A question about Zombie Exodus


I’ve been a lurker here for many months, and I think this might be my first post. I hope this is the right place to post this.
I just finished Safe Haven and oh my god, just like the original game, its a bargain at three times the price. By the time I discovered Choice of Games and Hosted Games, the original Zombie Exodus game had already been completely written. I was wondering if anyone here that was around at the time it was being written, remembered how long it took for each part to be written and come out?
Im not asking when the next book on Safe Haven will release, but Im curious how long it took for the original to release its parts. In my mind, Im imagining that I will be playing this game in pieces for the next 3-4 years lol.


Welcome to the forums, best place to ask any and all questions ZE, ZE:SH is over here: Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- Final Beta Closed

Lots of freindly folks and mayhaps might even get a responce from the author.


Oh I see. Thank you very much for the help.