More "World of Darkness" Games!

Choice of Games, in partnership with World of Darkness and Paradox Interactive, today announced that they would produce ten more interactive novels set in the World of Darkness shared story universe through 2027.

Choice of Games’ interactive novels have received critical and popular acclaim, with Vampire: The Masquerade — Sins of the Sires standing as a finalist for the Game Writing Award in the annual Nebula awards this weekend. Choice of Games and World of Darkness congratulate Natalia Theodoridou on this achievement.

Choice of Games’ next two upcoming titles in the World of Darkness, Werewolf: The Apocalypse — The Book of Hungry Names and Hunter: The Reckoning — Beast of Glenkildove are now available to wishlist on Steam.

Save the living earth with Rage and spirit! Awaken ancient mysteries, rebuild your fallen pack, and unleash your fearsome might to heal a shattered land.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — The Book of Hungry Names is an interactive novel set in the World of Darkness by Kyle Marquis, author of the 2020 smash hit Vampire: The Masquerade — Night Road. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

Shapeshifter. Mystic. Hero. Monster. You are a werewolf, and you are all these things. Werewolves are the living earth’s last guardians, created by Gaia, given the gift of shifting between human and wolf forms, and called to stop humanity from destroying the world.

Yet you have failed. Pollution chokes the cities and mad spirits rampage through the wild places. You swore to protect Gaia, but the werewolves turned on each other, slaughtered their allies, fell into despair or mad Rage.

You are one of the few who remember the oaths you swore to the living earth - which has made you an exile. But rather than surrender to despair, you have sworn to uncover the secrets of a defiled land and fight the Apocalypse. Stormcat, once the Spirit of a thriving community of werewolves, has called upon you to rebuild that shattered pack. In the savage woods and decaying cities of New England, you will forge your own legend.

Build Your Pack. Human and werewolf survivors haunt the woods and hide in the cities: find them to learn what happened and to rebuild the werewolf nation. But not all werewolves can be trusted: shun those wolves consumed by Rage, and pity those who have lost the Wolf and become empty shells.

Survive the Wilds. A desperate exile, shunned by those who have abandoned their oaths to Gaia, you’ll have to survive by your wits. A winter night can kill as surely as any monster: find shelter, seek allies among spirits and humans, and learn how far you’ll go to survive.

Unleash Your Rage. You are one of Gaia’s monsters, a living weapon, herald of vengeance and death. Now the Apocalypse is here: wield your Rage with savage cunning and keen discretion, or it will swallow you whole.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; befriend or romance werewolves and humans of all genders.
  • Shapeshift among five forms to slaughter your enemies, or outwit them to take what you need.
  • Choose your auspice (moon-sign) and your werewolf tribe to learn what sort of monster you are.
  • Claim your territory and heal the spirits there to unlock Gifts that let you summon animals, control the elements, or enter the spirit world.
  • Face mutated monsters and corrupt spirits in the dark woods and decaying factory towns of rural New England.

About Kyle Marquis

This is Kyle Marquis's eighth game with Choice of Games; his previous titles include the dieselpunk flying-ace game Empyrean, the time-traveling alternate-history Byzantine mystery Silverworld, and the apotheosis-seeking magical adventure Tower Behind the Moon.

Full moon. Cold night. Dark shadow. Warm gun. The Beast of Glenkildove has stalked Ireland for centuries. Now, you must hunt it.

Hunter: The Reckoning — The Beast of Glenkildove is an interactive novel by William Brown, set in the World of Darkness shared story universe. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination

Eight years ago, when you were eighteen, the Beast of Glenkildove killed one of your closest friends. You’ve never returned to Ireland since that day.

It’s difficult to remember what happened. As you’ll soon learn, the human mind blots out the traumatic memories of facing a werewolf.

Now, you must stalk that werewolf across the shadowed glens and fogbound mountains of Ireland, hunting a shapeshifting killing machine with your friends, your wits, and a shotgun.

But you and your friends are not alone. You have entered a world of Hunters, humans who dare to challenge the dominion of the monsters who rule over them. Can you trust the fanatics of the Society of Leopold, the scholars and savants of the Arcanum, the ruthless Duffy crime family, or the enigmatic biotech company Fada?

Can you even trust your oldest friends?

Redemption for some. Retribution for others. A reckoning for all.

  • Play as male, female, or nonbinary; befriend or romance humans and supernaturals of any gender
  • Kill, study, capture, document or negotiate with the creatures you hunt
  • Craft your own traps, gear, and weapons to take the Hunt to the enemy
  • Find camaraderie and romance with the only people in the world that you can trust to fight alongside you
  • Adopt and train your own wolfhound to assist you in the Hunt
  • Build and maintain your own safehouse at the Wolf’s Head Inn in the Wicklow Mountains

Become the thing that even nightmares fear.

