Out now! "Vampire: The Masquerade—Parliament of Knives—What Stares Back"

Choice of Games is proud to announce new content for Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives is now available for Steam, Android, and on iOS in the “Choice of Games” app. Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives — What Stares Back adds the option to play as clan Malkavian or Lasombra, and 160,000 words of new story content. Unravel the mysteries of Vampire: The Masquerade — Parliament of Knives from a fresh perspective, opening pathways and relationships once forbidden. Master the stygian Abyss with new options and abilities. Discover the secrets of Primogen Ophelia and the powerful Magister diplomat Michalis Basaras. Explore a new relationship with Lucca, your mistress’s estranged childe, or feed the unbridled passion for bloodlust of the Banu Haqim Anarch, Sevinc.

Clan Malkavian: A Hallucinatory Accomplice

It has been said that a Malkavian is never truly alone—their visions and prophesy are a constant companion—but in your case, the concept of solitude has lost all meaning. An accomplice stalks your footsteps, often out of sight but never far away. It clouds your mind with fractured perception and insight, but not always in equal parts.

  • As a vampire of clan Malkavian, an eternal companion accompanies you. None but you can see it or hear its words of wisdom and delusion.
  • The unseen companion is yours to interpret as you see fit—name, gender, appearance, and demeanor.
  • Others too are afflicted by Malkav's gifts. Your sire Eden Corliss and her childe Lucca are each changed in unique ways, with new twists waiting to be discovered.
Clan Lasombra: A Keeper of Shadows

Clan Lasombra has ruled from the shadows for centuries, leaders among the savage packs of Sabbat vampires at constant odds with the Camarilla and their Masquerade. Until recent nights, that is. The Lasombra have chosen to meet the constant threat of the Second Inquisition by joining with the Camarilla, but old grudges are not easily forgiven.

  • Control the otherworldly forces of Oblivion as a vampire of clan Lasombra.
  • Hide in plain sight or emerge from the shadows. Many in the Council believe that you and your sire belong to clan Ventrue. A necessary deception. But now that the Lasombra are integrating with the Camarilla, is it time to reveal your true nature at last?

the plot thickens


I wanted to give a quick thank you to two of our beta testers who went way above and beyond the call of duty:
Thank you to Aletheia and Eiwynn!

Of course I also have to thank the magnificent Amy Wilkins for her beautiful new portrait artwork and my editor Jason for putting up with me every step of the way!



And the story continues

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You’re very welcome, and thank you for being super cool to work with and, most of all, for creating this wonderful story. It was a true pleasure to have even a tiny part in getting this new content ready for release, and I’m excited to see what readers have to say as they discover whole new dimensions within the game.


Nevermind i found it the app just didn’t update yet. Thank you for adding in the Storyteller Mode for free. It’s a thing that I wish more games here had.


Here’s a heads-up: when you play as a Malkavian and your imaginary friend asks where in the world you’d like to travel if you had the chance, tell them you’d like to go to Europe. They’ve heard tales of how poorly a certain Prince is managing things in his domain


Anyone know if there are any plans for more Vampire: The Masquerade choice games in future, or have any other titles been announced?


Doubtful. With the state the Bloodlines 2 is in i doubt paradox will bother with more licensing.


Nothing has been announced.

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Is it just me or does the game freeze after selecting a profession as lasombra

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Has this happened more than once?

Restarted a couple times but will try a different profession now

If you’ve restarted a couple of times and it’s still happening, I suggest you contact support@choiceofgames.com and let them know what happened in as much detail as you can.

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Just finished my first playthrough with the new content and loved it! I played as a Malkavian and had an awesome time. I think the Malkavian curse was handled really well, in both the mc and in Lucca, avoiding problems with making unreliable narration while staying true to the Clan’s bane. Sorry to go off on a bit of a tangent, but it reminded me of how during one of my more productive periods I was writing a piece that had a Malkavian protagonist and he had a similar manifestation of the clan curse. There was a scene where one character is surprised by how lucid he seems and he replied along the lines that he was perfectly sane, it was is his hallucinations that were crazy which was taken as a joke when he was being perfectly serious. Reading the new update reminded me of that and made me smile, so thanks!

I tried a new path this time and was pleased with how it turned out, I learned some new things while missing others I found on previous play throughs, showing off the great variation. I’ll have to try a Lasombra next, because I think that’ll be fascinating too. Thanks for an awesome read, it was really enjoyable and made a rough time a bit better for me.


Well the IP is free now, so technically anyone can make a VtM game since it is according to their terms. But I don’t know the details tho.


Aaaaaaa I’m so jealous of you right now (in a good way)!

This seems awesome I can’t wait wait to play it :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

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It is awesome! I hope you get to play it soon too because it’s really well written! I loved how Lucca’s form of the Malkavian curse was a callback to traditional vampire folklore, with her having a sort of a arithomomania.

I like these little easter eggs about other games that you guys have here lmao

Anyway f*ck Peisestratos and his misogynistic court

Edit: unless this is about Mithras. In this case, f*ck him too, the spoiled jerk


Really loved the game, so I’m pretty happy to return.

One question (or two,actually)

Discover the secrets of Primogen Ophelia and the powerful Magister diplomat Michalis Basaras. Explore a new relationship with Lucca, your mistress’s estranged childe, or feed the unbridled passion for bloodlust of the Banu Haqim Anarch, Sevinc.

Does this mean there is more content beyond new Clans? And does it have a new ROs? (Please tell me there are new RO’s :face_with_spiral_eyes:)