What Remains From Us (WIP)

I’m starting my first game with CoG, the game it’s called “What Remains From Us”.

This is a zombie game (I am aware that there have been tons of zombie games) this game will allow you to fully describe how your MC (Main Character) will look like and be like it’ll have lots of ramifications (don’t expect an early release) it’ll feature Love Interests, Guns will have it’s real names, there will be missions in which you’ll be able to choose two survivors you want to take with you (Including the ones whose fate is determined by your actions) (The survivors can also die on the mission). I’ll update every once in a while hope you enjoyed the preview of how the game will be.
Note: this game WILL BE FINISHED.

The game will tell you how many zombies you killed during the game.
Also it will tell you the number of persons you killed whetever you caused it, indirectly caused it or if you killed the person on purpouse.
It’ll also contain traits.

Update 2: You can have a kid in the game, be born from any country, guns finished (you can also suggest more guns), you can like men, women or both, i’ll make another voting poll which will determine in which state the game will start, you can be from 18 to 42 years old in the game, you can choose five traits in the beginning of the game (you’ll get more once you make your choices), you can own a dog or a cat .

NOTE: First fifteen will appear in-game (rest will be added once game is finished or once i have some free time.).

Voting Poll Closed: The game will start at:
New York

You can ask anything about the game.

Voting Poll Closed: Jobs
1.Hired Assassin
6.Special Forces
7.American Football Player
8.FBI Agent
13.Professional Wrestler
15.Undercover Cop

Added Jobs:
16.Soldier (It’s one of the most common choices)
17.RIOT Leader (Added it myself thought it might be an interesting job, wasn’t in the poll)

Relase Date: TBA


Sounds great! How far have you gotten into writing it?

I do enjoy zombie games.
Looking forward to this

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Looking forward to see how this plays out since zombies are one of my favorites

I can ask anything about the game…
Can I play as a conscious zombie?

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Maybe you could consider changing the title to What remains of us? I know it’s picky but the title not being real English might put people off…

Also you might want to give some thought about how you can make the game unique. There are lots of Zombie games, but if you can find a hook that belongs only to your game you will draw lots more interest.

I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but when I read the title of this WiP and found out that it was a zombie game, I am reminded of The Last If Us. I agree with Pyromanci and you should consider modifying the name to something that will hook people in.

But the Last of Us wasn’t about zombies. It was about humans mutated due to fungal infection :open_mouth:

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And what did they mutate in to…

They mutated into Infected… Like stalkers and clickers

Oh, I see. That’s totally different from zombies… :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the estimated amount of words you’ll put in the game? and like Dark Stalker asked, can you die to a zombie and then play as the zombie you became? :stuck_out_tongue: That’d be awesome!

I’m putting a lot of my time into writting it

Sound interesting could you give us a bit more information on Character creations and its ramifications? Also where it’s set a busy American city or a small English village etc. Good luck with this ill be sure to check back once a demo is released.

You can be raised in the town you want to be.
The character will be able to be described every single detail of how he looks like and will appear in the information test.

The ramifications are yet to be made but trust me they’ll have an impact in the near future.

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Can I pick my gender?
I rarely play cog games that dont have a gender option. Even if the game is gender locked to my gender.

Of course that’s the first choice

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Zombies are dead on target for me. :grin:

Sounds interesting, can’t wait to see what you will create. :relaxed:

I wish it had writer, criminal(out of prison) , fireman, lawyer, prisoner

Seeing a zombie apocalypse going on from inside a prison would be fun!