Zombie Exodus


So even though this game has been out for awhile, I wanted to start a discussion about it, what did you think about the game, the characters, anything at all about it. This has to be one of my favorites from Hosted Games.


It’s massive, amazingly priced, has good replay ability, and the characters are all three dimensional.


@Samuel_H_Young what do you mean by three dimensional?


They have complex personalities


So you mean dynamic?




It was a amazing game, I really love it and played it dozens of times but unfortunatly fir me I still haven’t played the ending… Because I don’t have money to buy it (well I have but i’m saving it to buy a tv that doesn’t look 20 years old)


The fact it was a zombie game drew me in from the start. I was expecting a run-of-the-mill game like Choice of Zombies.
The sheer amount of effort put into the game and the people in it, it felt so amazing. I usually skip story to get to the action; Choice of Zombies was the first ever Zombie game to get me to slow down and understand the full story. I felt like I was actually there, the writing was so detailed that I could picture it out in my head with little effort in imagination. It feels like every choice you make actually does have an impact on the future; such as, (SPOILER AHEAD) go to the supply room and get fully stocked on weapons + go to the alcove to fend off the raiders = Candace dies. (END SPOILER)
I loved the game so much and I kept coming back to play more of the game. Sadly I still don’t know the story of the (SPOILER AGAIN) engineer on the fuel vessel. (END SPOILER)


Anybody know if u can have “the chosen” ending AND get to stay w mindy for the epilogue instead of her wandering off to start a new town or whatever?


I was half way into the forth part I think, when I stopped playing because it was 3AM, I was binge reading everything for 6 hours straight, and I was tired. I can’t bring myself to restart from the beginning of chapter 4 again because of the flawed save system these sorts of games have.

I do have to say that no one should avoid this game because it has cliche zombies in it. That was a grave mistake I made the first time. This game has the best characters, best suspense, best non-linearity in options, best relationships in any story I’ve read. I can’t stop thinking about Emma and I can’t stop thinking about whether I should have made the moves on Heather instead of Mindy.