After the End (Idea)


Heyy, so i decided to post a little summary for an ideia i had a few months ago. I actually want to make a game like FFXV and whatnot (since i plan on studying game creation/design on college) and this probably will be my first idea for starting any kind of game! :blush: English is not my first language so i would really appreciate any help in writing.

So here it is:

After 350 years past the end of the last nuclear war, the nature took over what remained from all the chaos. The few survivors live now in a somewhat peaceful land rebuilding and repopulating what was left by their ancestors in an attempt of moving on and trying to figure how to continue the research on the last found ruins: Gene modification labs. You wake up in a field surrounded by green, a strong headache starting to form and shards of memories about a abandoned hospital flashing. Confusion taking over you and the only clue you have is an old music player and a small backpack left beside you. Determined to recover your memories, you make your way to the ruins of the old world in search for answers.


I really enjoy these types of stories. As for help you will always find plenty of helpful folk here on the forums. :smile:


I like the premise, but yes your writing definitely needs a bit of help.

I like games that are ‘introspective.’ What I meant by that, is games that make you realise about your own feelings and ideas regarding the world around you. I think this game has that potential.

I don’t know how to code, but I can definitely help you with the writing.
Send me a message if you’re interested.


I really like the idea! I like these kind of stories, they are really interesting and fun to read.

You’ve got my iterest!


I really like the idea (being a fan of apocalypse themed stories). English isn’t my first language either, so I offer my help more on the coding part. I believe my coding isn’t flawless, but I could land a helping hand. Just shoot a message and I’ll be glad to help :blush:


This sounds like a great idea, I’m intrigued as to why we might have a music player and why we wake up in a field of all places, and I mean that in a good way! :slight_smile: Gene modification also never fails to be interesting, I wonder where you will go with that?


Oh yes, another apocalypse style game, always interested in those types of games. Definitely have my interest.


When/if you post a demo, I will gladly help with English errors I come across! Good luck, and I’m looking forward to it!! :smile:


Sounds really awesome. i’m inspired to play