After the End (WIP)


Hi, this is my first game/story, I said that I was going to make this same time ago on the “Are you working on a game in ChoiceScript? Let us know!”

Well here it is.

Well, the reason I took so long is because I didn’t know how to work ChoiceScript. But now I know how use it.

This game/story is a post apocalyptic nuclear fallout setting. On new years eve 1999, bombs fell and bathed the earth in fire and radiation. Same got to fallout shelters that where made in the cold war, and others survived on the surface. No one ever knew why the bombs fell, same blame Russia, and others blame China. Can you survive?

Well the story isn’t finished, but I have a basic plan how the story will progress.

I’m really new to writing, so my writing may be… kinda bad. But I’m confident in the story and characters. I would love to get suggestions and helpful criticisms, but try to be somewhat kind. I’m mostly making this as a learning experience, because I hope to be come an author.

I will post some of my progress soon.


It sounds like a good story,I’m looking forward to it,good luck.


Sounds good. I love a post-apocalypse story.


Sounds really interesting looking forward to it


A few questions.

Why have you chosen an alternative past for your setting as opposed to near future?

Why have you chosen to place the blame on Russia or China? Why not the Americans?

Why have you gone for a setting of secrecy? Even back in 1999 there was the internet and TV and radio and the news. There’d have been theories. There’d have been some degree of information.


FairyGodfeather raises a good point. I’m an American, but I wouldn’t be offended if my country ended the world in your story. That is a great aspect of the Fallout series: everyone is to blame.


Yea kind of reminds me of fallout or metro its a great vibe and idea you have. Maybe you could put in different scenes like one Russian family hearing the sirens going off and in another section American side. I would like to figure out who did it in the story could there be a plot twist. And if you played metro or fallout there some good ideas and inspiration you can get from there anyway good luck in writing. Please be vivid in your descriptions it would add a bonus to the story your creating. Take your time can’t wait


Probably because he’s simultaneously American and not that self aware. :stuck_out_tongue: Please don’t take this too harshly @Outcast98 But that’s a good point. Why wouldn’t people blame America? We have tons of nukes too and have shown a willingness to go to (conventional) war at the drop of a hat recently.


Well we’re not speaking recent, we’re speaking 1999. The political climate was different back then, it was before the September 11 attacks.

If you’re picking December 31st 1999 well let me quote from wikipedia.

On 31 December 1999, in a surprise announcement aired at 12:00 pm MSK on Russian television and taped in the morning of the same day, Yeltsin said he had resigned and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had taken over as acting president, with elections due to take place on 26 March 2000. Yeltsin asked for forgiveness for what he acknowledged were errors of his rule, and said Russia needed to enter the new century with new political leaders.

Will that be playing any part in things?

Personally I’d blame the Y2K bug but I’m like that. The clocks tick over to 2000 and suddenly the computers everywhere go haywire, nukes go exploding, etc, etc. Maybe it was hackers, or terrorists or just a malfunction, or a virus with a deadlier payload than anyone expected. The end result’s the same.


I want to apologize, I have left out information from the intro.

First, there was people that blamed America for what happened, I forgot to put that in the intro.

Second, to answer @FairyGodfeather s Question, the bombs came to fast and with no warning for much communication to happen. and why the American government didn’t do anything is the story’s big mystery…

And I chose the 1999 because the Y2K, I thought it was kind of funny. So I just chose that year just for fun. Oh and I wanted to make fun of the 90s. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game will explain mostly why its there is so much secrecy. And yes both Fallout and Metro did inspire me, but its more fallout then Metro, no super spices here.

and sorry again for all the confusion and thank you for pointing this out to me.


Alright, sounds good. Are you planning on uploading a demo once one is available?


Well yes it is on 31st December 1999, but not for that reason. And the Y2K in my story isn’t the reason for the nuclear fallout.

I didn’t know most of that.


Yes it should be done in about a week or so ish. the demo I mean


“Super spices”? I don’t think I follow.

I like the idea of using Y2K as a red herring in the story.


Can I ask how old you are? Do you remember 1999?

And have you considered doing some research?


Its from Metro (a post apocalyptic video game)

and @FairyGodfeather

I’m in high school, how much of a problem was Y2K?

and yes I am planing on doing research. I’m still making the story, its still a rough draft and going to change.

So your implement some ideas from metro like idk mutant creatures and what side of the world will the MC be on China,America,Russia, etc or will you have separate characters all branched out and at the end come together to solve what happened? Just an idea that's all.


Yeah, I’m aware that’s what you were talking about. I don’t remember any super spices in Metro.


Here’s the problem with setting it in 1999. A lot of us were around then and unless you’re intending to write a comedy game about the apocalypse we’ll likely find any errors jarring.

Y2K was about as much of a problem as the end of the Mayan calendar. Which is to say it wasn’t at all, it was blown up by the press as a big terrifying thing but I’m aware of no problems it actually caused.

Unless research is something that you love I’d say stick with what you know since you’re going to bump into problems. Besides you know the current status of political affairs much better than you know those in 1999 I bet and if you’re writing an alternative history I’d think those would be a lot more fun to riff off.

Think again of why you want to set things in 1999 and if you want people to constantly be saying “it wasn’t like that.” So, I’d say if you do still love the era you’ve chosen do like Watchmen did and make it an alternative history.

Play with events a bit.

Let’s ask, for example, what if Bill Clinton was impeached and then the senate didn’t acquit him.
Incidentally, another glance at wikipedia and it says that Bill Clinton controversially issues a lot of pardons. (

Or have a look at scroll down to the bottom and ask yourself “what if one of those succeeded?”

Personally though I’d say forget the 1990s, set it now, or near future, and that will give you greater freedom to write what you know. It means, for instance, you don’t mention camera phones only to realise they weren’t invented yet.


To be precise, the Y2K bug only afflicts old computers since those computers do not process the first two digits of the year, only the last two digits. So if you have an older computer when the year changed to be January 1 2000, it would simply read the date as January 1 1900.

Since January 1 1900 and January 1 2000 had different days, the media played it up like mad back then, saying things like computers will go crazy, cause banks to crash, missile silos to launch their nukes automatically, accounting programs would be corrupted and make people lose their money, etc. What really happened was that as FairyGodfeather said, nothing at all. Most people had already updated their computers by then and even if you were affected by the Y2K bug, it was just a dating issue that didn’t cause any havoc at all.

I don’t think setting it in 1999 will be a problem. After all, you can say it’s an alternate history scenario and people will roll with it and since it’s a post-apocalyptic scenario, you probably don’t have to worry too much about tech since the only really big change is how big the handphones were back then and how we had to use keypads for everything. Computers are still the same for the most part except that we were still in the era of gigabytes being really big, cds are still in common and dvds were the new shiny way to store information (unless you’re in Hollywood where in that case, you’re stuck with the floppy disk until Die Hard 4)