demo so going fresh.

It was lots of fun!
Played as your classical orc who solved any problems with violence, curiously enough I didn’t kill any party member during the whole run and no one abandoned my party, still clashed with Okka who many times got quite angry with my lad.

Best characters for me were Vid and Khattya, the great adventure of helping the orc reclaim his throne as a Loyalist was very enjoyable experience as well as Khattya’s chase for artifacts as well as her personal conflict with the scribe Order made her story engaging.

The worldbuilding is top notch and deserves your time, how the writer actually designed special pronouns fitting to every non human culture didn’t see anyone who justified so well the pronoun diversity.

The Orc Lore and the Elf lore was more interesting than I would have thought before playing and was like a little kiddo tied to the screen waiting for more info and content with the “Background checks”, just saying that playing as an elf felt as easy mode.

Also loved the way on the Elf route you can find yourself on a paradox where as a Forest Elf you find your brethren who abandoned the classical elf lifestyle to settle on cities, an incredible way to portray the death of rural settlements left behind by many in hopes of settling on a bustling metropolis which is always pretty sad, using the Elves to portray this situation was master like writing, well done!

Perphaps I’ll play yet another route as a dwarf expert in runes do not know what secrets might be hidden behind the Human route thought.

Also please if someone has a guide for the achievement when you can be one the ruler of all Kanda do post it cause at least right now seems an option far too difficult to reach by my own.


The characters are amazing - second only to the worldbuilding on the list of things I love about this game. I always prefer when other characters have lives and goals of their own rather than automatically and immediately making my character the center of their world, and these are some of the best I’ve seen in that regard. They have flaws and quirks and biases and inner conflicts and character arcs of their own, and there are many opportunities to talk to them and learn more about their pre-quest lives. I enjoyed getting to bond with them as friends over the months that we spent together on our quest. I didn’t get to romance them all, but the romance routes I did pursue were very moving. The (optional) lovemaking scenes are absolutely perfect, not super graphic but tender and playful. And it’s possible to have an antagonistic relationship with each character as well - I just loved getting to see all the different sides of them.

The plot is solid, but it’s the characters and worldbuilding that really set this game apart, and I would recommend it without hesitation to readers who like character-driven stories as well as those who like high-fantasy adventure.


Tell me it’s on STEAM! I need this game in my life!!!

Also, why nobody ever tell me about good games like these ones? Boo!

Nvm, It is on steam…

I really need more coffee. Brain aint working today.

Just me who feel like I’m playing a mini-Dragon Age game like? At least, with the origins Stuff? I’m hooked…also, GOT THE GAME WOOT! WOOT!

Silent but deadly dwarf checking in.
The character depth is rich, and I secretly really like even the ones my character loathes. Heh!

I’m unable to purchase the rest in the app yet. I know, I know. I’ll just have to be patient a little longer.
EDIT: got it now !! Yes!!
re-cloaks and returns to the shadows


Is there an option for abandoning both sides of conflict and size power for your own ?

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Ah hell yeah, a nice standard but well made and big fantasy story. Been waiting for one like this. Can’t wait to read!


I wish I could delete my own “memory files”…

Nidana’s portrait certainly.

Other than that no complaints.

Can anyone please tell which polyamory options are there? I want to romance both Cora and the Queen, but I’m afraid that Cora’s ‘commitment’ question may lock me out of the Queen romance. Are they compatible in polyamory? Can’t seem to find it.


I wonder if you can romance both Khattya and Cora or Khattya and Queen Nidana?

That would be very hot and precious at the same time!

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Glad to hear it! Time to get it. :laughing:


Awesome! Have fun!


This is so awsome i have already reseted my achivments trice :joy: (not that i have played to end yet)


Does anyone know the poly options yet? Just starting but I wish to know for the future.


For a solo campaign, yea, this was pretty fun. Lots of good little moments, and the romance is really well done. The characters feel more tangible than their starting stereotypes would belie and while my lack of fighting skill(went mechanical and talky human this time around) did leave a dent in my success rate in certain spots, I did come out relatively ok.

Will need to dive in for a couple more rounds to get a good review together, but from a first go-around? Really, really well done. And a full story for less time than a one-shot session? Hell yea.


This is a bit spoiler-y, so I’ll hide things for folks who don’t want to know.

For a player following the “good” route and not aligning with the queen at the end of the story, you can be in a relationship with any or all of your companions at the end, and encounter at least three of their love scenes in a single playthrough. Pursuing multiple romance routes will eventually lead to a moment where your companion acknowledges this and asks you whether you’d like to fully commit to them (which will end the other romances), end the romance, or embrace polyamory and continue multiple romances at once with consent.

On the other hand, if you pursue the queen’s route, you can play out all the romance paths through their love scenes, but once you’ve made your allegiances to the queen clear at the end of the story, things get a lot more complicated. The queen is not the type to share, and your companions will not all take kindly to someone who sided with the queen. That said, betraying someone you were in a romance with and ending up on opposite sides of the war certainly lends itself to drama!


Big payoff. Congrats on the culmination of a lot of hard work! :partying_face: :muscle: :confetti_ball:


Congratulations on the release @JoshMLabelle. This is an interesting read.

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Is there an option to abandon both sides of the conflict and size power for our own

Just finished reading. Very well written, with entertaining characters. Seemed to have lots of reactivity to choices.
Most important, the queen calls MC “my pet”, I’m sucker for shit like that.

My personal gripe about this is the portraits, would have preferred if they were in style of title card(or whatever the main picture is called.).