What Remains From Us (WIP)

how many jobs you want in the game ?

As many as i’m willing to do

what do you think the idea of being a prisoner in the zombie apocalypse ?

I had already planned adding that idea

will you be able to start a settlement, stronghold, or maybe try to make an empire type deal but when I think of it would probably be a lot of work to make that a part of the game. also making a shield out of those larger plastic pipes they would make it harder for zombies to bite or wound you also sharpen the sides so it can’t be grabbed and if they try there fingers will be coming off

They were also infected with cordyceps and thats how the turned.

Magic video game cordyceps that just so happens to affect humans and turn them into generic pop culture zombies…

In case you didn’t get it my last post was sarcastic.

I gotta admit it certainly looks interesting, or at least it does to me. Although i do have a question, will it be possible to be a lone survivor? Or is it a group-only game? And if it is group only will it be possible to be the leader? Sorry about all the questions but i can’t help it I’m a curious person, (by that i mean curiosity but I’m a strange person as well)

How much of an impact will your job have in the game? Do you start off in different places? meet up with different survivors? or will it simply be something to set the stats with? Personally i think fifteen jobs is way too much to choose from let alone the rest you have in your poll! there is such a thing of too much choice :sweat_smile: and realistically do you think you could manage fifteen or more professions? That would be a hell of job to take on. Which leads back to my first question. if jobs are a important aspect for your character then i would advice cutting down.

BUT starting off in a prison seems real exciting it would be awesome for there to be a break out while locked in with the guards and fellow prisoners plus i don’t think i’ve played something in that setting before so it wold be something new.

You can go on missions alone if you want, and if you choose the trait psychopath you’ll be able to kill them off during missions (note: storyline crucial characters won’t be possible to).

Thank you for your answer. Yes, the job will make you start in different places but in the top fifteen voted you’ll be able to take one survivor from your job and add them into the group. (criminal,doctor,etc).

Does the undercover cop start in prison, or somewhere in the ‘Mob’?

While he’s undercover in a group that is selling drugs to another group hell will rise. This will also have impact on the storyline due to the fact that you may be helping some other group.

I’m reading every single post and working very hard. So far no errors (just wanted to update you on that.)

Polls closed look at the results

Jobs that weren’t added in the game will be added once game is finished or when i have the time to do it

I meant more like can you live alone? not just bad in a group but actually living as far from other civilization as possible.

Maybe in one of the episodes i’ll give you the chance of splitting up from the group.

Is this your first game ;-;? This seems like a very interactive game, if it is finished and the way you’re hoping to complete it it will be more interactive than COR .-.

Thank you. Indeed it’s my first game with choice of games i know a lot of coding and i’m familiar with the Choicescript coding so far no problems.

Project going great.