About William Brown

William Brown was born in Ireland. He is the author of two previous Choice of Games titles: The Mysteries of Baroque, a Gothic horror story, and Cliffhanger: Challenger of Tomorrow, a pulp adventure yarn. He studied theology and Biblical studies at Trinity College Dublin, did a Master’s at Oxford University, and a PhD at Edinburgh University. He now teaches at a college in London.

About Choice of Games

Choice of Games LLC is dedicated to producing high-quality, text-based, multiple-choice games. Since 2009 they have produced over one hundred titles in-house, including Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Robots. Six of their recent titles have been nominated for the Nebula Award for Game Writing. They have also developed a simple scripting language for writing text-based games, ChoiceScript, which they make available to others for use in their projects, and they host games produced by other designers using ChoiceScript on their website. All of their games are available on the web at and on Steam. They also produce mobile versions of their games that can be played on iPhones, Android phones, and other smartphones.

About Paradox Interactive

The Paradox Interactive group includes development, publishing, and licensing of games and brands, consisting of a portfolio of more than 100 titles created both internally and by independent studios. Paradox owns an array of award-winning and top-selling brands including Cities: Skylines, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, Age of Wonders, and many more games available on PC and console platforms. Paradox is the owner of the World of Darkness IPs and is publishing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 on PC and consoles soon.

From the company’s start in 2004, Paradox has published its games worldwide, with top markets including the USA, UK, China, Germany, France, and Russia. Today, over four million gamers play a Paradox game each month with a global community reaching over ten million registered Paradox users.

Paradox Interactive AB (publ)’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North Premier under ticker PDX. FNCA Sweden AB is the company’s Certified Adviser. For more information, please visit


Fantastic news – can’t wait to read these! Always great to see some of my favorite authors unleashed on the WoD. :slight_smile:


Absolutely amazing - congratulations to the authors and I’ll be thrilled to get into these once they’re out! I’m certain they’ll be a howlingly good time! (I can’t think of a suitable Hunter pun… but I was wondering if there would be a Hunter game at some point and I’m very excited for it!)


Ten more games! Wow! What a bountiful gift! If they’re even only half as good as the four games we already have, we’re in for a treat.

I’ve hoped for a long time that this would happen, and this announcement goes beyond even my wildest dreams. I don’t know whether to congratulate you on an agreement that promises to bring both commercial and critical success or thank you for the hours of enjoyment I have to look forward to - so, congratulations and thank you!


I literally missed the ten games part because I was excited about the two that have been announced! What an amazing treat, and fantastic news for the next four years!


Woohoo! Let’s goooooo!


As an avid fan and player of both Paradox and CoG, i have to say that this news is music to my ears and something to give me reasons to go to work! Hehe xD


Yay Werewolf’s and Hunter’s games

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I was hoping for more WoD stories but I could never have expected ten! I’m so excited! And glad to see Kyle Marquis returning given how much I loved Night Road. I’m also happy that Hunter won’t miss its chance to shine :heart:


HOLY CRAP, this is AMAZING news!!! Congrats! :tada:


Very exciting! I am hopeful that we will get Mage or Changeling as one of the games, as I think CoG authors could do really interesting things with them.


I have to say it’s been such a pleasure to watch Book of Hungry Names develop, from the moment of its inception (when we saw a spooky, overgrown house near the bike path that looked abandoned, but showed signs of current residence and we immediately started talking about how a werewolf obviously lives there) through all kinds of conceptual work to align the game with the latest WoD Werewolf rulebook, starting to see some portraits rolling in, and now finally the announcement!

It’s all so exciting. I’m already in love with this game and I think you’re all in for a real treat! I can’t wait to see how the beta goes.


I knew based on yesterday’s post that CoG clearly was happy about the collaboration. Glad to know the Paradox folks clearly are too. And with that many games, I suspect direct sequels to some of the VtM titles are a given.


I liked Night Road, nice to see more vtm games. :+1: Werewolf looks interesting too.


This is so cool! Congratulations!



Damn I’d kill to play these demos…

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Night Road was really good but I hope they eventually give a Werewolf: The Apocalypse game to Jeffrey Dean. His Parliament of Knives was my favorite out of the the Vampire batch.


Oh good. I hope at least a couple of the ten incoming are Wraith games.


Me too. Faithfully recreating the Underworld and the Dark Kingdoms would be extremely difficult in a videogame unless it’s text based.