Future End (WIP)

Okay, I had started a game before but I realised there wasn’t really any plot so I ditched it and hadn’t planned to start another one. But I think I’ve got more of an idea and will try to finish it eventually.

Anyway, the plot is basically you play as a teenager who has been chosen by the government to participate in a experiment to help stop the apocalypse which they have discovered will happen in a years time by training certain people to try keep peace and order.

I have already started to write it and it be pretty sci-fi with technology and stuff but not too crazy or anything. I know there isn’t much information yet but I’m going to keep updating as I go along with writing it.

I think I will have the demo done by the end of the month and I’ll try to post it here, but no promises.

Please feel free to comment with criticism, ideas or question.



Sounds like a great Idea.I will definitely watch for it and if you need any testers I would like to participate.

sounds pretty cool. i wouldn’t mind testing it if you want.

Sounds interesting what dose the experiment do tho and can’t wait to play the demo

Basically I’m thinking that the government have found out that the ‘apocalypse’ is coming and that they have no way to stop it, therefore they’ve created a group to try to prepare humanity to deal with. They have kept it secret to avoid panic and the people involved, after being trained, will be put back into society to help keep order when disaster falls.

However this isn’t my final decision and may end up changing drastically.