My first CoG: City of Zombies. Feedback welcome


I am still working on this game but am close to a finish. I’d appreciate any play-testing and feedback, opinions, and criticisms:


Pretty good, but this is a slight problem:

"Emma’s voice fades and you hear, “I can barely hear him, but I think it’s my brother.”

I chose “sister” so this wouldn’t be correct…

Other than that, it’s a very interesting story.


There’s some issues with capitalization here and there, and I ran into a nasty error when trying to bribe the police (Something about the revolver, which was strange as it wasn’t in my inventory.)

All in all though, it’s a nice job. Particularly like the fact you can play as someone who’s reasonably prepared for something like this to happen.


It has a really good story, and I’m now just waiting for the new one… xD


You aim at the female bandit who is 35 feet away and leaning against the back of a Toyota sedan. She is a hard target to hit. You fire and miss your first shot, but the second one hits your right wrist. She screams in pain and drops behind the car. You aim at another bandit.

Beta-testing, wonderful thing.

Edit: On the good side, it’s a very fun game and I’ll wait for an update :]


Thanks for the testing. I’ll look into each of these issues. I appreciate the testing.


I found a few spelling issues. For one, every now and then it would say “yo” instead of “you”. Also, while in the park, I tried to take the little girl with me, but she ran off. It then mentions that there are no signs of Julia (or something like that), although I never found out her name.


When I go to get the first aid kit for the man in the lobby, the paragraph describing the door is repeated before the man becomes a zombie.


Thanks, I fixed the Julia thing and am doing a read through for the spelling mistakes.


Good, but to short


Thanks, Kamer. I will check it out.


Good work on several play thorough. I could find very little wrong. Except one thing I choose to grab the shotgun but it continuously gave me the option to use the pistol.


Thanks, I will check out the shotgun issue.


the game would not continue if I try to bribe cops


Thanks for that… I will check it out. Do you remember which item you used to bribe?


When do u plan that the entire game will be finished


About 3 weeks. I am thinking it is half finished for the first version.


ok i got some friends who want to try it and thr dying for the next chapter


will u add part by part or all at once


I will probably have the next part up by tuesday of next week, and will do chapter-by-chapter during the beta testing. I have some requests to change and add some previous parts too.