Zombie Exodus, Part 4 feedback -- SPOILERS


For beta testing and general feedback, please use this thread.

In writing Part 4, I have some specific questions:

  1. Should there be more or less zombie-related scenes (i.e zombie fights)? Or is there just enough?
  2. Who is your favorite character? Who is your least favorite character?
  3. Do you want more or less moral choices, for example, should I steal or should I kill other survivors?
  4. Do you feel scenes are adequately described? Are there too many details, or not enough?
  5. Do you enjoy longer scenes (i.e. Fuel Run mission), or shorter scenes (River and Starr escort, trip with Heather to the woods, etc.)? Or a balance of both?



1: relatively more, since it is a zombie game, and if you make less it would seem as if it’s all calmed down.
2: my favourite character is bias to Crone, but other then him… Heather
2 1/2: Candace she’s stupid and useless. I don’t like that combination.
3: moral choices are everywhere, especially in a apocalypse. So more
4: I believe there is enough description
5: balance of both hands down, I enjoyed massively the fuel run, but I found myself clapping in anticipation as I went through the smaller missions. And it helps keep my attention :stuck_out_tongue:

And one small question… Why was ‘going forward’ closed???

  1. Depends on how you’re going to write part 5, if you have less zombie in these section, I’d take it as the calm before the storm and expect mass zombies in the next part which would make sense leading up to the Zombie Exodus. That said more zombies is always fun :}

  2. Favourite character Heather, I’m not romancing her but she she’s shown herself to be practical and pragmatic willing to do whatever she needs to survive. She seems realistic to how people would become in a Zombie apocalypse. I’m also loving River which seems to be me in a minority.

Least favourite, Emma. I know it’s like a big sub-plot part but her whole little girl ghost/hallucination/whatever it is thing, is just kind of annoying. (sorry!) I’m still not sure who she is a person other than my sister and mental ill, that’s kind of all there is to her. Although the same can be said for Uncle Lou. He’s kind of just there…

  1. More would be great, I adore the whole moral choice dilemmas. Although if you play as a high humanity character you lose a lot of those choices I’ve noticed. Like with Colin, you end up with only two choices of how to deal with him; leave him in the room, help him escape. You loose that moral choice of letting him live or not. I’d also love to see more of the results of those kind of decisions, like with the whole river and star part. Which was brilliantly done by the way.

  2. The description is perfect.

  3. I like a balance of both. I loved the time limit aspect of the Fuel run as well.


1 More
2 favorite mindy (She is useful and has good sense.) least favorite is candace as well (she has not mastered her fear.)
3 more
4 the detials are fine as is
5 balance


As zigzag said, uncle Lou is just… There… There should be more character building with him, because I like the idea of a big teddy bear of a guy, which is all I’ve gotten from his description… Candace is also a very small character, thus why I don’t like her, because all I know is she’s useless and not the brightest, I have no grip on her personality. I really hope to see Carl again soon


1 more over all
2 mindy is my favorite, would like more story with her. I would also enjoy more Toby. Tom is my least favorite
3 more moral choices. this is the end of civilization! pirating, or the option to, would be in the forefront
4 good detail level
5 I’d like to see longer. fuel trip/ medicine run with mindy length at least.


who is crone -_-"


I am also curious about that


More zombie fights, but I think they should also be getting harder because of Exodus, so maybe zombie hordes instead of 1 or 2.

Favorite character is Mindy, of course.

Least Favorite is hard to pick for me, but if you mean out of the Cathredal, then Candace, just because she really hasn’t been interacted with or useful, and has done nothing to make me care about her, personally. No comradice established during fights, no heartfelt talks, nothing.


@Talon5505 @817819 crone is the black prisoner in Colin’s camp


ACTUALLY I’d like to change my least favourite character, because I just thought about it, I HATE JASON -.- hes a useless annoying jerk

  1. i think its good as you originaly write it, more is not always better thats what some people dont get so they flood thier stories with zombies not focusing on the storyline as much. with ZE i feel like im playing through a Walking Dead game instead of just throwing Zombies in to the meat grinder like Dead Rising.

  2. i love the Characters Emma, Mindy, Toby & Hadley
    the ones i dont care for are Carl, Javier (but he’s dead) & Jason, i wanted to put his head through one of his computers right at the beginning of the game when we were searching for a phone to call Emma & he shut his computers down & kicked us out

  3. more, i have always loved Morality games

  4. i like them as they are

  5. i like a balance of both?


in most games with morality how you acted changes the ending, is this one going to be like that


This was probably already asked and I missed it, but will you be able to get Hadley in the group?


@Syndicate he asnwered this in the ZE topic thats closed now but i’ll paste what he said

JimD August 16 Permalink

Once I finish that scene, freeing only Crone will appear more reasonable I hope. If not, I can change it, but there are only a limited number of people with potential to join the Cathedral: Hadley, Crone, Meng, and possibly Lyndsey.

And yes, Hadley will cause a big upheaval.


1.less zombies only if we screw up badly we should fight zombies Well anyway the zombie survival guide says avoid fighting with the zombies whenever possible and in reality that is true!
2.There is no such thing us less or more favourite character!
3.Moarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr like walking dead game!Lets us ration food and things like that!
4.Meh don’t care/Fine
5.Balance but higher rewards


@Player Not true! In reality you should always hug zombies at any opportunity.

  1. The number is fine
  2. So far mindy and Toby
    And i dont like. Well it’s between Carl Jason and Tom
  3. Some more would be interesting
  4. I think the description is great
  5. I would like more but with a bigger sence of danger like one loud noize and every zombie/bandit will be heading your way like an increase is getting caught


I cant give uch feadback, i found this on accident and loved it from day 1.
My favorite characters: Javier(ya know until he went all…ugh on me), heather, River(although he and star kinda…seem strange).
My least favorite: Tom boy i cant wait to put a bullet in his head but only after i beat the crap out of him, Jason “hey thanks for kicking me out of your room and into the zombies asshole”(me at part 1), carl i wish i left you in the barn, and devlin he just pissed me off from the start


Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I have about 6 weeks to finish Part 4 based on my schedule of regular updates. Most missions will be smaller scenes (the trend these days seem to keep vignettes limited), but the conclusion of Part 4 will be massive – zombies and bandits attack the Cathedral. Every survivor has a role in the fight. It will be a huge scene, with lots of impact.

I will try to enhance Uncle Lou and Candace more. I have plans for them.

Toby is here to stay.