Coming Soon: Lasombra and Malkavian Clans in "Vampire: The Masquerade—Parliament of Knives"

Coming on September 22nd, we are proud to announce Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives — What Stares Back adds the option to play as clan Malkavian or Lasombra, and 160,000 words of new story content. Unravel the mysteries of Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives from a fresh perspective, opening pathways and relationships once forbidden. Master the stygian Abyss with new options and abilities.

You can wishlist What Stares Back today, on Steam. Even if you intend to buy it on another platform, wishlisting really helps us out!

Discover the secrets of Primogen Ophelia and the powerful Magister diplomat Michalis Basaras. Explore a new relationship with Lucca, your mistress’s estranged childe, or feed the unbridled passion for bloodlust of the Banu Haqim Anarch, Sevinc.

Clan Malkavian: A Hallucinatory Accomplice

It has been said that a Malkavian is never truly alone—their visions and prophesy are a constant companion—but in your case, the concept of solitude has lost all meaning. An accomplice stalks your footsteps, often out of sight but never far away. It clouds your mind with fractured perception and insight, but not always in equal parts.

  • As a vampire of clan Malkavian, an eternal companion accompanies you. None but you can see it or hear its words of wisdom and delusion.
  • The unseen companion is yours to interpret as you see fit—name, gender, appearance, and demeanor.
  • Others too are afflicted by Malkav’s gifts. Your sire Eden Corliss and her childe Lucca are each changed in unique ways, with new twists waiting to be discovered.

Clan Lasombra: A Keeper of Shadows

Clan Lasombra has ruled from the shadows for centuries, leaders among the savage packs of Sabbat vampires at constant odds with the Camarilla and their Masquerade. Until recent nights, that is. The Lasombra have chosen to meet the constant threat of the Second Inquisition by joining with the Camarilla, but old grudges are not easily forgiven.

  • Control the otherworldly forces of Oblivion as a vampire of clan Lasombra.
  • Hide in plain sight or emerge from the shadows. Many in the Council believe that you and your sire belong to clan Ventrue. A necessary deception. But now that the Lasombra are integrating with the Camarilla, is it time to reveal your true nature at last?

FINALLY, ive been waiting so long for this. Didnt Jim Datto(?) From Zombie Safe Haven help write this project too?

If he did, im even more so looking forward to being able to use arguable 2 of the most fun Bloodlines in VtM/VtR


Super pumped for this, Parliament of Knives rocks.


I like LSombra, I’ve never been able to play as a Mal Kavion before, so it should be interesting. Also yay, new romance options. That’s always fun. :slight_smile:


Jim wrote Out For Blood; I wrote Parliament of Knives and What Stares Back. :sweat_smile: :sunglasses: I’m also the author of Werewolves: Haven Rising and Pack Mentality.


Yes! Not Jim, but you. Now i remember. It was in one of the threads that involve one of the werewolf titles. We mentioned if you were thinking about writing a third. Which you confirmed, but said it would be after you had finished this project.

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I suppose both are the clans as V5 powers main clan and not their anti tribu countrapart. Or are pre v5 powers?

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Whoa, a Lasombra?? OMG this seems great! Finally we’ll get to know what the hell they’re doing there and why they’re plotting against Qui?


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All V:tM games published by CoG follow the v5 rules and sourcebook material aside from some very minor liberties we were allowed.

To be more direct: Yes, they use their normal v5 clan powers. Also, v5 doesn’t entirely recognize antitribu, as the Sabbat have been changed to not recognize clan. That wasn’t really my call–I’m working within the framework I’ve been given.


I know but I wanted to clarify as in several fan forums and groups some decisions are questioned. I wanted to address it here to not seen any heated debate about was is or not main anti tribu and Sabbat.

Myself I believe Cog and loremasters are doing the correct thing lorewise.

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Is the Lucca romance going to be only available to Malkavians?

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No. The Lucca romance is available no matter what clan you play.


The new Lucca content involves over a dozen new scenes, most of which can be read as both her ally or prospective romantic partner of any clan or gender. There are a few scenes from chapter 8-onward that are locked to her romance arc only, also available to players of any clan.


First, is Luca going to be clan locked to whatever clan you choose? As considering she rather dislikes the whole Lasombra thing, it’ll be a bit odd if she her self is lasombra, then again with all the stuff going on with them at I might actually make sense.
Secondly, are we ever going to be able to use blood sorcery? Mostly I’m asking because blood sorcery is my favourite discipline, but also I can think of a few ways you might be able to get it, like depending on how you do with the whole Termeer Civil War thing, granted I have not been able to figure out how to get into that yet so.

Wooo! Can play as Malkavian! If I throw money really hard at my screen can I buy and play it early?

You might have gotten them confused because Jeffrey Dean and Jim Dattilo, in addition to having the same initials, have both spent much of their time this year working on expansions to their VtM games. The new Out for Blood content doesn’t have a release date yet, but it will add several new features to the game, including True Faith. It’s going to be a free update, added automatically for everyone who already owns the game.

Yes, Lucca is the childe of your sire, so both she and Corliss are necessarily of the same clan you are. I think you’ll enjoy seeing how Lasombra Lucca works out. :slight_smile:


This sounds pretty cool. I remember really liking my first run of the game and thinking I would be able to romance Lucca. I’m glad we are gonna be able to now!


Definitely glad it was written in I had always hoped for a Lucca romance update I mean…not like that’s the only feature I’m excited about!


At first I was really excited to be able to play choice of games that take place in the vampire universe The masquerade. ,Especially because the authors that were announced at the time were the same ones who wrote some of my favorite choice of game and hosted games.

But since then I’ve only been disappointed. Even though they are authors that I like, their writing seems very different and much less creative than they were in their own games.I didn’t believe they were the same people.

The worst thing is that every vampire cog I’ve played so far I’ve had a feeling like “dude, it looks like something’s missing here”
Then some time later and I see that they released a DLC and I understand why I felt that way.

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Both Night Road and Parliament of Knives are among my favorite CoGs so I can’t say I agree with what you said about the authors not being creative. On the contrary, I think these games are among their best. I’m a big Vampire the Masquerade and WoD fan and like you, I was very excited for these games.I was not disappointed, they exceeded my expectations. Also, I don’t think any of them were incomplete without the DLCs. You don’t play an incomplete game just because you have one less romance option and can’t play a few clans. These DLC are for extra content.

By the way I’m really glad to see this announcement. It’ll be great to play as a magister and I can’t wait to see the extra content :grinning: