The Happens (WIP)

I have not been on Forum in a bit so thought I would say howdy to all. I am working on a script I hope will be an enjoyable read/play with a goal to have the first episode out this year, maybe by summer if lucky. Development is slow as I don’t get much writing time but I am loving Choice Script for it’s ease and speed in story development. Howdy to all and happy choice scripting.

The very basic summary goes like this.

The player finds themselves in an alternate reality where they must learn to engage with their surroundings to find their way back to the place they called home. The player has been banished to this new reality as a last chance to reconnect with the reality they were letting slip by. It is puzzle oriented with a story designed to make people think. There will be several parts to the journey with the first one hopefully ready for a first run by summer.

Hope to add an intro teaser soon.


Looking forward to seeing it once It’s completed :slightly_smiling:

If you don’t mind me asking could we have some details of the game?

I would consider editing the first post and putting the summary in it.

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