Choice Of Zombie: Impressions


First, I’ll leave my stats.

You finished the game with the following scores:
Medical: 80
Engineering: 64
Athletics: 68
Hand to hand: 74
Firearms: 57
Reflexes: 80

You managed to kill 53 zombies.

You managed to get the following people to safety:

About the game itself I have to say that I found it really short and extremely easy. I doubt I’m the ultimate zombie survivor, ha-ha, so I blame the game’s non-existent difficulty for the fact that I was never killed and manage to end swiftly more than once; meaning I probably did not get the best ending, but I got one of them. However, now that I ponder about it, I think I actually got the best ending, or at least I hope so! I always got the impression that I could save the George, the doom-seer of the church.

The story is not bad at all, though the characters could’ve been better and sometimes they felt a bit flat. Jennifer for example, she makes herself useful at the end of the epilogue, but she never feels like something more than the annoying and useless person that’s dragging your team to the pits of zombie hell.

There was never a moment when I realised: "Hey, maybe this choice is not right, OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE!” Which I believe is the worst flaw on a game of this genre.

Overall, I did enjoy it, but I don’t think I’ll be playing it again anytime soon. It makes you feel fulfilment instantly, and I don’t know if that’s a good thing.

In the zombie genre of games using this format, I’m sure to say that there’s a game that honestly did a better job and it is Zombie Exodus.



You can save Chris/Lisa. Go over to them instead of running.


(I know everyone’s prolly sick of hearing me, but…) I agree with the idea of having a not so linear storyline. I would have been nice to help further fortify the church or mall and not have to leave. Or even just have some variety on how it could be overrun.

And I just wanted to add that I’m just trying to give suggestions to improve a game I already love, I’m not trying to bash CoZ. I think, for a free game, you guys really did a great job. Thanks for making it!


I felt like the tone of this one was all over the place. One moment I was reading about “snowpocalpyse shovels” and the next trying to comfort a kid who’s family had been killed. I feel like the game can’t decide if it’s a parody of the Zombie genre or not.

I also didn’t like the way the “jerk” characters were written. They all came across as wacky and crazy rather than ordinary people trying to cope with the madness around them.

I realize some people may prefer a simpler, or funnier Zombie game, but “Zombie Exodus” is more my cup of tea.


I liked when zombies overwhelm u the option of trying to hold on to ur humanity and save that guy instead of eating him


Exodus > Choice of Zombies
Totally agree with all of you. To me, CoZ didn’t even feel like a Choice Of game.~


You finished the game with the following scores:
Medical: 80
Engineering: 64
Athletics: 68
Hand to hand: 68
Firearms: 71
Reflexes: 77

You managed to kill 66 zombies.

You managed to get the following people to safety:

Come at me zombies!


Haha! Does anyone remember how to rescue the different peeps?


COZ felt more like a usermade games if anything Zombie Exodus is WAYYYYYYYYY better


I felt like this game was aimed at a young crowd. There were complete kindergarten friendships in the game. It wasn’t a bad game. It was just very different from the rest Choice of Games.


It bothered me that there was no inventory of any kind. For me a key part of zombie survival stories is knowing the right equipment and weapons to bring. I felt like I kept using weapons once and then discarding them. I kept thinking “what happened to the shotgun I was carrying?” “why don’t I have the axe from the ferry anymore?”


Me too! I wish their was a way to get inventory… *set got_axe true anyone?


Keep in mind that I had already played through the part up until you rescue Lev/Lisa multiple times with the pre release version, so my expectations may be skewed somehow. I had hoped that would have been improved significantly with the full version considering that there really isn’t much to do in that part. But sadly it doesn’t really expand at all as you continue.

I don’t know if it’s technically true, but this feels like the least choicey of the Choice of Games games. It always felt like your choices didn’t much matter, and I think a big part of that is that I never really felt attached to the characters. Not even my own. The characters just don’t stand out at all to me, except maybe Lev. Justin is slightly annoying, but otherwise does nothing. Kayden is practically non-existent as a person. Michael and Carl are literally interchangeable as characters and both just basically exist to add internal conflict. All the other characters in the game serve only as temporary plot conveniences. Which is a shame, because some of them actually seemed like they might be interesting to get to know more about. All that is exacerbated by the sex swapping because it makes the already bland characters even blander.

This game is technically well executed, but I just found it really unengaging.


It’s kind of short but maybe the later parts will be better?


I quite liked CoZ, honestly. I played it about 5 different times until I survived. I hadn’t had any previous experience with the game, so I went into it completely spoiler-free.

I had quite a bit of fun playing this, though played it differently than other Choice of games, which I feel focus a little more on defining character. This was more like a puzzle with multiple solutions. I thought it was enjoyable.


So far this game seems like a sausage fest. I keep saying to myself: “why are none of the companion characters female?” But that might just be the choices that I have made. I haven’t played it much yet. The first time I turned into a zombie.


@Shparks The only choice that determines companion sex is your own sex.


So all of the characters are automatically the same gender as the player? That seems like an odd design choice. Why would you bother to do that? Why not just have the companion characters have a fixed gender regardless of whether the player is male or female? I can’t imagine it would impact the game in any way of Michael, Justin or Kayden were female.

I thought it was kind of odd that I had an all male supporting cast every time I played.


I found it odd that I found no romance options.
In a ‘Choice of’ game.


That didn’t bother me. I don’t think every game needs a romance element. It would seem a little bizarre for two people to meet and fall in love two days into a Zombie apocalypse.