Post Apocalyptic Political Game


Hi everyone I’m new to CoG but I’m a long time lurker. I’ve been wanting to right a political simulation game for CoG for a while now and was wondering if some people could help me start writing and coding it. Or give directions on how to do that. I know one of the biggest reason CoG WIP’s don’t succeed is because there is a lack of motivation in the author or the story just fizzles out but I promise I’ll try to stick with this to the end. All suggestions and comments are welcome especially the detailed one. Don’t be afraid to be mean I can take it. Also what kind of countries would you like me to center it around or tell me if you even want countries at all as you might want it to be just survivors rebuilding certain areas instead of countries struggling for dominance. I kind of like that idea better anyways. Love you all Beezlebub.


Explain more about your game! :smiley:


My game will take place in a post apocalyptic world. It could be that a meteor struck the earth and wiped out most of the humans or nuclear warfare made earth uninhabitable for a while. I haven’t decided yet. For the setting and time period it will be earth and in the far future when people are finally building civilization again. I’m thinking of just making all the humans being affected by radioactivity and becoming mutants. You’d play as a mutant from a certain area and you’d rise to power whether from charm or outright force. Hmm I have an interesting idea maybe pure humans are higher up then mutants and control what’s going on and if you’re a mutant you can raise a mutant rebellion.


Hmm alright I think I know what it will be China, Russia, and America ( I know cliché right ) had a nuclear war. The people that survived hid in bunkers and when they came out encountered horribly mutated animals and humans. Most of the humans were also mutated when they came out but in lesser ways as the radioactivity had died out. Now the human leader’s have formed different factions in different areas of the world. You can choose your class and the area you were born in or came too. You can be a pure bred human who is upper class or a regular mutant who is middleclass or finally a completely different species that has been changed by radioactivity and you’ll be lower class and have special abilities.


The lower class are really just extremely mutated humans and animals that have sentience they are used for little more then slave labor. You can use this to your advantage by saying that these mutated people and animals have rights too and garner support that way. Oh I’m so excited this will be so fun to write. Anyways though I will give you a prologue where you can start off as a human coming out of the bunkers or staying in and then hearing of the mutation or finally staying in the world above and becoming what you are. Oh so many options and choice I really can’t wait to start writing this thing.


@Beezlebub The bad news is you’re not meant to ask for coders on the forum. The good news is that Choicescript is actually remarkably easy to learn. It’s certainly worth trying to pick it up. It was specifically designed for non-coders to be able to easily work with.

I’d suggest just diving in and trying. No one will be as passionate about your game as you are. And if the game doesn’t get finished, well at least you’ve learned things on the journey.

Start with

Another great method of learning to code is by reading other people’s code. You can do that by going to the scenes folder for any game on the website. So for Choice of the Dragon it’s and just look at the txt files.


This is what I needed! The information to begin this thing. Thank you so much FairyGodfeather I will not abandon this game either. I’ll get started reading this right away. Again thank you so much man/woman this will be fun.


You’re welcome. Have fun! Searching the forums is another good way to learn, and if all else fails just post a topic and ask for help and someone will be able to help you.


Hwy FGF do you know how to get the file that it’s talking about on the first page?


Doesn’t it tell you on the first link to download it

I found extremely helpful too. It is a little outdated for the code stuff, you don’t need to mess with mygame.js anymore, but it’s still useful for downloading and knowing what everything does.


I went to it and I think I understand most of it but when it says to download it and start the link on Firefox I get confused. Which file is it talking about? I mean I downloaded the link but then it says to put something up on Firefox.


I’ll reply on your other thread so you can keep this one about your game.


Thanks for all the help FGF. :slight_smile:


What kind of mutations do these people and animals have?


IDK yet that’s why I’m good for suggestion. You will have many options maybe energy absorption/distributions or telepathic/telekinetic powers. Possibly even super strength, flying, super speed. The different advantages will distributed to each race. Like humans coming from the upper-class and mutants having special abilities. BTW there will be romance. ^^


The idea sounds really interesting. I want a talking pony! :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually that’s a possibility as some of the animals have been mutated and have gained sentinent and close to human intelligence so some animals ( I.E. a pony ) might be able to speak or do intelligent actions. Afraid that the pony probably won’t look the way you want it too though. More like a deformed mutated version of a pony.


*sigh* there’s always a catch


Yep, but think of it this way if we got everything we wanted we wouldn’t want anything!


@Beezlebub you know cats dogs right? well maybe domesticated animals become human/animal breed and if your one of those you would have talking abilities, walk on 2 or 4 legs and be able to have fingers/ could also have high jumping (i.e. cat) or super speed(i.e dog) you would be upper class because you are half animal half human