My Zombie Games (JimD)

I wanted to address some questions and comments I’ve been seeing about my current projects. As some of you may have noticed, I’m currently working on three zombie-themed games simultaneously. I recently came across a humorous comment on social media asking, “Is this guy writing another zombie game?” After seeing that, I realized I should clarify the status and reasoning behind each project.

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven, Part 4 - This is my primary focus at the moment. I’m dedicating a significant amount of time to this project, writing between 20,000 and 25,000 words per month. My goal is to complete Part 4 by the end of this year and submit it to Hosted Games early next year.

Deadbury Academy - Unfortunately, this project is currently on hold. Mia and I have determined that we need to rewrite portions of the first chapter. To avoid giving false expectations to our readers and to allocate our time effectively, we have decided to pause development on this game for the time being.

Zombie Exodus: Stronghold - This is my second priority project. I originally wrote this game last year for another company called StoryLoom. However, they have since gone out of business. When that happened, I approached Hosted Games and asked if I could publish it with them instead. They agreed, and I am now in the process of converting the game to Choicescript.

Since StoryLoom had a very simple, linear format, I am taking this opportunity to expand Zombie Exodus: Stronghold by adding more character customization options, alternate paths, and other enhancements. Keep an eye out for a public beta test, which I will be posting soon.

I hope this clears up any confusion about my current projects and their status. Thank you for your continued support and interest in my work!


As a fan of Stronghold when it was on StoryLoom, I’m excited to see it make the transition to Hosted Games!


I never seen Stronghold but it’s probably similar to your current game of that series

I’m not fmailiar with Stronghold, any chance you (or @AletheiaKnights , since she apparently was) could give us the lowdown on the major differences between it and Safe Haven?


Stronghold is a separate game that takes place in the Zombie Exodus universe and revolves around a different PC and set of characters. The titular “Stronghold” is a fortification where those rich enough to buy space (or lucky enough to find employment) can live in comfort while the zombie apocalypse rages outside its walls. The PC has a professional specialization that has landed them a place in Stronghold as a worker (my character was a medical researcher). Early on, the PC goes to check out an anomaly in a maintenance tunnel and is attacked by zombies there and bitten by one. They spend the rest of the game trying to get themself and their friends to safety and unraveling the secrets of Stronghold while trying not to turn into a zombie.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Aletheia was fairly spot-on (thanks, @AletheiaKnights ).

Here is the semi-official description:

It's been a year since the world fell victim to the zombie outbreak, and you've managed to survive within the imposing walls of Stronghold, a fortress built for the privileged and the wealthy. But today, everything changes. A sudden breach in the fortress's defenses allows the undead to swarm in, unleashing chaos within the compound. Now, it's a fight for survival, for you and your friends. The task is clear - escape the fortress, outrun the growing horde, and avoid the deadly bite of the virus.

This is definitely different than the other games, because your character is bitten by a zombie. So, it’s a race against the clock while also trying to save your friends/coworkers. There are also side stories along the way.

Building a character will be simpler than Safe Haven, but there will be many similarities in skills. I also intend to have a number of ROs. Due to the fast pace of the game, the relationships will be different than you experience in other games.

I am hoping to have the first chapter (about 10k) posted tomorrow.


I love it…Your Ambition is freaking amazing honestly. I’m excited about the ZE-Stronghold!!


Stronghold did really well on StoryLoom–I’m excited to see you developing it as a Hosted Game, @JimD!