Pending New Games


The problems preventing us from releasing more Hosted Games has been resolved. (Here’s to hoping I’m not eating my shoes tomorrow!) Thus, here’s a list of games we’ll be releasing.

Dilemma: a moral fable.
Zebulon: a space adventure, previously recognized by JayIsGames.
Mobile Armored Marine: Mission to Far Hope: a space marine game, where you investigate a planet that has fallen strangely silent.
Apex Patrol: By Allen Gies, author of Marine Raider, comes an intergalactic adventure!
Dead Already: another title by Kie Brooks, where you investigate your own demise.
Zombie Exodus: a zombiepocalypse adventure.
The Race: a round-the-world race.
Wizard’s Choice: Written by Sam Landstrom, this title is already available on Android, but Sam contracted with us to convert it to ChoiceScript and publish it to iOS.

Am I missing anything?


Yes. I really enjoy user-contributed games!
Here’s to hoping that it works.


If Jason doesn’t have to eat footwear tomorrow, then congratulations to everyone who has worked on those.

Although I didn’t know that Zombie Exodus is ready for release already.


Parts 1 and 2 are going into the first release for Zombie Exodus. Part 3 will be released in the future as an update.


Very cool! Can’t wait.


Does anyone here mind posting the links to the discussions or games if released to ALL of those except Zombie Exodus since I know where that already is in?



Zebulon is at

It was entered in a contest, wait for the intro to load.


when you gonna release them?


Where do u find the mobile armored marine and apex patrol. Where r the links I mean?


Wow, didn’t realize that there were so many just waiting to be released.


When is the estimated time of release for the games?


Dilemma is now live on the Android Market. Once Apple releases it, we’ll move on to the next one.


Will it ever be possible to play any of these games on the CoG website, or is CoG now moving towards a purely app-store based model?

I ask this because I don’t have a smartphone, tablet or kindle, so I won’t be able to play any of these games unless they appear on something compatible with a PC.


Are you going down the list or is it possible that zombie exodus will come out sooner?


No, all of our games will be released on the website. There may be delays of 3 or six months with some games, and none of these will be delayed, but eventually everything will be on the web.


When will these games be up?


Its been a while since the last game release looking forward to it.


Dilemma has been released. Zebulon will be submitted to Apple imminently.

Additionally, because of potential overlap with Choice of Zombies, Zombie Exodus has been taken out of the queue and submitted to Apple already. It’s publication will not affect the publication of the other HGs.


sweet mother of god, PLAY ALL GAMES!!