World of Darkness Interactive Fiction


I just stumbled upon this article that there’s been two interactive fiction games set in the World of Darkness. As an avid roleplayer, who’s played far, far too much World of Darkness games I’m curious. I was wondering if anyone had played them.


I haven’t, but I’ve been hesitant to since apparently one of the writers has a reputation for harassing people.


Oh! I’m so sorry. I didn’t even know who wrote them. Which of the writers? Do you have links?



Yeah, that.

I’m thinking about getting the Mage game on mobile, since that way I can buy it separately and I am already a huge fan of WoD, but I’m going to have to avoid the Vampire one.

A shame, since Vampire is one of my favorite settings.


Thanks for bringing it up. I definitely won’t purchase the Vampire game. Mage was my favourite of the Old WoD games anyway. I got burned out on vampire when it was all people I knew would ever play.

One of the things I did enjoy about White Wolf, (I know it’s not them anymore) and their books was their inclusivity. They did, admittedly fail so many times on race issues. But their books were the first explicitly LGB inclusive roleplay books I’d played way back in the 90s. (I AM SO OLD) I also seem to recall they’d switch from male to female pronouns in describing characters, as opposed to using he all the time.


Sorry to be that one person that wouldn’t shut up about Vampire :grimacing:

Yeah, when I started getting into OWoD, I couldn’t stop cringing at some of the clans and groups. I’m not a fan of the NWoD, but I’m glad they seem to have gotten rid of a lot of the really offensive stuff from the 90s.


Heh! It’s okay! I had a Vampire phase too! Hopefully they’ll release some more games that are written by other authors.

I do rather enjoy new changeling.


I love the vampire settings but Hate werewolves wraith and mage. Like most weren’t translated or sell in Spain I am not knowledgeable about it like all of you. I am more a Sabbath player than a Masquerade. That story doesn’t seem something I will enjoy. Sad They won’t make an interactive real experience. Or another Maskerade game lol . I am tempted to play again blood lines… Maybe a Brujah or noferatu the clans I never played like.


Nosferatu get some hilarious flavor text in the game, if I remember right.


I have both of them. They are okay but the mage one end very abruptly and is not worth the 6,99 I paid.

The vampire one is okay too but its hard not to die and there is a lot of railroading. I found that except for some very important actions my choices didnt matter as much as they wanted us to believe. The MC also seem to switch between a relatively empathetic person to absolute trash at random points. Understandable because the character is a new vampire but at some point its pretty ridiculous like feeling distgusted by a friend drinking rat blood but remaining almost entirely unaffected when someone we know torture an old woman before ripping her head off. They even go as far as railroading a sort of romance with said psycho for some reasons.

Basicaly they are okayyyy but I wouldnt recomend them. The aesthetic is VERY nice but thats about it.


Yeah, you’re totally a Sabbat player, Mara. Actually, I’d have thought you Settite, with their cultish charm, hypnotising gaze and their flair for poison.


Nosferatu fight with tremere as my favorite clan to be honest. I’m usualy a mage but I love my sassy nosferatu burglar.

And now I feel like playing again…


@Cyanide Thanks!

Wow that’s expensive, especially for something so short. I’ll definitely steer well clear from them, I think.

Besides if I want my Vampire fix I can always play Choice of the Vampire again. :slight_smile:


Yeah, you and @Sammysam got me thinking about reinstalling Bloodlines now…

Personally, I love playing as a Gangrel, Malkavian, and Tremere. Though personality quizzes and the UP/Camarilla Edition tell me that my heart is a Toreador. I think it’s because I’m a ditz and I love various things.

I’d put @FairyGodfeather as a Toreador, since they always seem so nice and charming and whatnot.


Nah I am a La sombra I love their weird Aesthetics and Sober Dandy ways. They are the twisted Ventrue. I don’t like Thimize . But I mostly played Maskerade because most players want to play as that So Mostly Toreador and Ventrue with few hilarius Malakabian Maras


Called it.

But yeah, Tremere and Nosferatu are in my top three list, but the Malks are my unbeatable faves in Bloodlines.


Is so sad the online never happened Imagine all us In a Online clan of Cog players !! We could have being invincibles.


I mourn that MMO daily. I’m still hopeful that someone will make it.


I would be like there hide under all of you in fights and use mesmericing powers Because I am the all for dialogue and out of combat specialist. Thankfully buffs are useful


Ah, Bloodlines…it has fantastic ideas, but the gameplay itself is hideously clunky. I still love it but I just can’t bring myself to play it anymore. Had a lot of fun playing a Malkavian, though.


What stuff did you find offensive about OWoD?