Opinions for a WIP needed

So, would you look at that! I’m finally getting the hang of Choice Script! I guess forcing myself to just look at the directions a bit more carefully to finally get what all the fuss is about actually works! I only got some of the basics done and I still have a lot to learn, but I’m seeing the bigger picture now, so I think I’ll be able to learn as I go along.

So, now that I somewhat nailed the art of scripting and writing up stories is something I do more than often, I think I’m ready to start working on a story! I have a couple ideas floating around my head, some I have been dying to put out there for months now, but I want to see everyone’s opinions about it. I wrote up a small list of things I want to get started on, though I’m not exactly sure which one to start out on. That is where you come in. Please read the following and let me know which ones you would like to read!

  1. Unnamed - You play as a time traveler, who as you may or may not have guessed, travels through time. A being of unimaginable force has been creating tears through time and altering dimensions, and only you and your team are able to stop it.

  2. God is Silent - Both Heaven and Hell had abandoned us long ago and beings known as the Rejects are roaming Earth, their main goal is protecting Humans from what the higher ups have in store from them. [ I have been if-y about posting something like this, mainly because I don’t want a whole religion war to ensue in the comments ]

  3. Unnamed - Earth is on the verge of a major collapse, and is in danger of demons raising up from the depths of our own homes. Your goal is to protect a young girl and safely transport her from point A to point B, if something happens to her, Earth goes down along with her.

  4. Betrayed - WWIII is at it’s end, and there is nothing left for Humans on Earth because of an entity that no one was able to comprehend or control. But just when Humans were at the brink of extinction, Aliens have come from a planet named Kerr, a planet that is far more powerful and strong than Earth ever was. They offered food, shelter and work. Then, after everyone had settled a war ensues, the same type of war that tore Earth apart and brought it’s end. You are the only human that is trusted (or not) to bring this war to an end and find the core of the problem. [ As you can tell, I have thought this through for a while now ]

That is my short list, and as you can probably tell, I’m a Sci-Fi fanatic. And they all pretty much deal with the downfall of Earth, for reasons I’m not even aware of myself. Please let me know what you all think, I’m really looking foward to seeing everyone’s opinions.

I’m stuck between 3 and 4

Definitely 4, I would love to play a game like that. Plus it seems the most worked out in your head.



The 4th one is something I would definitely play. :3

2 and 4 sound rad, but all of them could be very good with the right effort put into it. I like 2 because it seems like a really unique concept, and I like 4 because I love aliens and post apocalypse scenarios and yeah. Good luck when you start writing!

Honestly i think you should definitely make the 2nd one now 4 sounds good but apocalypse scenarios like you’re describing are kind of overused now if it’s written well it could be good but 2 sounds the most original and sounds like it could be really good and interesting.

All of these sound interesting, but I’m going to go for 1. I’m a major sucker for anything time travel related!




Remember guys we kinda have a time traveling game although it wasn’t great. The Paradox Factor. Ugh

That’s sortof why I want #1… I thought Paradox Factor was great, but more of a mind puzzle than a game. Changing things over and over again until you get a desired result, or in my case, an extremely depressing result causing me to quit

2 or 4 :slight_smile:

3 or 4 is my vote.

I prefer #1

@CrimsonRose301 why not focus on one then once you are done write another one? Btw yes i do know it will take a long time


4 who doesn’t love a good alien story?