New Author Interview! Jeffrey Dean, "Vampire: The Masquerade—Parliament of Knives"


Omg the Werewolves guy?! Yaaaas, this is gonna be good!

When we were discussing pitches, I immediately gravitated to ideas more focused on a high-born vampire who would be brought low by a series of events and be given the choice of how to shape the future of the city’s Camarilla.

Oooh, drama…

I was surprised by this one, but the Nosferatu Primogen, Michel Bouchard, was a joy to write. He’s a vulgar, irascible monster who has no hang ups about killing whoever he needs to as long as it gets him what he wants. But if you ally with him, you’ll find in the latter half of the story that he’s a more complicated and vulnerable creature than he lets on. For whatever reason, he just sprung onto the page whenever I was writing him like he knew what he was doing before I typed it.

Can’t wait to meet him, we’re gonna be besties :hugs:


Can’t wait to play a ventrue here. I’m a bit sad that malk’ aren’t in the game but I can understand why writing a malk pc would be difficult. Best to have his own game and story.


I’ve been giving very serious consideration to adding a Malk MC to the game, but that’s far from a done deal, and editorial is (understandably) quite sensitive to the topic of mental illness which is inextricably linked to the Children of Malkav. Also worth noting that the most obvious of the two romancable characters is a Malk.

Unlike Night Road, Parliament of Knives is very difficult to add new clans into due to the inherent political nature of the plot and the fact that the MC’s sire is Seneschal. The reasons this is so difficult will be very apparent to players once they get a few chapters in. I honestly think that once most readers dig in, they’ll realize there’s no lack of variance despite the clan selection.

Rest assured that the clans and their abilities are well fleshed out. For example: beta testers loved the Nosferatu MC’s familiar (a pet rat that you can name and gender.)

The branching in this thing is out of this world complex, and it’s completely legitimate to say that you need at least 3 or 4 playthroughs to really discover everything at play if you want to delve into all aspects of the courtly intrigue. An average playthrough sees less than 20% of the content and is still the size of a full-length novel. For a sense of scale, Werewolves: Haven Rising was 280 thousand words. Parliament of Knives is over 600 thousand. I’m exhausted!

That’s me! I’m the Werewolves guy! :sweat_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sunglasses:


I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for forever! A real politics focused game, where intrigue and backstabbing and backroom deals are the real focus. Definite purchase from me, so excited!


Is there a potential for DLC clans like in Night Road?

I thought so. The game and premise seem very interesting but I had this impression that adding malk’ would be difficult.

I think it would be better to create a game FOR a Malkavian. And not letting a choice on their madness (you’re best pal is a imaginary friend, so is you’re nemesis, deal with it ^^)

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The answer is already in the text you quoted. Potential, but not a sure thing.

Trust me, there’s more than enough story variance in the game to keep people occupied for a ridiculous amount of time. Parliament of Knives isn’t Night Road. There are very important story reasons for why you can be certain clans. The courier in Night Road could be any clan because they were a drifter. In this game you’re practically royalty in a Court that is extremely picky about who is included and who isn’t.

Once people start playing the game, they’ll hopefully realize that it’s not so much about the clan choice as the alliance choices that change the course of the entire game.

I’ll level with you (and I haven’t even pitched this yet so it probably won’t see the light of day) but my entire Malk MC idea revolves around an imaginary friend that pops up all over the game.


Fractured Perspective : Afflicted by their lineage, Malkavians are cursed with at least one type of mental derangement. Depending on their history and the state of their mind at death, they may experience delusions, visions of terrible clarity, or something entirely different.

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FWIW I’ve mused about Lasombra, but it’d be impossible to be Corliss’s childe if so.

I have a question about the linked article. It says you can play the first three chapters for free already, yet the link takes me to the Steam store page, rather than any demo. Is something wrong with the link or am I misinterpreting something? :thinking:

I’m pretty stoked about the game btw, vampire politics seem like an interesting concept


The demo was only available until the 7th of October.

No you can still download the demo.

On the right, it says Download Demo.


Could be fun to romance your imaginary friend ^^

I didn’t see the date. Just for my birthday (well… one day later but…)

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Lasombra could technically work, but it would require a lot of finesse, alternate dialogue, and cutting off a few routes. (Unless the MC didn’t know they were Lasombra and had latent Oblivion talents that they discover during the game as they realize nothing is what it seems… hmmm… That would be a lot of work, though, lol) Lasombra and Malk are the only clans that I’ve been able to imagine fitting in, really.


Better to have a deep, reactive story with only a few clans than making story concessions for the sake of fitting them all in, I think.

And besides, Ventrue are the best anyway.


Malk are best… Second (by few) by the Ventrue, I agree. Those are both my favorit clan (just a tad preference for the malkavian)

Ventrue and Malkavians have been close allies since the nights of Rome.

Don’t forget Toreadors because they are once part of the coalition that wiped out the carthage along with the baali

I know the three VtM games are meant to stand alone, but where does “Parliament of Knives” fit into the overall chronology compared to the other two? I’m pretty sure someone told me that “Out for Blood” takes place before “Night Road.”