Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven Part One - Let's Play on YouTube!

I enjoyed Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven even more then I enjoyed the original Zombie Exodus I believe. The writing is very well done, the action and situations I experienced while I read the adventure aloud in livestreams was a ton of fun and pretty intense!

You can listen to and watch my recorded livestreams right here on my YouTube channel…

Please be sure you post here and let me know how you enjoyed watching and/or listening to my videos and also how much YOU enjoyed Jim Dattilo’s most recent zombie adventure!

Great work Jim! I can’t wait for part two now… Awesome stuff!


Just for the record, Zombie Exodus is a Hosted game. Please categorize your thread(s) properly :expressionless:


Also, do you have official permission for posting let’s play’s on youtube from the big boss now?

I suppose you can due there was a post with links to a walkthroughs before. Also is good publicity.

@poison_mara They had a bit of a discussion about that topic with Jason about it last time they dropped by. That’s where the point of needing to have official permission came up.

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@Cecilia_Rosewood - he’s making money off that you tube vid?

Well, even if he isn’t, youtube is, (by their advertisements), so it sounds like it’s a bit of a complicated issue :sweat_smile: I don’t know anything about the legal/money side of things though. Just that it seemed to bother Jason last time. :neutral_face:


@ Cecilia and Eiwynn…

While I have these videos monetized, like every video game and visual novel I read and put on my youtube channel, I can say that I’ve not even made enough money through my monetization to pay for the first Zombie Exodus I purchased on Steam with all 26 videos I’ve made and uploaded at this point.

I would dare to guess that my videos have helped sell a lot more copies of these novel adventures and are great publicity as well. Several other youtubers started to read Zombie Exodus as well, but none even got close to finishing even a single adventure or play-though.

I never saw anyone state that I cannot upload or monetize such videos, but I’d certainly remove them or be willing to comply with requirements/rules if needed. I can honestly say that I’m not reading these adventures and uploading videos in an attempt to make money, but much more to show them off and how good a well-written text game can be. I’ve now read, edited, and uploaded more then 30 hours of content from Zombie Exodus and Zombie Exodus Safe Haven to my channel. Choice of Games and/or the author are free to claim the monetization on my videos, or like I said…if I am told this goes against your terms or rules… I would comply with taking them down if need be without dispute. …I can’t say that I’d agree with it being a wise decision on the part of Choice of Games, but I am willing to comply or allow them to claim ALL of my monetization on all the Zombie Exodus videos I have made. I would just hope the “big boss” would let me know, here or in a private message here what I need to do to “comply”. :slight_smile:


The legal stuff is above my pay grade - I just wasn’t aware you could do something like that. I’ve sen You Tube ads and I know some people get paid by companies to advertise their stuff

idk - like you said, it is best to just shoot a PM to whoever and go forward from there.

Jason dislikes the forum messaging system, so it’s probably more something for e-mail. Pretty sure he’ll show up when tagged though.

@jasonstevanhill What is your current view on this? The earlier messages I linked to are pretty old already.

I’d suggest emailing the support AT choiceofgames email address instead of just Jason. I’m sure the whole choice of games team will discuss this.


Personally, I approve and appreciate Zaxtor’s videos. He has my permission, though Hosted Games may have a different (and more legally minded) opinion.


What do most other games companies do? Do they have actual policies about Let’s Play videos or is it just a turn a blind eye to it? What about books?

Depends on the company. Most game companies (eg Bethesda) encourage them as a way to drive sales but some (eg Nintendo) are super strict and file violations asap .

Most non-supportive is the music industry - they have people looking to file violation reports daily.

Books, I never seen You ube vids on books… idk.


Do you have any links to actual official policies? I’m curious to read. (I’d go looking myself but I’ve to run off to the doctors and I know if I start down that rabbit hole I will not leave on time.)

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I might be able to find some but I am a You Tube noob so I don’t have anything on hand.

Arghh I just found http://letsplaylist.wikia.com/wiki/"Let's_Play"-friendly_developers_Wiki and cannot read must leave to go to appointment or will be late

And the reddit thread to go with it. https://www.reddit.com/r/Games/comments/1egayn/lets_build_a_list_of_game_studios_that_allow/

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go. we will be here when you get back.


It looks like from that link:[quote] Winter Wolves Library YES None reddit [/quote]

is the closest publisher on that list to a CoG type of publisher.

Paradox Interactive has a legal letter Legal Letter for authorization - this might be helpful too.

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I’m actually very fond of this sort of fandom and interactivity. That people can be so passionate about a game that they’ll make videos of it to share with others. That they’re willing to spend their time and energy devoted to something they love like this. I think it’s so much more of a sharing between fans, and brings them together.

I was never a big console gamer. I used to watch my sister play games though. I actually prefer watching games than watching movies. It just seems a bit more Interactive. And the let’s play videos do a little bit of that. It’s not the same.

I also liked what @Lglasser did with her let’s plays. It felt so very nice to have the choice of games community, writers and players and testers, just hanging out, chatting, and watching games be played.

I do love the community building aspects. I really liked reading the Club Floyd Let’s Play too.

And I like that the let’s plays allow people to get a glimpse of the games, maybe see if they want to play themselves, and create the story their own way.

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If you guys click the part 4 of Zombie Exodus Safe Haven which finished Part 1 of Safe haven with a 3+ hour long read, the link is right here… Move to exactly 3 hrs and 6 minutes (0 seconds) of my last video…There is NO SPOILER at that point…

If you listen to my last 5 minutes, I am already done at the 3 hrs, 6 minutes point to 3 hours and 11 minutes. I do nothing more then hype Jim Dattilo, both of his Zombie Exodus games, and I encourage people to go buy the game themselves to make their own choices and decisions to have alternate experiences. …That’s just one point, but I also hype the game and encourage people to go buy the game themselves at many points of my read-though.